Cyberpunk 2077 has a nice quality of life feature that lets you access your storage easily. More on this later on. All the storage locations are shared and you do not have to worry where you place your items as long as it is in the stash.

It is a great idea to frequently store items as your carrying capacity is limited especially if you are carrying multiple weapons at once. This guide will teach you how to store items in Cyberpunk 2077.

Accessing Your Stash

Stash Storage

In safehouses, you can store your items quickly by going to the storage area. You can unload these items and you can still access them in your vehicle’s trunk. That is probably the most common way of unloading your items. You can call your vehicle and dump the items inside the trunk and proceed to what you were doing.

You should always remember this when doing jobs, especially the main storyline. Some of them tend to be lengthy and if they involve a lot of fighting, you will obtain a ton of weapons that are extremely hard to carry because they weigh a lot more. Each enemy drops the weapon that they are using which can be a good way to make some Eurodollars.

Make sure to loot everything and try to scan the area as much as possible to get all the obtainable loot in the area. You can deposit them back to your vehicle anytime as long as you are outside.

Pack Mule Perk

You can also get the Pack Mule perk that lets you add another 60 units of carry capacity and is accessible from the body attribute.

Selling Items in Drop Points

Drop Points

You can also check for drop points scattered all over the map to sell the items that you do not need anymore to make inventory space. You can also deposit your items here if your vehicle is unavailable but that rarely happens. You will not be able to withdraw your items from drop points though.


You can store as many items as you want and you can stash all the legendary weapons you have even if they are a bit outdated already. Having access to your stash through your vehicle’s trunk is an amazing feature and it definitely removes all the hassle from worrying about your carrying capacity.