The map in Tears of the Kingdom is incredibly vast, packed to the brim with Shrines, dungeons, and ruins. No matter how many Zelda games you’ve played before, chances are that you’ve lost your way a few times already during your Tears of the Kingdom playthrough.

A lot of abilities are initially locked when you start playing the game. You have to beat certain Shrines to get most of them, like the Gutanbac Shrine for the Ascend ability, for example, so they’re worth tracking down.

The ability to fast travel is also something that you need to unlock in the game. It’s not immediately obvious how to do so, though.

Here’s a quick look at how to fast travel in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Fast Travel

Before you start, you need to make sure that you’ve completed the Ukouh Shrine, the In-isa Shrine, and the Gutanbac Shrine.

There isn’t a specific order that you need to do this in, although the Ukouh Shrine is normally the first Shrine that people go for.

Then, you need to complete the quest ‘The Closed Door’ as well.

This quest is part of the main storyline and takes you to the Temple of Light, where Link will attempt to open the main doors and fail.

Once you leave the Temple of Light, you will get the ability to fast travel automatically. Rauru will instruct you to fast travel to the Room of Awakening to complete the fourth Shrine.

It’s not obligatory to head straight there, though. As soon as you complete the quest, you will have the ability to fast travel.

To fast travel, open up your map by pressing the minus button.

Then, select a Shrine, Sky Tower, or the Room of Awakening with the A button. Select ‘travel’ from the drop-down menu and you’ll automatically travel there after a short animation.

It’s important to note that you can only fast travel to Shrines that you’ve already visited.

This also applies to Sky Towers, too. If you’ve not been to a Sky Tower before, you won’t be able to fast travel to it.

There’s no limitations on where and when you can fast travel, which is useful. If you don’t feel like fast traveling, you can always build a machine with Zonai Devices or even use a Wing as a glider. There are plenty of ways to travel in this game.

What to Do Next

To make traveling around the map even easier, make sure to brush up on how to use the Scope function too. The map pins are a great way to stay on top of your objectives and avoid getting lost in the vast open world.

Make sure to keep on top of the Shrines while you’re progressing throughout the game, as a lot of them reward you with abilities and tools to make exploring the world a lot easier.

In particular, make sure to complete the Nachoyah Shrine in order to get the Recall ability. This ability can turn back the hands of time, allowing you to cross fast-flowing rivers and wheels, amongst other things.