The Korok Forest is a reference point for those trying to get the Master Sword early, but it’s so much more than that.

It’s a hidden maze that prevents players from accessing secret areas that hide great treasures.

So, whether you want treasure or to find an unbreakable sword, here’s how to find the Korok Forest in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Korok Forest’s Location

Guide to Finding the Korok Forest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Finding the Korok Forest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be a challenging task. To make it easier for you, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Into the Minshi Woods Chasm

Start your journey by diving into the Minshi Woods chasm.

The closest fast travel point to Minshi Woods is the Eco Chiu Shrine. From there, travel north through the woods until you see it. It shouldn’t be hard to find the crater.

Remember to be careful and avoid touching the sides as you descend, as it can be dangerous.

That said, before going in, please consider making sure you’re well-equipped. Farm some rupees, buy good armor pieces, and duplicate some items.

Glide Towards the Light Root

Once you’ve reached the bottom, you have two options. You can either continue dropping down or use your glider to soar through the air.

Gliding is the safer choice. Look for a light root in the northwest that emits a glowing light. It will guide your way.

Navigating the Depths

To reach the light root on foot, make use of trees for climbing and glide whenever you can. Along the way, you’ll find bright root seeds.

Hit them to create light sources to help you see in the dark. Remember, any illuminated spots you come across were left behind by others who used bright root seeds before.

Ascend or Utilize Zonai Devices

Once you reach the light root, you have two options to move forward. Firstly, find a way to climb up and continue your journey.

Alternatively, you can use Zonai devices from your inventory. These devices allow you to build helpful tools like a flying contraption or a rocket-powered sled. They’ll make your travel much faster and easier.

Arriving at Your Destination

As you make your way, grab the light root just behind the destination area. This light root acts as a teleportation point, making it easier for you to return to this spot in the future.

If you forget to take it, you’ll need to repeat the whole process to explore the depths again.

Tips and Tricks:

There are things that can make your journey much easier:

  • Take your time and be cautious during the descent into the chasm.
  •  Gliding with your glider is a safer option than just dropping down.
  •  Use Stamina Items to keep gliding when almost running out of Stamina
  •  Hit the bright root seeds along the way to create light sources for better visibility.
  •  If you have Zonai devices, they can be helpful in making your travel faster and easier.

What to do Next

From this point forward, chances are you are already quite powerful and can pretty much get most quests done on your own.

So go exploring, find the side quests, come up with new special recipes, and finish all local side quests. There’s a shrine at this location, too, so go ahead and make sure to also clear that one up.