The Best Loot Spots in Streets of Tarkov

Image credit: Battlestate Games

The Streets of Tarkov map in Escape from Tarkov is overflowing with loot! Almost every corner is brimming with items to loot.

However, not all loot spawns are ‘good’ loot areas that contain a lot of valuable items. You still have to know where you are going and where to find these valuable loot spots.

We will show you a complete guide to the best loot spots in Streets of Tarkov in Escape from Tarkov, so you can figure out which routes to take wherever you spawn.

Streets of Tarkov Loot Map

Credits to Jindouz for the amazing scaled Streets of Tarkov map. You can check Jindouz’s Reddit post of the map here.

Here are some important notes.

The loot spawns are completely random, but we are targeting high-value loot with a mix of some other decent loot spawns.

You might get good items inside wooden crates, toolboxes, loose loot on dead bodies, and other places that are not included on the map.

However, the goal here is to go for the concentrated loot areas and areas you might happen to go through and are often overlooked.

Chekannaya Apartments

The Chekannaya apartments has one of the best loot spawns in Streets of Tarkov, which also makes it such a dangerous place to loot items.

There are only two entrances or exits. The first one is located inside the residential zone, and the other one is through the hole in the building along Chekannaya St.

Once you get inside, everyone near the vicinity can know that you are inside the building and camp the exits because the wooden sounds in some of the rooms make it quite obvious that you are inside.

For the loot areas, check the dead body and the rubble beside it near the entrance with the staircase. Teapots, GP Coins, Bitcoins, and other valuable items spawn here.

Once you are inside the hallway, check the chairs for loose ammo and stim spawns. There are also four lootable drawers.

Go into the hole in the wall and check the dead scav. Go into the other room and check the shelf for valuable spawns like Bronze Lions.

Check the table as well for computer spawns and the single PC block on the side. The bed can also spawn some loose loot.

In the kitchen, you can see some food spawns and sometimes a tech spawn in the middle of the table.

Open the door on the right and head straight to the bathroom. Med spawns and food spawns are on the bench, with some jackets, and a duffle bag. Look for the metal locker, which can spawn some technical loot.

Go up to the second floor and look at the right side first. Check on top of the dishwasher and the open room.

If you have the Chekannaya 15 apartment key, go back to the hallway and crawl down the debris.

You can go up to the third floor with the prison gates. You need the Iron Gate Key to open most of these. However, the freely opened gate can spawn some Bitcoins or stimulants inside the basket.

Primorsky 46-48 Apartments

Primorsky 46-48 apartments have as many valuable spawns as Chekannaya room 15, and you don’t need a key.

Like the Chekannaya apartments, you can enter from the main road and the back.

On the first floor, you can check on top of the chairs and tables for stims and other loose loot.

You can finish You’ve Got Mail if you have the quest. It is by the long table with the dead lootable body.

Look for the room with the piggy banks and check the table. This spot can spawn Bitcoins.

There are two ends of the long hallway that has a staircase going up.

If you go up the other way (nearer to the IDEA poster outside), you will see some computer loot spawns on the floor next to the monitor.

Go up and check each floor for technical spawns, food spawns, and random spawns inside the duffle bags.

Once you have looted all the other floors, go to the hallway with the hole in the ground. Instead of going down, go straight and turn right.

Valuable loot can spawn inside the oven and beside the oven on the floor.

In the same area, there is a closed door just near the kitchen. Open the door and check the table, drawer, and chair. Bitcoins and stims can also spawn here.

If you have the Ballet Lover or Audiophile quest, you can finish them on the rooftop of the building. If you don’t, you can head out from where you came from.


The camp is located near the Concordia building. It is almost in the middle of the map, so it can be a little hot.

You can enter the camp from the two main entrances, and there is also a back entrance to the little two-floor office inside the camp from the outside.

I would say just to loot every single metal container. There are loose spawns everywhere.

Duffle bags, grenade boxes, med cases, drawers, tool boxes, and wooden crates are abundant in this whole camp.

It might take you about 5-6 minutes to loot the whole place, excluding the drawers.

The garage has two toolboxes and a lot of technical spawns on the counter and shelves.

You can crawl down the garage door into the secret medical lab for some med spawns. You might find the Urban Medicine samples inside if you have the quest.

Main Road Intersection

The main road intersection is another dangerous spot, but mostly because it is so open. Scavs also spawn here, and they walk around the surrounding area.

This spot has at least three dead bodies to loot, depending on how long you want to run. There are more bodies if you run more in the open, but it is up to you if you want to.

OFZs can spawn inside the opened crate. Meds can spawn on the ground near the med case.

There are wooden crates and boxes if you want to jump up the trucks to loot them.

Abandoned Factory

The abandoned factory has nothing but technical loot. There are about three technical crates inside and many loose technical spawns on the table, shelves, and floor.

You can also drop down the marked room from the window by going to the third floor.

Audit Room

This is probably called a bank or a stock market exchange building, but this is also where you complete the Audit quest so that callout might be more memorable.

I suggest getting the Financial Institution Small Office Key and Financial Institution Office Key. They are common keys so they can be cheap at the flea market.

I also suggest only looting this area if you have the Sewer River extract. It is just an optional area for some additional loot.

The area has two toolboxes on the left and right side as you enter the building. Go to the staircase, but instead of going up first, unlock the door next to the staircase to loot the safe and drawers.

Go up the staircase and unlock the other room. There are a lot of PC blocks, a valuable loot spawn next to the door, and a duffle bag.

Population Census Building

This building is just across the Primosky 46-48 apartments. You need to exit to the residential zone to see it.

You can finish the Population Census task inside the building if you have it. The loot inside is purely drawers. However, there are about 32 drawers to loot, which makes it a little crazy.

The camp has the same amount of drawers, but it is a bit hot. This area isn’t as much as everyone is inside Primorsky and Chekannaya in this area.

Pinewood Hotel

Before entering the Pinewood Hotel, you can go outside towards Klimov Street and hug the Pinewood Hotel.

On the back, you can see a Dental store. Go for the rooms and look for stim spawns and med spawns. There are also eight drawers by the counter near the entrance.

Pinewood Hotel has some loot, but not the best. You can get the Hotel Room Key 206 and 215 for additional loot.

Technical spawns, dead bodies, and a few food spawns are scattered across the hallways and the rooms.

What to Do Next?

The best thing to do next is to combine your quests with your loot runs in Streets of Tarkov. Most of the quests here lead to another Streets of Tarkov quest.

Some quests require you to extract from Klimov Street or the V-Ex, so those are logical next steps. These give easy experience points, and you should always aim to finish multiple things simultaneously.