There are three military airdrops in the starting town of the game. You can find military airdrop THB-17U on top of the office plaza building at Jack and Joe’s bandit camp. To the south, it is easy to get military airdrop THB-22B on top of the broken highway.

However, compared to the first two, it is harder to get military airdrop THB-04B. For one thing, the game suggests that you attempt it with 300 stamina, which you’ll only attain much later in your playthrough.

You don’t need that much stamina if you know what you’re doing. In this guide, I will tell you where and how to get military airdrop THB-04B, as well as helpful parkour perks and items to help you scale to the top of the building.

How to Reach Military Airdrop THB-04B

You can find military airdrop THB-04B at the very top of Saint Joseph Hospital. You can locate the hospital in the northeastern part of Houndsfield in Old Villedor. It is the very same facility where you enter with Hakon at the beginning of the game to scavenge for a biomarker.

You’re going to need to climb on Saint Joseph Hospital’s rooftop garden. First, approach the building from the west. Wrap around that area until you find the driveway with ambulances parked in front. 

Look for the cracked wall next to the ladder on the corner. There is some debris forming a ramp leading up to it. You can climb exposed walls like these by jumping on them while holding forward.

Alternatively, there’s a shorter way.

Start from the trading post settlement nearby, south of the hospital. From there, cross the rooves until you find a street light leading up to the garden. Hop on the street light, then jump on the side of the building.

Once there, simply stand on the edge, point your camera upwards, and hold the jump key to reach the top. This shortcut is incredibly convenient if you’re doing the first biomarker side quest. 

Now, facing the Saint Joseph Hospital sign, head to the right and climb to Dr. Katsumi’s ruined office, where you found the first biomarker safe. Jump on the ledge with the yellow tarp or climb the wooden scaffolding.

Turn around and leap in that area. Look for the yellow tarp draped with police tape and climb on that.

Jump on top of the ventilation system and scale the broken walls. Now here’s the real challenge to get military airdrop THB-04B.

You need to climb and jump across a section of yellow pipes to reach the military airdrop. The game suggests returning here with 300 stamina, but it’s not required if you’re fast enough. I did it with 220 stamina and an Endurance Booster for more breathing room.

You can access this even earlier by upgrading the Endurance Booster recipe to gain a more considerable stamina upgrade. You can do this by visiting the craftmaster and spending infected trophies to increase its effectiveness. While you’re there, you should also enhance and install weapon mods for future fights.

Back to the pipes, climb on top of the middle one, and jump towards the left to get military airdrop THB-04B. Make sure you climb to the top on the second pipe before leaping for the next one since the gap is further apart.

The Tic Tac perk, which allows you to run across walls, helps if you have a hard time timing the jump. The Fast Climb perk is useful for reserving stamina when climbing the pipes too. Lastly, I wouldn’t have been able to climb up the last ledge without the Firm Grip perk, a skill that allows you to haul yourself up a ledge with no stamina left.

If ever you fall, try your best to use Active Landing on the platform below to survive. It’s no big deal if you die because you’ll spawn under the pipes.

After making the jump after the third and last pipe, you should have reached military airdrop THB-04B. Open it to claim your rewards and the vital military tech component.

Behind the cache, there’s a nightrunner camp that you can activate. Though you’re not supposed to access this area until later in the story you can easily climb to the tent with Wall Run perk.