As the story starts heating up, you will end up trying to get to Barney’s hideout to look for clues. This part can get a little tricky because there is no clear way into Barney’s hideout if you just follow the objective marker.

You will have to find a way to parkour your way inside the building. There aren’t any stamina upgrade requirements to finish the quest, and all you have to worry about is bringing a lockpick with you.

This guide will show you the easiest way how to get inside Barney’s hideout in Dying Light 2 and finish the Water Tower main story quest.

Story Recap

Before you reach this part of the story, you have already cleared out the bandit camp, defeated Jack and Joe, and gained control of the water tower.

You will learn all the information about Barney and what he did from meeting Jack and Joe on top of the water tower. To clear all the suspicions, Hakon will ask you to go to Barney’s hideout and search for clues and pieces of evidence.

Once you are on the way to Barney’s hideout, Hakon will confirm that the survivors have already reached the water tower, and the area should be clear.

How to Parkour to Barney’s Hideout

Once you are near the objective, you will find yourself lost because there is no clear way into the building. However, there are some pathways you can take by looking around the building. You will see two bridges by one of the sides of the building (near the chemical wasteland).

There will be two different scaffolding, and each of them leads to one of the bridges. The bridge nearest to the center of the building is a dead end. There isn’t any loot there as well, so do not bother taking this route.

Look for this area, and you will see the scaffolding you need to climb. There is a broken car below the image above, and you will use that as the starting point.

Jump to the scaffolding near the car and climb up. You do not need to hang on the ledge, and Aiden can stand and regain stamina from here.

Go to the edge of the scaffolding you are standing on, and you will have to jump to the side of the scaffolding that faces the building. This jump is a little tricky because you can fall and take damage. Do not worry. You will not die from falling to this height.

Once you jump and grab hold of the pipe, continue to slide to the left. Try to maintain your stamina by avoiding pressing the jump button. Continue to slide until you reach near the end. You will see a platform you can jump to from the pipes.

Once you reach the edge, you can stop and look at the platform so that Aiden can perform the jump to the platform.

Once you are on top of the platform, you will see a ladder on the side, and you can drop the ladder, so you do not have to go through this if you fall down or miss an item inside the hideout after finishing the quest.

It is worth noting that you do not have to increase your stamina to climb the scaffolding and reach Barney’s hideout. You can climb walls easily without any upgrades as long as you do not waste any stamina climbing.

From this platform, cross the bridge, and you can enter the survivor’s building and get to Barney’s hideout. The door needs to be lockpicked, so make sure you have one with you. Loot everything first by using your survivor senses. You can open Barney’s hideout immediately, and it will not trigger anything yet.

There is a GRE container that gives you Inhibitors, an Immunity Booster, and an artifact-grade Joggers (really good early in the game). After looting all the resources, you can head to Barney’s room with all the empty bottles.

There will be a hidden passage covered by a big wooden plank. Open it and use your survivor senses to find the evidence. This will trigger a cutscene and will lead to the Barney fight.