Baldur’s Gate 3 constantly challenges players by presenting grey morals and different perspectives.

Although the tieflings you meet at the beginning of the game are guests of the druids, they are in mortal danger when the First Druid decides to kick them out.

Whether the druids have the right to do it or not, players might not like the idea of letting the tieflings risk their lives moving somewhere else.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways to save the tiefling refugees, but there are some, and you can find them below.

Speak to Zevlor and Save the Refugees

After successfully defending The Hollow from the goblin attack, talk to Tiefling Zevlor, who will inform you about their predicament with the Druids of Emerald Grove.

He asks you to speak with Druid Kagha, who wants to expel the Tiefling refugees from the grove.

Step 1: Speak with Kagha

Head to the Druid Grove and have a conversation with Kagha. She will express her desire to close the grove and remove the Tiefling refugees to protect against goblin attacks.

Step 2: Return to Zevlor

Go back to Zevlor, who has now relocated to the southeastern side of The Hollow behind the Stone Door. Discuss your conversation with Kagha and the options available to save the Tiefling refugees.

Kill the Goblin Leaders or Find Halsin

Zevlor reveals that the Tieflings can’t leave the grove safely due to nearby goblin threats. To ensure their safety, you have two choices:

Option 1: Kill the Goblin Leaders

Take on the task of clearing out the goblins and eliminating their three leaders. 

You’ll have to journey to the Goblin Camp and the Shattered Sanctum, facing a formidable army of goblins, bugbears, and trolls.

Option 2: Find Halsin

Rath informs you that Halsin might be able to help with the Tiefling refugee situation. 

To proceed with this option, travel to the Goblin Camp and Shattered Sanctum, rescue Halsin from his imprisonment, and convince him to support the refugees.

Option 3: Kill Kagha

Another alternative is to confront and kill Kagha directly. However, this approach comes with consequences. Attacking Kagha will agitate all Druids in the Emerald Grove, and they may retaliate against the Tiefling refugees. This decision could lead to dire consequences for both parties.

Expose Kagha

During your conversation with Kagha, you can choose to reveal her true intentions and expose her plan to hand over the Emerald Grove to the Shadow Druids.

This option can lead to a confrontation with her and the Shadow Druids, as well as potential combat against her allies.

Step 1: Find Kagha’s Secret

After speaking with Kagha, you can explore the Servant’s Room behind the Stone Door in the Druid Grove.

There is a passage that leads you to a chest behind a bookshelf. It’s not hidden, but it’s somewhat easy to miss, so pay attention.

There, you’ll find a letter that hints at her collaboration with the Shadow Druids. Now, you need to find the tree mentioned in the letter. It’s to the south of the Blighted Village.

The place is not exactly easy to find. You have to jump over the river in certain sections, which is where many players miss how to get there.

Once you reach the place, you will have to fight a few creatures. Examine the tree until you find the message to Kagha. Once you do, time to return and confront her.

Step 2: Confront Kagha

Return to Kagha and confront her about the letter and her alliance with the Shadow Druids.

You can use Persuasion, Detect Thoughts, or other relevant skills to convince her to abandon her plans.

This is your chance to make Kagha help you in this fight. She is quite powerful. Kagha is also a good but misguided person. It’s up to you if you will make her help you or punish her for her sins.

Step 3: Resolve the Conflict

If you successfully persuade Kagha to reconsider her actions, she may help you deal with the Shadow Druids instead of trying to expel the Tiefling refugees.

If you manage to convince her to come to her senses, she will accept whatever judgment is imposed on her.

This may lead to a confrontation with the Shadow Druids, but you will have the assistance of Rath, other druids, and potentially Kagha herself.

Step 4: Clear Out the Goblin Camp

Regardless of your chosen approach with Kagha, you will still need to deal with the goblin threat by clearing out the Goblin Camp and defeating its leaders.

Rewards for Saving the Tiefling Refugees

If you successfully eliminate the goblin leaders or find Halsin to resolve the conflict peacefully, the Tieflings will be able to leave the grove and head back to Baldur’s Gate.

In addition to this resolution, Rath will reward you with the Wolf Rune, granting you access to the Druid’s vault. Moreover, completing this side quest will unlock different paths for the Main Quest.

Exposing Kagha and dealing with the Shadow Druids can also lead to a resolution that saves both the Tiefling refugees and the Emerald Grove. This path also rewards you with the Wolf Rune, access to the Druid’s vault, and new paths unlocked for the Main Quest.

Final Thoughts

Baldur’s Gate 3 presents players with challenging choices and moral dilemmas, including the fate of the Tiefling refugees in Emerald Grove.

You can opt for peaceful resolutions by either defeating the goblin leaders or seeking Halsin’s assistance.

Alternatively, a more direct approach is confronting Kagha, which may lead to more significant consequences.

As you progress through the game, your decisions shape the narrative and determine the outcome of various quests, making Baldur’s Gate 3 an engaging and immersive role-playing experience.

Choose wisely, for the fate of the Tiefling refugees lies in your hands.