If you are doing all side quests, you will eventually meet a knight named Llance when helping sir Claptrap. With the same old annoying voice and personality, the robot-like knight will use you and put you against his enemies until he gets all he needs.

One of the things he needs is beyond a bridge that is guarded by Llance, the knight.

Llance doesn’t immediately fight you. Instead, he leaves his squires guarding the bridge and challenges you to knock him out of a mushroom.

Unfortunately, when it comes to hitting Llance at this point, the game is not as clear as most players would like it to be. Many players, including myself, spent long minutes trying to melee attack Llance and being unsuccessful.

The knight can’t be reached by a normal melee attack, and Claptrap keeps telling you to slam attack him, but how do you even do it?

If you have no idea how to slam attack in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, don’t worry. You’re not alone. However, knowing that other players might be going through this, I decided to come up with this guide.

Keep reading to find out how to use a slam attack and what it is good for.

How to Slam Attack Llance’s Mushroom


Whether you want to know how to slam attack because you want to finish Claptrap’s quest or just because you want to use this attack when enemies are close, the command is the same.

You just have to hit your crouching button mid-air. It doesn’t matter if you are going up, falling down, or even jumping; just hit the crouch button, and your character will perform the slam attack.

This might seem counterintuitive — and frankly, it really is — because most players would associate the melee attack button and the trigger buttons as the ones related to attacking enemies.

When Gearbox’s developers decided this would be the command for the slam attack, they didn’t realize how confusing it could end up being.

Many players out there didn’t know how to perform this attack and couldn’t progress past Llance during Claptrap’s quest.

In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, I was one of them. Eventually, I figured out how to knock Llance out of his mushroom, but only after accidentally performing the slam attack when fighting some goblins.

What Happens After You Hit Llance?


Once you manage to finally use your slam attack against Llance, he will be knocked away, and you will have to fight his squires.

Llance’s squires are two beefy goblins carrying heavy weapons, but they are not too hard to deal with.


Just shoot them in their big heads until they fall, and make sure to pay attention to their guns. Their shots deal a lot of damage if you are hit, so you want to avoid that.

Llance’s squires have red health bars, meaning they are made of flash and therefore receive extra damage from fire-based attacks.

Once you defeat at least one of the squires, Llance will reappear to fight you. He isn’t that hard either, but he has a yellow health bar — which is actually an armor bar.

To deal with Llance quickly, use poison-based weapons and spells. They are super effective against armor and will make this battle much more manageable.

In the end, this battle won’t be too challenging. You won’t even have to increase your ammo capacity to go through this fight.

How Effective Are Slam Attacks?

Slam Attack 2

Well, it depends. Your normal melee attack is far more effective than your slam attack when it comes to damage.

When testing the slam attack against different kinds of enemies, the slam attack would deal half as much as a standard melee attack.

That being said, the slam attack does have its uses.

One of them is acting as a jump extender since the slam attack does propel you slightly forward. That isn’t much, but that might be enough to reach a platform.

Also, it seems that the slam attack deals damage to all enemies that are near you. So the purpose of the attack here is to deal damage in an area of effect, and therefore, it can work well against smaller enemies such as the Blue Murphs.

Additionally, the first slam attack you use against enemies will briefly stun them. It works much like when you first hit them with a melee attack. This means that if you are surrounded, you can use your slam attack to stun a bunch of enemies at the same time and run away.

Final Thoughts

Slam Attack on Hit

The Slam Attack feels almost like a secret mechanic that most players don’t use and don’t even know what it is until they need it.

It is an effective way to get some time to run away from enemies that suddenly swarm you. Unfortunately, although it seems like a powerful strike, it doesn’t work too well to deal damage.

If you have only one enemy nearby, just use your normal melee attack. Leave the slam attack for when you are surrounded and need to briefly stun a lot of enemies at once.

Also, use it to knock Llance far away from that mushroom. Unfortunately, you will be left with Claptrap once you do that, so good luck.

In the end, Claptrap will even let you know what he does to level up fast, but his tip is not the best one. The little knight won’t be too useful and will keep making you deal with his mess, but at least the quest is funny.