Barney might be one of the most annoying characters in Dying Light 2. During the course of the game’s story, you’ll certainly start to sense that something is wrong with this character.

After reaching a certain stage in the game, and after making some crucial decisions along the way, you will ultimately end up fighting Barney…and it’s not the easiest of fights.

If you are having trouble completing this, this guide is here to teach you how to beat Barney in Dying Light 2 in the easiest way possible.

Story Recap

Leading up to the fight, you already have an idea of what is happening or what is about to happen. You are getting close on the trail after learning information about Lazarus’s killer from Jack and Joe in the water tower.

However, there might be a few differences when it comes to the story because you have already made decisions on who you will help out. After clearing the bandit camp, you are given a choice between listening to Carl and helping Sophie or getting back to Aitor, which Hakon clearly recommends.

Once you go side with the Peacekeepers, you will be investigating what Jack and Joe said about Lazarus and Barney.

Getting to Barney’s Hideout

Getting inside Barney’s hideout is a bit tricky, but all you have to do is go to the scaffolding and make your way through the bridge and inside the building.

Search the area for items, and you can also find an Inhibitor inside a GRE container.

How to Find the Evidence

After getting inside Barney’s hideout, you can use your survivor senses to see all the things you can investigate. They are marked red once they are scanned by your survivor senses.

The evidence you are looking for is the skinned tattoo from Lazarus’s body. You can find this inside the hidden passage blocked by a wooden plank. Once you are inside, use your survivor senses, and you can interact with the evidence on the ground.

You will not be able to interact or investigate the evidence without using your survivor senses.

Fighting Barney

Barney Parried

After investigating the evidence, you will enter a cutscene where Barney notices you sneaked into his hideout. This raises suspicion on why he isn’t even helping his sister, Sophie, in what should be a confrontation with the Peacekeepers.

At this point, you will be fighting Barney because the evidence all points to Barney, and he denies it, but you will end up fighting him here.

Barney uses a 1H blunt weapon, so perfect blocks or parries are possible during the fight.

There are also common weapons available inside the room, and you can also get throwable bottles scattered around.

Getting the throwable bottles and hitting Barney with them will stagger him, and you can land some free hits.

Barney by the Hidden Passage

Fighting Barney is fairly easy on any difficulty, but there is a cheesy tactic you can do to make things easier:

You can bait Barney inside the hidden passage where you found the evidence.

To do this, circle him inside the room and smack him (even if he is blocking) until he gets inside. Kicking him inside will also work.

Once Barney is inside, he will be stuck there. It’s a little odd because he doesn’t even try to get out – he will stay inside and wait for you.

Barney Scared

You can chip away his health inside, and he will become more than just a little bit passive.

I tested a few things by going inside and just blocking. Instead of attacking me, Barney just stayed on a corner cowering in fear.

Once you get Barney to 1/3 of his health bar, it will trigger a cutscene.

If you are at this point of the story, you can stop reading from here to avoid any spoilers.

This should be the end of the fight, but you can already tell that he will be left alive.

Second Barney Fight

Fast-forward to the main story quest. You get left behind by Hakon in the Metro Station, and you are on the brink of dying. Aiden manages to survive by blowing up the wall and escaping the infected.

You only end up climbing up the ladder to be ambushed by Barney and his henchmen. Kidnapped and angry, you find yourself in a confrontation with Barney where he is hellbent on getting revenge.

He gives you another hint about him being framed for Lazarus’s murder. However, you still do not know who did it, but you start to believe him because he has no reason to deny it in this situation anyway.

However, you will end up fighting Barney and his henchmen for a second time. Barney is much more aggressive here, and he has two henchmen, who are pretty weak but it does make things a lot harder.

Barney uses the same 1H blunt weapon, so you can still parry his attacks.

You can choose between two strategies for this fight:

The first option is to deal with the two henchmen first before trying to bring down Barney. The second option is to keep circling the room and only attack when they start to close in on you.

The fight should be easy, and it’s just like fighting the Renegades, but with Barney having more health points.

Something to note: be very wary of Barney’s strong attacks.

Even if he is using a 1H weapon, you cannot parry these strong attacks. Barney winds up his weapon almost to his back before swinging for these.

It is easy to telegraph his strong attack, so just avoid parrying or blocking it and move out the way altogether.

You can dodge by sidestepping, and if you have the dodging combat perk, you will stagger him with every successful dodge.

After beating Barney, loot the area and there should be a GRE container with Inhibitors inside.