The Phase Spiders in the Whispering Depths can be quite a nuisance, especially when they swarm in large numbers. Facing a bunch of them can make things incredibly challenging.

The Phase Spider Matriarch is an even more formidable foe. It has over 100 Hit Points, multiple attacks per turn, AoE abilities, and the ability to summon spiderlings from her eggs to aid her in battle.

Thankfully, Baldur’s Gate 3 follows a cRPG style of design that allows for some out-of-the-box thinking to handle these arachnid adversaries.

Knock Them Into the Abyss

The simplest way to deal with the phase spiders near the Matriarch is by using the shove maneuver to push them into the abyss. It’s an effective tactic that can quickly thin their ranks.

While knocking the Matriarch into the abyss isn’t possible with the shove maneuver due to her size, there’s a solution.

You can utilize the spell “Thunderwave” to achieve the desired effect. Check out the video below to witness just how easy it can be.

However, be mindful of correctly positioning your characters to execute this strategy successfully.

This strategy will make the Phase Spider Matriarch much easier than the Owlbear from the cave nearby.

Destroy the Eggs

If, for some reason, you’re unable to knock the Matriarch down, it’s essential to prevent her from summoning more spiderlings.

When you spot her eggs, take advantage of Alchemist’s Fire and destroy them before you get detected.

Although a single Phase Spiderling may not be a major threat, the Matriarch can summon up to 24 of them.

With 6 HP each and capable of dealing decent damage, these little Phase Spiders can quickly overwhelm your party and disrupt your action economy.

Burn the Web

Should you need an extra edge in combat, consider burning the web to make the spiders fall. It seems any fire damage to the web will do the trick.

I used a Fire Bolt cantrip, and it works every single time.

The fall damage they take can be substantial, weakening their ranks.

Though it’s challenging, you might even be able to lure them to a different web bridge and burn that one too.

Moreover, you can prepare Alchemist’s Fire to toss on them once they’re down, adding even more firepower to your arsenal.

General Tips

You can improve your BG3 experience by just following a few tips.

For instance, optimizing your character builds and selecting the right abilities can significantly impact the battle’s outcome.

Prioritize skills and spells that can cause damage in an area of effect and knock enemies back.
For example, selecting abilities with high single-target damage will be bad when facing spiderlings.

Still, area-of-effect spells deal less damage and are not the best way to damage the Phase Spider Matriarch.

Tailor your character’s abilities to complement the party’s overall strategy and playstyle, maximizing their effectiveness in the fight.

Combat in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be dynamic and unpredictable. Encourage quick thinking and adaptation during the battle to respond to changing situations.

Monitor the Matriarch’s actions and spiderling spawns, and adjust your tactics accordingly. Being able to improvise and make on-the-spot decisions can turn the tide of the encounter in your favor.

Remember, not all strategies will work every time. Be ready to adapt and switch plans as needed. Enemies don’t always do the same thing, but that’s what makes BG3 fun.