True Soul Gut is the high priestess of The Absolute. This old goblin woman is more powerful than she appears to be.

Depending on what you do and the decisions you make, you will have the option to join or kill her. That said, there is an easier and a harder way of doing so.

This guide will show you how to kill High Priestess Gut in Baldur’s Gate 3.

True Soul Gut Location

Princess Gut Location

True Soul Gut is in the Shattered Sanctum at the goblin camp. She will see something special about you when you first talk to her.

High priestess Gut will then demand to mark your flash with the sign of her deity, The Absolute.

If you do choose to accept help from Gut, the high priestess will ask to talk to you alone in the chapel.

The Easiest Way to Kill Gut

When talking to True Soul Gut, make sure your party is around. If she is alone and you have your party, the setup is ready for an easy win.

Since she has 36 HP, you will need 2 or 3 successful attacks to kill her. Remember to save before doing this.

High Priestess Gut will call for help as soon as she can. Once it happens, all her allies on the same floor will enter the battle. This is why you should kill her before her turn starts.

I was able to do this at level 3 with mediocre gear, so as long as you have good rolls, you should be able to do this easily.

This method keeps the goblins unsuspicious of your allegiance, allowing you to roam around the area where the leaders are as if nothing happened.

Clearing the whole floor

This section is about when she calls the whole room for backup.

In this situation, I recommend bringing one character to fight True Soul Gut in the same room and having your whole party stand outside ungrouped.

Once the battle starts and the goblins from outside the room join.

See if you can set up some oil or explosive barrels outside. After at least 2-3 turns, with some luck, you will have all the goblins clumped up outside the gate, trying to break the door down.

This is the perfect time to strike with your ungrouped characters and blow up the barrels you have placed.

If you do not have barrels to work with, you can still wait for the goblins to group up and use Gale’s Grease spell or a Scroll of Grease spell and light it up. Caustic Bulbs and Void Bulbs can also be helpful here if you have any.

Don’t Forget About Minthara

True Soul Gut is a powerful high priestess, but she is far from the greatest threat you will face in this area.

Since there will be more important fights later on, you should save a few barrels to use later, especially during the Minthara fight.