‘You’ve Got Mail’ is a Streets of Tarkov quest where you have to obtain a letter and extract it safely through the map to give it to the NPC Prapor.

The Streets of Tarkov map is confusing because of all the high-rise buildings. You are in for a wild raid because ‘You’ve Got Mail’ is conveniently located in one of the hottest areas on the map.

In this guide, I will show you how to complete ‘You’ve Got Mail’ in Escape from Tarkov and show you some of the hot loot spots if you are up for it while doing the quest.


The quest you need to finish first is called Postman Pat Part 1. There is a long line of quests to unlock Postman Pat Part 1, but I would still consider these quests as early wipe quests.

Once you have finished Postman Pat Part 1 in the factory, the You’ve Got Mail quest will only be available to you if you have also reached player level 10.

You’ve Got Mail Quest

“Come in, come in! I’ve got something for you to do. It’s a personal matter. I sent a letter just before all this mess started in Tarkov.

And now I don’t think it’s worth it to stir it all up. Not the time. Would you look in the post office and see if my letter is still there?”

  • Obtain the registered mail on Streets of Tarkov
  • Hand over the letter

You’ve Got Mail Location

Youve Got Mail Map

Credits to Jindouz for the amazing scaled Streets of Tarkov map. You can check Jindouz’s Reddit post of the map here.

You’ve Got Mail is finished in the residential zone in Streets of Tarkov.

There are two main entrances to the building: one from Primorskij Ave and one from the back entrance inside the residential zone.

Both entrances are hot since Primorskij Ave is the main road and the back entrance of the residential zone is also hot because of all the good loot and quests inside the residential zone.

The entrance from the main road is easy to remember. It is across from Pinewood Hotel next to the entrance of the residential zone.

There is also an IDEA poster near the entrance, which can serve as a landmark to get your bearings.

Once inside the first floor, look for the room with the long counter and a dead body next to a duffle bag.

This is the area where you get the Letter for completing You’ve Got Mail.

Letter Spawn Locations

There are multiple spawn locations for the Letter. You can look at the pictures ahead of the raid so that if you get to the place, you don’t have to stop and look at every spawn.

Again, this area is quite hot because of the great loot inside the building.

Spawn 1

Spawn 1 YGM

The first spawn is between the duffle bag and the dead body. Check the floor.

Spawn 2

Spawn 2 YGM

The second spot is just on the shelves.

Spawn 3

Spawn 3 YGM

The third spawn is just next to the shelves inside the drawer.

Spawn 4

Spawn 4 YGM

The fourth spawn is under the desk counter. It should always spawn on the lower-right section of the counters.

Spawn 5

Spawn 5 YGM

The last spawn is straight across to the next room. Follow the end of the long counter until you see the storage room. The Letter should spawn next to the boxes on the shelves.

How to Extract and Get Some Optional Loot

If you have Underpass extraction, you can exit to the main road and turn left. Look for the entrance to the subway and extract.

There are Scavs that spawn in Pinewood Hotel and a sniper Scav shooting from the middle of the intersection. It can be a little messy if you don’t deal with them.

If you have the Scav Checkpoint extraction, you need to exit inside the residential zone and hug the building to the right. Once you reach the end, turn left and follow the road.

These two extractions are the closest ones.

If you have the Collapsed Crane extraction, follow the path going to Scav Checkpoint and hug that whole alley until you see the big crane on your right.

Run past the Collapsed Crane into the big Concordia building and stick to the corner to extract from the Evacuation Zone.

From the Evacuation Zone you can stay on the right and follow the road. Once you reach the intersection, turn right and follow the road straight ahead.

Look for the Primorsky V-Ex. You focus on taking this extraction if you have the Dangerous Road quest.

For Sewer River and Damaged House extractions, you have to cut through the main road. Exit to the main road from the quest building and turn right. Once you reach the intersection, turn left and follow the road.

The intersection is close, so you can actually cut through Pinewood Hotel. However, that area is dangerous.

Once you reach the Sewer River, you can turn right and follow the alley. After reaching the next intersection, turn left and extract through the Damaged House.

If you want to add some loot, you are already in the building with one of the best loot on the map.

Head towards one of the ends of the hallway in the You’ve Got Mail quest building.

Look for the staircase and go to the 3rd floor. Run through the hallway and loot everything nearby. Check the shelves, the benches, on top of the boxes, toolboxes, duffle bags, dead scavs, and a bunch of loose loot everywhere.

From the 3rd floor, check all the rooms, including the ones past the hole in the ground.

Go past the hole on the same floor and turn right to the rooms. Look at the oven and the one near the floor. Those can spawn Bitcoins, Bronze Lions, and other valuable spawns.

The next room in the same area also has valuable spawns such as Bitcoins on the table, inside the drawer, and on the chair.

If you have the Sewer River extract, you loot near the abandoned factory. There are about four technical crates in the area and a lot of technical loose loot on the tables, floor, and trash.

If you have Evacuation Zone or Collapsed Crane extracts, you can loot the nearby camp next to the car dealership (Lexos).

There are about two technical crates, five duffle bags, four toolboxes, over 30+ drawers, med spawns inside the Urban Medicine quest lab, a bunch of wooden crates, a few ammo boxes, about two med cases, a ration supply crate, and a ton of loose utility spawns.

The Fierce Blow Sledgehammer frequently spawns inside this camp too.

If you have the Lexos key, you can open the gate on the second floor for more loot.

What to Do Next

You can finish the Population Census quest, which is directly in front (or behind, depending on where you entered the You’ve Got Mail building) of the quest building.

If you are up for the challenge, you can also finish Glory to CPSU from Prapor, which is also located inside the residential area, specifically in the Chekannaya apartments.

If you have the Chekannaya 15 key, you can go there for loot because it is also nearby.

You will also get the 6B47 Ratnik-BSh helmet as a quest reward. Keep it since you will need it for Punisher Part 5. If you are still far away from that quest, you can just sell it to clear some stash space.