If you’ve just failed a raid because of a sniper scav in the Pinewood Hotel area whilst trying to extract, you’ve come to the right place.

Klimov Street’s unique extraction adds another level of depth to EFT. It opens up a lot of mechanics to the game, but that’s a story for another day.

In this guide, we will show you how to extract from Klimov Street in Escape from Tarkov, all the requirements for the extraction, and quests you can finish while you’re at it.

Klimov Street Extraction Quest

Extracting from Klimov Street is a task given by the NPC Jaeger. The quest is called ‘Cease Fire!’ and you will need to learn how to extract from Klimov Street to finish the task.

If you are here just to learn about the extraction, read on.


The prerequisite for the quest Cease Fire! is to finish The Delicious Sausage in Streets of Tarkov. You get the sausage quest after finishing The Survivalist Path – Thrifty from Jaeger, which involves stashing the Iskra and water in Woods.

For some reason, completing the Dangerous Road quest led to unlocking the Klimov Street extraction, but it could’ve been another thing. You can easily finish this quest, too, since it isn’t far from the initial quest line prerequisites.

And, of course, you need to bring a green flare to the raid. You can either use the signal pistol with a green cartridge or a regular green flare.

Klimov Street Extract Location

Klimov Street Extract Map

Credits to Jindouz for the amazing scaled Streets of Tarkov map. You can check Jindouz’s Reddit post of the map here.

Klimov Street is located behind the main entrance of the Pinewood Hotel. There is a big courtyard that will easily give the spot away.

There are a lot of ways to approach the area, but there are two ‘safe’ ways to do it. Hugging the edge of the map would do the trick since you’ll be covered from one whole side.

If you are crossing the back side, you might as well loot the Dental store inside Pinewood Hotel. The rooms can spawn stims and meds. The entrance of the store has eight drawers behind the counter.

Once you reach the Klimov Street extraction area, you will see another big sniper sign.

How to Use the Green Flare to Extract

Signal Area Klimov Street

To extract from Klimov Street, you will need to push near the extract until you see a ‘Signal Area’ notification on the lower-right of your screen.

Once you approach the area, you can bring out your green flare and aim it 65 to 80 degrees to the sky. Don’t shoot the flare literally straight up.

When you use the flare, as long as you see the green flare in the sky, which should show up quickly, you can run through Klimov Street and run to the bushes in the middle of the road.

You should be extracting by now. If you don’t shoot the flare, there are snipers who will shoot you down instantly. These snipers are similar to the snipers in Woods when you go past the V-Ex.

How do you extract from Klimov Street as a group?

If you are playing with your friends, you can still extract from Klimov Street with a green flare.

Does everyone in the group need a green flare?

No. As long as one player shoots the green flare, it stops the sniper from shooting until the light expires. Everyone can safely cross the street.

What to Do Next?

After learning about the Klimov Street extraction, you can do some quests and loot runs and extract at Klimov Street.

You can reroute your runs because of the added Klimov Street extraction. This extraction is perfect for those who spawn near the residential zone and the Pinewood Hotel.

Even if you spawned close, the Klimov Street extraction is always open as long as you brought a green flare into the raid. If you forgot, who knows, you might get lucky picking up another one while you’re out and about.

Try to do quests close to Klimov Street. Quests that require you to get an item and extract it are really hard.

The You’ve Got Mail quest is quite near, and you might want to finish this while doing the Cease Fire! quest.

For loot runs, you can go for the camp, Primorsky 46-48 apartments, Chekannaya apartments, grocery stores for food, and dead scavs everywhere (especially the main road intersection).

To help improve your money runs with your looting, you can be a little selective and follow our guide on the best barter items to keep.