The Surplus Goods quest from Mechanic is a new quest added in patch 12.11. It is unlocked after finish the Signal quest where you go find the three exits in the Factory. This article will show you the best way on how to finish the Surplus Goods quest in Escape from Tarkov and extract you properly on Reserve.

Required Keys for the Quest

The RB-ST key is the only key you need for this quest and it is mandatory to have it to finish the Surplus Goods quest from Mechanic. It can be quite pricey especially during the early wipe because the area itself contains one of the best items in the game.

I would definitely suggest buying the key from the Flea Market if you run Reserve often. Even if it is expensive you can buy it and farm this all day while finishing this quest as well. It will be an investment and you will make your money back as long as you keep running and surviving raids in Reserve.

Unlike other quest keys, they are expensive and do not have any good loot aside from finishing the quest. Although some prices are dictated by the priority level of the quest as some quests are prerequisites to a lot of other quests.

If you have done the Disease History quest from Therapist, you can tell why the RB-ST key is worth more than those other keys.

Garage Location

Garage Workshop

The OBT navigation complex is found inside the garage beside the White Knight Building.

Most of the players call this the garage or long garage so you might be familiar with this area if you have been playing Reserve before this was introduced in patch 12.11.

Surplus Goods Door

From the quest description, it is in a workshop inside the building which is to the far left of the long garage (as seen in the picture). Open the metal door at the end with the RB-ST key and enter the workshop.

As you enter the workshop go to the left side and find the pile of boxes and the OBT navigation complex should be inside the inclined box.

For a good tip, you will actually hear a notification that a subtask is completed when you go near this box. You can also see the notification on the lower-right corner of your screen.

Take the OBT navigation complex and loot the area. This area has one of the best loots in the Reserve.

You can get the 6-STEN-140-M Military Battery, OFZ 30x160mm Shell, Phased Array Element, Military Gyrotachometer, and a ton of weapon boxes to loot.

There are also some weapon mods, technical supplies, grenade boxes, loose loot, and some ammunition spawns. If you are playing early in the wipe, this key is definitely worth it even if it is close to a million roubles.

You finish a quest, in which some keys on early wipes cost 300-800k Roubles, and at the same time, get to keep looting this area every time you are on Reserve as long as you bring the key every time.


As suggested before for an easy extract, just head back to the door where you entered (the metal door you unlocked). After going past the door, immediately turn right and head out of the garage.

Hug the area’s right side (should be a fence here) and keep heading straight while hugging the fence.

Do not go to the road and if you feel like someone might be coming from that side, hug the buildings for cover instead.

As long as you keep following the direction of the fence, you are headed in the right direction. Hug it until you see the sewer manhole extract in the corner.

This will be your ticket out which is insanely close to this quest. It does not matter if the raid is considered a Run Through, you will still extract the quest item out.

You should be able to turn in the quest right after. You can come back and finish other quests and keep in mind that the sewer manhole extraction is your best friend.

Also, if you have a friend playing with you, you can ask him/her to accompany you as a Scav so you can take the Scav Lands extraction which is close as well. This is a good way of increasing your reputation with Fence and get additional rewards from Fence through the messenger as well.

Rewards for the Quest

You get the following as a reward for completing the Surplus Goods quest from Mechanic.

  • 7,500 experience points and +0.02 reputation points with Mechanic
  • 42,080 Roubles
  • 2 Ultraviolet Lamps
  • 2 Energy-Saving Lamps

Final Thoughts

The loot inside the RB-ST workshop far outvalues everything you pay for the key as long as you run the Reserve map often. It is definitely one of the best ways to farm money in the early stages of the wipe because of the military battery and phased array spawns.

Once everyone starts upgrading their hideout, they will eventually need these items and they will skyrocket in value. This is a good way to start investing in what items will increase after a few weeks.