If you don’t know where to find the sniper in Dying Light 2, you might have skipped a few dialogues or simply missed some important information that Hakon shared with you. During the cutscene with Hakon, he tells you to use your Binoculars to find the sniper who shot him.

From the cutscene, you can deduce that the sniper had a clear shot once the door was open. The sniper will be around the same line of sight as when you opened the door, but where exactly is the sniper?

This guide will show you how to find the sniper and parkour your way to getting up to the sniper’s location and finishing the quest.

Story Recap

There were already some critical decisions (story/dialogue altering decisions) made at this point. We will pick up where Hakon left you in the Metro Station, and you made your way out. You end up fighting Barney again and make your way back to Hakon.

You end up meeting Hakon, and he gets shot by a crossbow out of nowhere. After checking his wound, you end up realizing that he had the wound described by Aitor when Lazarus was killed. It eventually turns out that Hakon is the one who murdered Lazarus.

Hakon does not deny it but tells you that bigger things are playing here and mentions Waltz and the Renegades. You have a choice of letting him live or leaving him to die. Either way, you will get out and look for the sniper.

Where to Find the Sniper

After exiting the room up the rooftop, you will have to locate the sniper with your binoculars. Get some cover first and go to the left corner of the rooftop from where you exited the door.

The shots from the sniper do not hurt that much. You can gauge which direction the sniper is shooting you from by exposing yourself, but you are not here for that.

Once you are on the left corner of the rooftop, you can zoom in with your binoculars, and the sniper’s area should be directly the building in front of this rooftop corner.

You can hug the wall and jiggle peek (kind of the same as how you would quickly peek and hide repeatedly in a competitive FPS game) with your binoculars. Spot the area, and you should be relatively safe. Your main objective would change to getting to the sniper’s area.

How to Get to the Sniper

Since the sniper’s location is all the way over the street, you need to get down first. There is a chemical wasteland to your left, but you can parkour your way through by jumping over the metal containers, cars, and trucks.

Get to the west side of the building, and you will find a broken truck you can climb up to. From there, jump over the billboard and climb the wall. It is also worth noting that there is no time limit for this quest.

You can even go to other places and activate windmills if there are any nearby.

Anyway, keep climbing the billboard and get to the top. Head towards the objective while you are on the rooftop.

You will see a zipline that will lead you to the next building where the sniper is located. Climb up the obstacles, and you will see a ladder you can jump to from the wooden planks.

While climbing the ladder, it will trigger a cutscene where the sniper will kick the ladder down. After you fall down, circle around the building until you see the little tower with a ladder.

Alternate Route to Sniper

Climb up the ladder and avoid climbing the bricks on the left and focus on the right side. Jump from the ladder all the way to the next ledge to your right. Follow the path since this part is a bit linear. You will end up hugging the side of the building.

Once you reach the end, you will see a cage hanging on the right. Jump to the cage and hang on to it. The momentum from the jump will keep the cage swinging for a moment.

While hanging on the cage, look from where you made the jump, and you will see a ledge you can jump to. Use the momentum and wait for the right timing where the cage is closest to the building.

Follow the path and open the door. This will trigger a cutscene, and you will finish the quest. You will end up talking to Aitor next and proceed with the Let’s Waltz part of the main story.