Bomb Flowers can be used in cooking recipes to provide various buffs. They can also be fused with arrows, shields, and weapons to make defeating enemies easier.

Given their usefulness, it’s a good idea to stockpile them. Especially if you are going out on a quest to find secret weapons and gear.

This guide will show you how to farm Bomb Flowers in Tears of the Kingdom.

The Best Place to Find Bomb Flowers

The best place to farm Bomb Flowers is the Royal Hidden Passage.

This area becomes accessible after reaching Lookout Landing and completing one of the four temples.

The Fire Temple is the easiest to complete and unlocks Yunobo’s ability, making farming Bomb Flowers easier.

Once you’ve completed the Fire Temple, go to Lookout Landing and find the entrance to the Royal Hidden Passage.

You can use this path to reach Hyrule castle, although you will have to break many rocks to get there.

Inside, you’ll find about 20 Bomb Flowers and many other items, such as ore, Luminous Stone, food, and more.

How to Make the Bomb Flowers Respawn

After collecting everything inside, leave and complete a quest. Any quest will do.

Once you finish your next mission, all the items collected in this location will respawn.

What to Do Next

With a bunch of Bomb Flowers and enough good weapons at hand, you might be ready to go after the legendary Master Sword.

You can do it quite early in Tears of the Kingdom, so why not give it a shot?