The Master Sword doesn’t break, has good damage, and has ranged attacks. That makes it one of the best weapons in the game, especially for those who dislike the durability system.

Unlike Breath of the Wild, all you need to get Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom are two full bars of Stamina.

If you want to find it as soon as possible, you found the right guide.

Check below how to find the Master Sword early in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Master Sword’s Location

TOTK’s Master Sword is located on the head of the Light Dragon from the moment Link loses it. To get it back, Link must have two full bars of Stamina.

In order to have the needed Stamina, you need to complete 20 shrines. Unfortunately, the first four shrines don’t count since they were pretty much the game’s tutorial.

Once you have enough light orbs, you can trade them in for stamina upgrades at any Angel shrine.

With two full bars of Stamina, you can then head to the dragon’s location on the game map, where the Master Sword is located.

While the dragon flies around the map on a set path, you need to be patient and wait for it to pass by your location.

Once the dragon is nearby, use the paraglider to glide onto its back and pull out the Master Sword using the Stamina you’ve accumulated.

The Light Dragon’s Location

It’s pretty easy to see this dragon from the ground. It circles around the sky in a fixed, cyclical route.

The Light Dragon is close enough to the ground that you can often see it just by looking up.

That said, the dragon takes two hours to complete this trajectory, so it might take you a while to know exactly where the Light Dragon is.

The Alternative Way: Find the Korok Forest

The closest fast travel point to the forest is the Eco Chiu Shrine in the southeast. From there, travel north through the Minshi Woods until you reach the Minchi Woods Crater.

Dive into the crater and use the glider to toss out bright Bloom seeds to see where you’re going. Follow the map to the Korok Forest, to the north of Central Hyrule.

When you get there, proceed to the back of the Deku Tree, where you’ll see a chasm. Prepare for a brutal fight. Save your game.

This will not be easy, so put on your best equipment. You might want to duplicate some good weapons and shields before going for this fight.

Jump into the chasm, and a multi-hand Gloom enemy will spawn. After that, you will face Phantom Ganon. Once you defeat him, you’ll be rewarded with the Master Sword.