Many Borderlands fans say that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands has the best raid bosses that Gearbox has ever made in First Person Shooters.

I can’t disagree.

Bunnidhogg and Barkenstein are two amazing bosses, and there is one more for us to talk about. Gloopathoth is the third and most unusual raid boss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland.

Gloopathoth, The Keeper of the Abyss, is an unusual boss with many special attacks that make players constantly think about how to better approach each situation.

This is a boss that has control over Ice and Fire, and its arena is a bit uneven, which is very unlike the other two mentioned above.

Not only that, just like the two other raid bosses, there will be lesser enemies showing up to make your life worse. However, the ones in here seem much more annoying than the mushrooms and skeletons summoned by Barkenstein and Bunnidhogg.

There is a lot going on during the fight, and it might feel overwhelming. Yet, generally speaking, there are fewer to remember in order to fight this raid boss effectively.

That being said, if you are here, you’re either having trouble fighting the Keeper of the Abyss or even finding it.

Here’s everything you need to know to beat Gloopathoth in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

How to Find Gloopathoth

Blue Runes

Just like you have to do in order to find the other two raid bosses, you must first activate a rune and solve a puzzle to fight Gloopathoth.

In this case, you will be looking for a blue rune that is often the third one to show up in any run. Note that you don’t have to activate the previous runes to find the blue one. However, you will have seen the yellow rune and the green rune before finding Gloopathoth’s one.

The Blue Rune Puzzle

Big Blue Orb

Once you have found it, a glow will fly away and land in a different area of the scenario. From there, it will fly away once again and land in another area.

The first part, where the blue light lands, will spawn a pool of water and three floating orbs. Those little blue orbs are your three chances to solve the puzzle and meet the boss at the end of the Chaos Chamber.

In the second area of the puzzle, you will find a big water globe. Your objective is to destroy it, but there is a very specific way to do so.

You must explode one of the three small water orbs and make the blast hit the big globe. In order to do that, you will have to make one of the orbs follow you to where you need it to be.

First, go to where the three small orbs are and stand in the pool under them. Your character will be surrounded by water, and then one of the orbs will start glowing and turn into an ice orb. That’s your cue.

Carefully bring the glowing ice orb to the location of the floating water globe. Pay attention to your route since the orb will explode if it touches anything.

If you do this correctly and the ice orb is where you need it to be, shoot it to make it explode. You will know that you’ve done it right if all the water disappears.

Go Through the Red Portal

Red Portal Barkestein

After solving the ice and water orbs puzzle, you will have to finish your Chaos Chamber run as usual. Do all objectives, defeat all enemies, and keep going through.

If you are looking for a fight with Gloopathoth and no other boss this time, ignore the rest of the runes. Just make sure that, once two Portals will spawn in the area after a boss, go through the red one.

If you are presented with a yellow and a red portal, the yellow one will take you to the final room. There, you will take your reward and leave the Chaos Chamber.

The red portal will take you to a forbidden area where you will find Tiny Tina, and she will make you fight Gloopathoth, the Keeper of the Abyss.

How to Defeat Gloopathoth

Gloopathoth 4

Fighting Gloopathoth is a somewhat complicated challenge at first. The boss is a bit confusing in many ways.

It will be flying in the air, attacking with fire and ice, and using very active creatures to attack you.

Gloopathoth’s health bar is a white bone bar. This means that your best way to deal with this boss is to use ice-based weapons and spells.

Ideally, you should handle the lesser enemies on the ground and carefully navigate the battle arena while dodging all that is thrown at you.

Watch Out For the Uneven Arena

Gloopathoth 2

Unlike the other boss arenas, this one is uneven and might cause a lot of trouble for you if you don’t pay attention. Your special awareness will be crucial during this fight.

Not only that, there are places that will damage you, such as lava pools in between safe terrains. You must always be aware of where you are and where you are going.

Although it sounds a bit simple at first, remember that Goopathoth will be flying the whole time, which means that you might not be looking at the ground.

Not looking where you’re going is how you might accidentally step on harmful terrain. Stepping on lava while being chased by exploding ice orbs and minions can quickly bring you to 0 hit points.

Luckily, the solution is quite simple. Just make sure that you lower your gun from time to time for safety.

Shoot the Ice Orbs

Shoot the Rune

If you have nothing to worry about on the ground, shoot Gloopathoth and cast ice spells at it. Do that until the boss starts throwing fire and ice orbs at you.

When they are close, the ice orbs will explode. The damage isn’t overwhelming, but the number of explosions combined with everything else might be. Shooting the ice orbs before they get too close will cause them to explode at a safe distance, so you might want to do that.

It’s also very important that you look around and find a big water orb much like the one you saw after activating the blue rune.

Once you locate it, move towards it and stay in that area if you can. Once the boss starts shooting ice orbs at you, make sure that you are near the big water orb to explode them, much like you did when solving the blue rune puzzle.

Doing so will stagger Gloopathoth, making it more vulnerable. It will also cause it to reveal its rune. This will significantly help you deal severe damage to Gloopathoth.

If you go near it and shoot the rune for long enough, Gloopathoth will lose a good part of its HP bar and go back to flying and attacking.

Watch Out For the Fire Orbs

Fire Orbs

Unlike the ice orbs, which you can shoot to make them disappear, fire orbs will stay around for a while no matter what you do.

Pay attention to Gloopathoth’s sting. The Keeper of the Abyss will point its sting at you while it glows. It means that it’ll shoot a bunch of giant fire spikes that spawn a bunch of fire orbs.

Those orbs will be dancing around on the ground, making it much harder for you to walk around safely while aiming at the boss while it is flying.

This makes spatial awareness even more critical since aiming at the boss will often cause you to lose sight of the fire orbs.

Handle the Coiled Minions

Coiled Impaler

From time to time, Gloopathoth might turn invisible and leave you to deal with its minions before it shows up again. At this time, it might be dropping another water orb while coiled impalers and coiled spitters spawn.

Those enemies don’t tend to have too many hit points, but some might have two different health bars, shields, or projectiles. You should not underestimate them since this fairly straightforward fight can become a bit overwhelming at times.

The Best Pattern to Follow


Gloopatoth is more of an annoying boss with a huge health bar than a difficult one. That being said, you might be able to handle it more easily if you repeat these steps.

First, deal with any coiled creatures you might see while trying to run to the closest water globe you can see. If you can’t see any, just make sure to move away from Gloopathoth so you can safely shoot its ice orbs.

Once you manage to find the water orb, explode an ice orb when it’s near the water orb to stagger the Keeper of the Abyss.

Shoot the exposed rune while the boss is staggered until it is flying again. However, run away as soon as the rune disappears. You must put some distance between you and Gloopathoth in order to shoot some spawning coiled minions and ice orbs while looking for the next water orb.

Now do this repeatedly until you win this fight. You must try your best to prevent ice orbs and coiled minions from damaging you. With that out of the way, just use your ice-based weapons and spells to end the Keeper of the Abyss.

What Do You Get From Gloopathoth?


Your reward is a decent number of Crystals. Unfortunately, there is no specific prize associated with defeating Gloopatoth alone.

Although this is a really fun challenge and one that’s a bit long, in my honest opinion, there is nothing special when it comes to rewards.

However, you must defeat Gloopatoth in order to fight the maker. In fact, this is mandatory if you want to fight the maker, the final secret raid boss in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.