Weapons that break quickly can be annoying, but there are a few ways to circumvent the durability system.

Many players have beaten the game without ever realizing this trick. There actually is a way to repair some of your items in this game.

If that’s what you need, keep reading to learn how to repair weapons and shields in Tears of the Kingdom.

Make a Rock Octorok Swallow Your Gear

When a Rock Octorok swallows your weapon or shield, it’ll spit it out repaired.

You must be careful, though. It will throw the weapon at you as an attack.

Here’s the step-by-step method to get your weapon or shield repaired:

  1. Find a Rock Octorok
  2.  If you want to restore an equipped weapon or shield, unequip it
  3.  Drop the item that you want to be repaired in front of the Octorok
  4.  Equip a shield to block its next attack
  5.  Wait for it to throw the weapon at you
  6.  Block or dodge the Octorok’s attack
  7.  Pick up the repaired item

Unfortunately, this trick has some limitations.

For instance, although it works on most weapons, some weapons can’t be repaired. It seems to be the case for most Amiibo weapons.

Additionally, decayed weapons can be repaired, but they will remain decayed.

Another important limitation is the fact an Octorok will only repair one weapon, and it’ll do it only once every blood moon. Get rid of the Octorok and come back once they can do it again.

Where to Find Rock Octoroks

There are plenty of Octoroks all over Death Mountain. Fast travel to the nearest shrine and go looking for them.

Explore a bit and mark the places where they spawn on your map. Repair your important weapons and then go away for a while.

Complete a few important quests and then come back to repair the new weapons you’ve found along the way.

What to Do Next

This is a neat trick, but it also takes a lot of effort.

If what you want is a weapon that won’t break, maybe you should go after the Master Sword.

Link’s most powerful weapon is unbreakable and has long-distance light attacks.

Although it needs to recharge at times, this weapon is an easy choice for those who dislike the frequent weapon switching of TOTK.