While there are too many items to memorize in Tarkov, this table will allow you to gradually learn the useful barter items. This will not include the quest items you can barter for since these show up in the Tarkov Wiki anyway.

This guide includes the best barter items to keep in Escape from Tarkov when it comes to stash management, combat, crafting items, and making profits.

To use this more efficiently, you can use Ctrl + F and search the item you’ve found to see if it is in the table below.

The Best Barter Items Table

PropaneF. CondHot RodMarlboroDiary
M. CableMGTGas AnUV LampES Lamp
BuckwheatPevko LightCat FigureBronze LionHorse
OphthalmoscopeMedsGold ChainRolerGold Skull
DefibrillatorLEDXIbuprofenToothpaste (Green)GPX
Golden 1GPhoneChainletVaseRavenClock
MoonshineVodkaSlickersPliers EliteVHS
Circuit BoardGM CountWhiskyVodkaVPX
Broken GPhonePowerbankPliersScrewdriverWrench
White TapeBlue TapeBroken LCDMotorMTape
WiresPhased ArrayBulbexPipe Grip WrenchGP Coin
Weapon PartsPressure GaugeWilston CigarettesM. IridiumNixxor
BitcoinHMatchesClassic MatchesSugarSaury
CoffeeH202ThermiteMilitary Flash DriveGP-5 Gasmask
Neoprene maskCondensed MilkAntique VaseAntique TeapotCordura
AramidRipstopUSEC TrooperMagnetProkill
Light BulbD BatteryEmelya CroutonsTarcolaHerring
SquashMarked KeysDry FuelParacordNails
SurvLRepellentMechanical Spare PartsCorrugated HoseMed Tools
Loot LordBEAR BuddyAWLFleeceH202

The items marked in bold meet the following criteria:

  • They are used for barter items that help with stash management
  • They are used for barter items that you go to every raid with (backpacks, guns, ammo, etc.)
  • They are used for common crafting items (fuel, cases, etc.)

This table is meant as a “cheat sheet” for players who want to know which items are worth keeping throughout the wipe. Barter items for finishing some quests like Gunsmith and other items can be easily seen through the Tarkov Wiki but the items on this table will be used consistently throughout the wipe.

The other items that are not in bold are also important but for some of them, you will only need to purchase once or twice like the S I C C Case from Jaeger. Overall, the things marked in bold are all useful every raid and it all depends on how frequently you lose them.

If you lose more stuff faster than the trader’s restocking, you will be having some downtime without these cheap barters for your runs.

In a way, taking note of these items and memorizing them can even make you money fast after a wipe. Every step the whole community takes in progressing through the wipe will fluctuate the prices of each item listed on the table.

For example, the barter items needed in good armor trades (class 5+) will be insanely cheap at the start of the wipe and go up in price after a few weeks when most of the player base can actually barter for them.

The Strategy

When I play Tarkov, I usually use what I get and rarely look for things in the Flea Market. I usually just buy mods, attachments, and missing barter items. Because of this, I need multiple Scav Junkboxes to hoard everything when it gets cheap.

You can put a tag on your Scav Junkbox by right-clicking it and pressing “Tag”. I named one Scav Junkbox for crafts, barter, and non-found in raid items while the other one is named for selling. It will help your stash management a lot by getting two and you will make up that money by stashing cheap barter items.

Best Barters in Tarkov Per Dealer


RequirementsBarterLoyalty Level Requirement
5L Propane x2 + Fuel Conditioner x2Metal Fuel TankLevel 2
Hot Rod x2 + Malboro x25.45×39 BS x 30Level 3
Diary x4Korund-VMLevel 3
Military Cable x2GSH118 Raid BackpackLevel 4
Nails x2 + D Batt. x2RGN Hand GrenadeLevel 4
Paid Antiroach Spray x3RGO Hand GrenadeLevel 4
Corrugated Hose + Military Corrugated TubeKS23Level 4
Prapor GSH118 Bag Barter

For Prapor’s Tarkov best barter trades, he only has a few consistent ones you need to know. Propane and Fuel Conditioners are often cheaper than buying the Metal Fuel Tank from Jaeger or the Flea Market.

Hot Rod and Malboro are used to buy 5.45×39 BS ammo and you should pay attention to this early wipe. Even if it needs level 3 loyalty, it will still be great for high levels to use as a cheap loadout against fully equipped chads.

Korund-VM can be bought but 4x Diary might actually be cheaper at times. The best barter from Prapor would be the GSH118 Raid Backpack. M. Cables are easy to find and they are quite expensive just because of this sole barter trade.

This is the best backpack in the game and you should be stacking these in your stash every reset.

RGN Hand Grenades and RGO Hand Grenades are the best grenades you can get in the game. These are grenades that explode on impact, and it is the easiest way to finish the Grenadier quests if you spam it on Factory and PvP.

The KS23 is a weapon you can only barter for, and it is one of the best shotguns in the game with the Shrapnel 10 leg meta shots.


RequirementsBarterLoyalty Level Requirement
Gas Analyzer + UV LampGrizzly First Aid KitLevel 2
Buckwheat x4Expeditionary Fuel TankLevel 2
Cat Figurine + Bronze Lion + Horse x4Documents CaseLevel 2
Bloodset x7 + Disposable Syringe x7 + Vaseline x2 + Med Tools x4Meds CaseLevel 2
Dogtag level 10+ x100Lucky Scav JunkboxLevel 2
Schaman Shampoo x4eTG-change stimLevel 3
Dogtag level 17+ x150Items CaseLevel 3
Ophthalmoscope x20 + Meds x15Items CaseLevel 3
Dogtags Level 39+ x20 + Dogtags USEC Level 10+ x140LEDXLevel 3
Bloodset + Pile of Meds x3IbuprofenLevel 4
Pile of Meds x6Pack of sugarLevel 4
Gold Chain x5 + Roler x2 + Gold Skull x2Money CaseLevel 4
Portable Defibrillator x15 + LEDX x15 + Ibuprofen x15 + Toothpaste (green) x15T H I C C Items CaseLevel 4
Moonshines x50 + Vodka x50 + Whiskey x30T H I C C Items CaseLevel 4
Medtools x20 + Syringe x15 + H202 x12Injector CaseLevel 4
Therapist THICC Items Case Barter

Therapist gives the best barter for stash management. T H I C C Items Cases are the way to go and this will be your end goal for tidying up your stash. If it is early in the wipe, you can start hoarding a few tubes of toothpaste before it gets expensive.

Grizzly First Aid Kits are also good for those who are lazy setting up multiple healing items. It is also worth noting that using this kit will be more efficient than healing after dying in a raid.

In my opinion, Items Cases should be the barter where you use the Dogtags. Even though you can sell these Dogtags and earn a slight profit (if they are high-level), it is still worth it to barter as it saves you a lot of hassle.

Items Case is used to stack a lot of your miscellaneous items. If you have north of 100 million Roubles, you stack this money inside Money Cases and put these MoneyCases inside the Items Case.

You will still have enough space to stack your other Documents Case, Dogtag Case, Small THICC Case, and other boxes. It just multiplies the number of slots you have for your stash as you can add more layers.

Therapist Fuel Barter

The barter for the Expeditionary Fuel Tank (blue fuel) will be worth it just because you can use the fuel and use it for crafting Magazine Cases after emptying the tank. This one is just pure profit.

Pile of Meds for Sugar is used to help craft Moonshines where you can barter it as well or use it on the Scav Case. Bloodset + Pile of Meds for Ibuprofen can be used to help you get the THICC Items Case easier, but if you are farming a ton of Interchange, you should see a lot more Ibuprofens than LEDXs.

If the barter for a THICC Items Case is cheaper than the Moonshine barter, you can opt to buy those instead. The prices can change in each wipe with every change.

Other barters are self-explanatory.


RequirementsBarterLoyalty Level Requirement
GPX x2 + Golden 1GPhoneSIG MCX .300 AAC RifleLevel 2
Gas AnalyzerKel Tec RFBLevel 2
Chainlet x3 + Antique VaseSkeletonized AR-15 pistol gripLevel 3
Pevko LightMetal Fuel TankLevel 3
Raven FigurineSig-Sauer SRD QD 7.62×51 Sound SuppressorLevel 4
Wooden Clock x5 + Roler Gold Watch x6 + Gold Skull x6REAP-IR Thermal ScopeLevel 4
Mechanical Spare Parts x4 + Thermite x2DVL-10 Saboteur Rifle Level 4
Moonshine x10 + Vodka x10 + Slickers x5Weapon CaseLevel 4
Skier Grip Barter

The SIG MCX barter saves you some money but not that much. It is a good mid-wipe weapon just because you unlock the good ammo quicker. If you are not a fan of using this gun, you can just sell the phones to Therapist anyway since it is already valuable to traders.

The pistol grip is usually used as a quest item for the Gunsmith quests but, it is a top-tier weapon grip that players use on their meta weapons too. If it is expensive in the Flea Market, make sure you have some of the barter items available just in case because an Antique Vase is hard to find.

Raven Figurines become extremely cheap later in the wipe that you can actually profit from bartering for the suppressor each time. It is also a commonly used suppressor for sniper rifles.

The Weapon Case barter depends on the price of the Moonshine. If the price is upwards of 220k each, you are better off just waiting for a THICC Weapon Case barter from Mechanic.


RequirementsBarterLoyalty Level Requirement
Circuit Board x2 + GMcount60-round MAG5-60 5.56×45 STANAG magazineLevel 3
Moonshine or Bear Dogtags level 25+ x9GPNVG-18 Night VisionLevel 3
Military Cable x2Modded P90 SBRLevel 2
Whisky x3 + VodkaModded M4A1Level 4
VPX Module + M. Circuit Board x5 + Military Cable x5FN GL40 Mk.2 Grenade LauncherLevel 4
Broken GPhone X + PowerbankMP7A2 SMGLevel 4

The GMcount meme turns out to be decent. It is just underrated because you always think it might be a GPU. 5.56.45 weapons are always popular because of their high penetration rounds and no recoil builds. This skyrockets all the prices of their mods and attachments so this barter for the 60-round mag is a godsend.

M. Cables are usually used for “mushroom” bags from Prapor and if you have a lot of these, you can also get a modded P90 for it. A very fast and efficient way to get a loadout if you are lacking weapons because the P90 barely needs any attachments.

The GL40 is basically just for fun at this point. Just make sure you have enough close and long-range rounds for the raid. This is the best way of getting a GL40 and it will be costly.

MP7A2 is one of the best SMGs in the game just because of its low recoil and the ammo it uses. It is insanely cheap already and this barter makes it even cheaper. This is why this gun always shows up in every single raid.


RequirementsBarterLoyalty Level Requirement
Pliers + Screwdrive + Wrench + Insulating Tape + Measuring TapeSet of ToolsLevel 1
Gunpowder Eagle x2 + Thermite x2Ammo CaseLevel 1
Motor x8 + Wires x15 + BrokenLCD x4 + Phased Array ElementWeapon CaseLevel 3
Bulbex + Pipe Grip Wrench + Pliers Elite x4TerraGroup Labs Access KeycardLevel 3
Weapon Parts x8Modded SA-58Level 3
GP Coin x2 + Pressure Gauge x2Modded Lone Star TX-15Level 3
Wilston Cigarettes x18Modded M1A SASSLevel 3
M. Circuit Board x3 + MGT x2 + M. Iridium x2FLIR RS-32 Thermal ScopeLevel 4
Nixxor Lens x2 + Rat PoisonModded SA-58Level 4
Bitcoin x20 + GP Coin x20T H I C C Weapons CaseLevel 4
Mechanic M1A Barter

The Set of Tools barter is used early in the wipe while leveling, as this is used for quests and hideout upgrades. They are hard to find, so they are one of the best items to sell in the Flea Market in the early days of the wipe.

Other than the early wipe, it is still an underrated barter because it is used for crafting filters for strength/endurance training.

18 Wilston Cigarettes are quite a lot, and they do not spawn frequently. The good thing is that it is craftable in bulk, and you can also buy it for cheap in the Flea Market. This barter is a modded M1A, so it is a lot more expensive than the regular M1A.

You can even just slap a preferred scope on it, and you can use it immediately. This is one of my go-to weapons for level 44 and above. Just make sure you capitalize on getting a lot of M61 ammo since it is hard to craft.

If you know how to unlock M61 ammo from Peacekeeper, you can start doing the long questline to have another supply of M61 ammunition.

Mechanic also has one of the cheapest barters for the REAP-IR Thermal Scope.

Nixxor Lenses are underrated in the late wipe because players think it is useless. It is still 15k Roubles when sold to Therapist, and you can actually profit from the SA-58 barter with it.

Bitcoins and GP coins are mainly used for the THICC Weapons Case, and this is the best way you can manage your stash. You put these inside your THICC Items Case, and your stash will look clean in no time.


RequirementsBarterLoyalty Level Requirement
Classic Matches x3ComTac 2 HeadsetLevel 2
Sugar + Saury x3 + Slicker x5Attack 2 Raid BackpackLevel 3
Gold Chain x2 + Majaica Coffee x3Gzhel-K ArmorLevel 3
VHS + VaseBansheeLevel 3
GP-5 Gasmask x5 + Neoprene mask x6Tactec Plate CarrierLevel 3
Condensed Milk x3MPPV VestLevel 3
Cordura x4 + Awl x2 + Fleece x4BagariyLevel 3
Military Flash DriveRB-AVLevel 3
Loot Lord x2 + Bear Buddy x2TT SKLevel 3
Cordura x4 + Awl x2 + Fleece x4Bagariy Armored RigLevel 3
USEC Trooper Armor x3 + Cordura x6 + Aramid x6Slick Plate CarrierLevel 4
Cordura x3 + Whisky + Ripstop x3AACPC Plate CarrierLevel 4
Prokill + Gold Neck ChainAttack 2 Raid BackpackLevel 4
Light Bulb x6Beta 2 BackpackLevel 4

Ragman’s barters are probably the most important ones to remember just because they are all used every single raid. This includes the best armored vests and armored rigs in the game.

Attack 2 Raid Backpacks are good because it does not give you away as much as the GSH118 Raid Backpack from Prapor. There are two barters from it and you can choose which is cheaper because it is highly dependent on supply.

Ragman has all the armored rigs and vests you need, but these barters can fluctuate in price. It is best to take note of the cheapest barters and use those armor when possible.

Take note of the other barters, and you can sell some of the items for profit since most of these items will continue to grow in price as the wipe prolongs.


RequirementsBarterLoyalty Levvel Requirement
Classic Matches x12 + Hunter Matches x5Metal Fuel TankLevel 1
Powerbank + Magnet x2 + UV LampNightforce ATACR 7-35.56 ScopeLevel 2
D Battery x4UNV DLOC-IRD MountLevel 2
Emelya Croutons x5SugarLevel 2
Factory Exit Key + Lunchbox x4 + MRE Factory Exit Key NewLevel 2
Hot Rod x10 + Tarcola x5 + Herring x5 + Squash x5Holodilnick ThermobagLevel 2
RB-VO key + RB-PKPM key + RB-BK keyMarked KeyLevel 3
5L Propane Tank x15 + Fuel Conditioner x10 + Dry Fuel x15Red RebelLevel 3
Sugar x10 + Aquamari x6FLIR RS-32 Thermal ScopeLevel 3
SurvL x5 + Hunter Matches x15 + Repellent x8Grenade CaseLevel 3
Paracord x12 + Duct Tape x15 + Insulating Tape x15 + Nails x15Small S I C C CaseLevel 4
Jaeger SICC Barter

Another cheap barter for the Metal Fuel Tank but, this all depends on how much the classic matches are because it is also used for crafting top-tier ammo. There is another barter mentioned before so just choose whichever is cheaper.

If not, you can buy one from Jaeger anyway. Just do not buy it from the Flea Market because players will always sell it for a higher price.

The UNVV DLOC-IRD Mount is probably the weirdest underrated barter on this list. It is the only mount that can hold the REAP-IR Thermal Scope. If you search for it in the Flea Market, it is crazy expensive. It can go up to as much as 300k Roubles but the D. Batt go for around 8k each.

Emelya Croutons are incredibly cheap both in the early and late wipe. Sugar is used for crafting Moonshines and it will always have a direct relationship on price with the Moonshines. You can use this barter every time for some long-term profits.

You can also recycle used keys from Jaeger’s barter. It just requires you to run Reserve a hundred times opening all of these marked rooms though. If you ever have 1 use left on these Reserve marked keys, trade it in for the “Marked Key” in Customs.

Holdilnick Thermobag can be bartered here and you can easily farm these items in Interchange’s Goshan area. In 2-3 raids, you should be able to get all of these (depends on Hot Rod spawns) because Goshan has more than 100 spawns of food in one area.

This is useful for stash management early on in the wipe and for stacking Whiskys, Moonshines, and Vodka in the late wipe.

Jaeger also has the Red Rebel barter for players who are unable to get one through farming. This is because the Red Rebel is one of the hardest items to find in a raid and players just barter for it anyway. You only need one and it is used for the Reserve extraction.

The Small SICC Case barter is also the only way of acquiring it as it cannot be found in raid, crafted, or received as a quest reward.

You only need to remember farming these items once as you only need one Small SICC Case. It is up to you if you want a Small SICC Case for each separate map but, this barter is quite expensive.

Other Notable Barters

Keycard with Blue Marking gives you a straight-up barter for a G28 Marksman Rifle from Peacekeeper. The modded G28 is also available from Jaeger, but it will cost 290k Roubles. If the Keycard with Blue Marking is cheaper on the Flea Market, you can barter for it instead. The G28 is one of the best marksman rifles in the game and it is one of the best weapons to snipe and kill Rogues in Lighthouse.

What to Do Next?

Always keep in mind the items on the table and filter out those you really do not really want because some of the best Tarkov barter items to keep are all preferential.

If you do not use the M1A, SA-58, MCX, or any of the guns mentioned above, you can disregard the items needed for it on the table.

With a maxed-out Fence reputation, some of the items here can be bought from Fence too. He also sells barter items in bulk, and you can check every raid to see if there is a good barter deal.

Fence is incredibly random, and this is all assuming that you have a good reputation with Fence. Here is how you can increase Fence’s reputation if you have not maxed him out yet.