Getting electrical stations up in the city is a bit tricky. First, you have to find your way inside, which is a puzzle itself. Second, you have to turn on all the power sources to activate the whole electrical station.

While progressing through the main storyline, there will be electrical stations that will give power to the city. You will encounter the first one where Lawan will tell you to activate the nearest one.

This guide will teach you how to turn on the downtown electrical station in Dying Light 2, which is also part of the main quest that you will need to finish in the city.

What Are Electrical Stations?

Once you finish Let’s Waltz, you will go through some cutscenes with Lawan, and she will eventually lead you to the Fish Eye. You will now enter Dying Light 2’s city. In this city, you will get a glimpse of what it is like with the power on since Waltz turned the power on for a brief moment.

However, you need to go through the electrical stations and fix them all up. In the story, it has been 15 years since the city last had its power running. Lawan will tell you to fix the electrical stations around the city first, and the Downtown Electrical Station will be part of your main quest.

Electrical stations are two types of facilities present in the city (you can also see windmills here). By activating electrical stations, you can power up various objects near their zones. You will also unlock the electrical station as a safe zone where you can rest, restock equipment, store items, and everything an outpost has to offer.


The best perk you can get from activating an electrical station is gaining progress on your city alignment. By unlocking an electrical station, you will have the choice of giving it to the Survivors or the Peacekeepers. Each facility you give to a faction will give you unique bonuses on your playthrough.

How to Get Inside the Downtown Electrical Station

After getting to your objective marker, you will meet a few Peacekeepers and enter a cutscene. You will be attacked by the Renegades who wish to get the electrical station for themselves, and you will have to deal with them first. Luckily, the Peacekeepers who also seek to gain control of the electrical station will fight the Renegades with you.

After dealing with the Renegades, look for the metal pillar on the left side of the electrical station. You will see a small ramp leading up to it, but you can easily climb on it as well. Jump up and follow the pillar until you see the wooden platform you can jump on.

Jump from platform to platform until you reach the end.

Once you reach the corner of the electrical station, you will see a pipe in front of you and a platform past it. Jump and hold on to the pipe. Once you are on the pipe, rotate or spin until you get closer to the next wooden platform.

Make the jump, and this will lead you inside the Downtown Electrical Station through the open window. Keep track of your stamina because it will slowly drain while you are holding on to the pipe.

How to Get the GRE Container Inside

When you enter the electrical station, your biomarker will start notifying you that there is a GRE container inside. This is different from the biomarker safe codes on your side quests. The GRE container is basically your typical container where you find Inhibitors for your health and stamina upgrades.

After spending more than 30 minutes trying to find a way to get to the GRE container inside, it is physically impossible to get without powering the cables first.

I tried to look for a way to get it because loot will disappear once you activate windmills and electrical stations. However, you will need to activate the downtown electrical station inside the control room before the loot disappears.

Finish the quest by connecting the cables, and you will be able to get to the control room. Before pressing the button, get the GRE container first before activating the electrical station.

First Cable

The first cable is located on the ground floor. To connect the cables, you need to look for the active stations (green) and connect them according to their number (1-1, 2-2, and 3-3). Grab the cable on station one, and it will have a 20m cable for you to connect to the unpowered station.

Instead of going around the obstacle, jump over the pieces of machinery on the way to station 1.

Second Cable

The active second station can be found on the middle floor (hard to tell floor levels inside). It is next to the yellow door (not where the GRE container is located) on the north side of the building.

Get the 30m cable and use the rope in the middle to get across. Running with the cable and using the hallway on the left side will not be enough (roughly 2m short). Swing from the rope while holding the cable and land on the platform near the hallway.

Attach the cable, and this should activate the second station.

Third Cable

The third active station is found in the basement of the building. You will see a staircase near the first station and go down from there.

After locating the third station, grab the cable and refrain from using the stairs going up. The cable is extremely short, and there isn’t a clear way up.

Find the open elevator shaft near the third station. You will see yellow outlines on the wall where you can actually climb on and use this path to get to the ground floor. A bit weird that these were here, but this is the only way the cable can reach the station on the ground floor.