With so many spellcasters and spell lists in BG3, it’s not unusual to feel overwhelmed by options. There are numerous ways to play this game, and none of them are necessarily wrong.

That said, there are spells that can certainly make your life easier if you have them. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in luck.

This guide presents the best spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 to ensure a smooth experience while adventuring in the Forgotten Realms.

Conjuring Minor Elemental

Turning the tide of battle with a summoned ally Conjuring Minor Elemental is nearly guaranteed.

This spell allows you to bring forth a loyal elemental creature that can provide additional damage and distract enemies.

Having one more body to get hit increases your survivability in combat.

Not only that, this also means that as long as the enemies target you, the damage output of your party is increased by the Minor Elemental’s attacks.


Counterspell is your defense against enemy spellcasters. It’s a game-changer that can keep your party safe and in control.

By using Counterspell at the right moment, you can stop dangerous spells from harming your group, giving you a decisive advantage.

Imagine facing a powerful enemy mage who’s about to unleash a devastating fireball on your team.

With a perfectly timed Counterspell, you nullify their spellcasting, preventing the fireball from engulfing your entire party. This can turn the tide of battle and keep your team intact.

Always having Counterspell at the ready is essential, as it can transform daunting adversaries into manageable threats.

Knowing when to unleash it will make even the most formidable opponents seem far less imposing.

Dimension Door

This spell grants you and a chosen ally instant teleportation, enabling strategic movement and timely rescues.

When positioning can be the difference between victory and defeat, Dimension Door shines.

Imagine a scenario where your party is surrounded by foes, and your backline spellcaster is in danger.

With Dimension Door, you can swiftly teleport them to a safer location, ensuring their survival and maintaining your tactical advantage.

In battles where maneuvering is key, Dimension Door’s ability to quickly shift positions can be a game-changer, letting you outmaneuver enemies and seize control of the battlefield.


This spell is one of the best when you need to cause significant damage to enemies in a large area of effect.

The ability to upcast it for even greater impact makes it a go-to choice for clearing groups of foes.

A well-aimed Fireball in the midst of the foes can decimate their ranks, shifting the odds in your favor.

In dire situations, Fireball’s potential for area damage can be a game-saving trump card, allowing you to emerge victorious from overwhelming odds.


At the pinnacle of combat spells, Haste brings a world of possibilities. This spell grants an extra action to its target, essentially doubling their impact in battle.

Envision a warrior charging into the fray with the power to attack twice, or a spellcaster casting two spells in a single turn.

Haste can transform a good fighter into an unstoppable force, capable of turning the tide of a battle in your favor.

Whether delivering devastating blows, casting vital spells, or nimbly repositioning, Haste’s versatility can reshape the course of any engagement.


The Knock spell is an essential utility for adventurers, allowing you to unlock doors and containers without the need for keys or lockpicking.

This can be a time-saver, a strategic advantage, and a way to access hidden areas or treasures.

Lightning Bolt

Another potent area damage spell, Lightning Bolt deals significant damage to enemies in a line. Like Fireball, upcasting enhances its potency.

In a scenario where enemies are lined up, a Lightning Bolt can cut through their ranks, dealing substantial damage.

The potential to hit multiple foes makes it a spell that can swiftly turn the tide of a battle.

Magic Missile

Magic Missile is a straightforward but reliable spell that never misses its target.

It’s a great choice for consistent damage, especially when you need to ensure hits against enemies.

When facing evasive or hard-to-hit opponents, Magic Missile’s unerring accuracy ensures that you’re not wasting valuable actions on missed attacks. This makes it a reliable fallback for dealing damage.

Misty Step

Misty Step lets you teleport instantly, granting you the ability to reposition or escape danger quickly.

Mobility is a crucial aspect of combat, and this spell excels in this area.

Imagine being surrounded by enemies, with no clear escape route. Misty Step can swiftly take you out of harm’s way, giving you the advantage of positioning and keeping you safe when things get dire.


For crowd control and creative problem-solving, we have Polymorph.

This spell can transform enemies into harmless creatures, disrupting their plans and potentially turning the tide of battle.

In a tough fight against a powerful adversary, Polymorph can change the game by temporarily neutralizing them.

Turning a fearsome foe into a harmless creature gives your party time to regroup and capitalize on the advantage.


Shield is a reactionary spell that boosts your Armor Class, potentially turning a hit into a miss.

It’s a valuable tool for protecting yourself or an ally from sudden threats.

In a critical moment, when an enemy’s attack is about to land, Shield can make the difference between taking a debilitating hit and evading unscathed.

This spell is your safeguard against unexpected dangers.

Spirit Guardians

Spirit Guardians may not get the attention it deserves, but its steady damage output and control over the battlefield are noteworthy.

The aura of protection it creates damages enemies that approach, making it a reliable choice for longer engagements.

Spiritual Weapon

As a bonus action spell, Spiritual Weapon earns its place in this list. This spell summons a spectral weapon that can attack each turn without expending a precious action.

The added damage and the ability to engage enemies from a distance provide both offense and tactical flexibility.


Thunderwave is a spell that packs a punch with its shockwave of thunderous energy.

When enemies are close, this spell can clear space and deal damage, providing a valuable option for crowd control and area damage.

The best use of Thunderwave is usually pushing opponents at once into a cliff.

Honorable Mentions

Before we conclude, let’s not forget the honorable mentions.

Cantrips that are either incredibly useful or the best resource for casters seeking reliable damage without spending spell slots.


This cantrip is a staple for spellcasters seeking reliable, free damage. It scales as you level up, dealing increasing damage to keep up with the extra attacks of warrior classes.

Eldritch Blast

Eldritch Blast is to Warlocks what Firebolt is to wizards, especially with the “Agonizing Blast” invocation, which adds your Charisma modifier to damage.

Its versatility, multiple beams, and repelling blast option make it a powerful choice.

As you level up, you cast more Eldritch Blasts simultaneously.


The seemingly simple cantrip deserves recognition for its consistent ability to provide a 1d4 bonus to ability checks.

This is versatile and valuable cantrip that will come up in a variety of situations, making it a must-have for any party.

How to Learn More Spells

The acquisition of new spells occurs as your spellcaster progress in levels, reflecting the steady growth of their magical prowess.

On top of learning new spells upon leveling up, wizards possess the ability to learn spells from scrolls, thereby expanding their magical arsenal.

As you delve deeper into your adventures, be attentive to opportunities that arise. These may include discovering scrolls or leveling up, both of which offer chances for enhancing your magical repertoire.

By capitalizing on these moments, you can effectively broaden your command over the arcane arts, enabling you to face the challenges of the Forgotten Realms with a well-rounded set of spells at your disposal.