Crandor in OSRS is an important location visited during one of the game’s most iconic quests, “Dragon Slayer I.” It contains a number of resources to mine and monsters to fight, including the fearsome dragon Elvarg, whom players must fight during the quest. 

Crandor is a pretty remote location within OSRS. It’s only really accessed during the quest and its sequel, “Dragon Slayer II.” For these reasons, there is only one real method of accessing Crandor after the quest. 

This one access method is often overlooked, but that can be a blessing in disguise: if you choose to mine or kill monsters here, there is a very, very low chance you will see other players who are not doing one of the quests. If that sounds good to you, I’ll show you how to get to Crandor in OSRS. 

Dragon Slayer I

Getting to Crandor in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. The first step is to start “Dragon Slayer I,” since the island cannot be accessed if you have not. You can start this quest by speaking to the Guildmaster outside the Champion’s Guild, south of Varrock. 


You need 32 Quest Points to be able to start this quest. “Dragon Slayer I” is seen by many as the final quest for free players, and the requirement reflects that. If you are a free player, you need to do all the other free quests for this amount of Quest Points. 

While working on your Quest Points as a free player, I recommend completing a quest involving Corsair Cove, which contains a lot of useful unlocks and content for free players. In fact, some of the monsters there provide the game’s best money maker for free players.

If you are a member, you can really do any quests you want until you have the required 32. Once you start the quest, play through it and you will end up on Crandor eventually. Before completing the quest, you can sail back and forth from Crandor by speaking to Ned. 

Ned will not be able to sail you after completing the quest, however. Once you have “Dragon Slayer I” complete, you will need to use a different method of getting to Crandor. 

Post-Quest Access

You can sail from Port Sarim (or take a Charter Ship) to Musa Point on Karamja, then run west to the volcano. Alternatively, you can get to Brimhaven and run east, through the gate. You can only access Brimhaven if you are a member, though. 

VolcanoEntrance 1

Climb down into the tunnel on top of the volcano. This puts you in the Karamja dungeon. Head north within this dungeon, and you will eventually reach a wall that can be opened. Open it, and you will be near where you fought Elvarg. 


Continue heading north from here, and you will find a rope hanging from above. Climb up this rope, and you will be on the surface of Crandor proper. Here, you can slay monsters and mine rocks to your heart’s content. Keep in mind that you’re pretty far from a bank, though. 


Final Thoughts

Getting to Crandor in OSRS can be done in a few easy steps. First, you need to start, then play through the quest “Dragon Slayer I.” Then, you can come to the Karamja volcano and climb into the tunnel. Head north from there until you find a rope, climb up, and you will be on Crandor.