The Dangerous Road quest is extremely simple. It is a vehicle extraction in Streets of Tarkov. However, the map is dangerous, and the extraction is on one of the hottest roads in the area, hence ‘Dangerous Road.’

While the quest is simple, it isn’t available for every raid you go into. However, if the vehicle extraction is there, you should definitely take it for the quest.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete ‘Dangerous Road’ in Escape from Tarkov by safely extracting from the vehicle while showing you some loot runs or quests along the way.

Dangerous Road Quest

Dangerous Road Quest

“Young man, hello! How is your health? Nothing bothering you? The thing is, one of my messengers who transports the poor stranded people in the city is worried about the lack of an escort on the next route.

Could you meet with him and go for a ride with him? I promise you won’t be shortchanged! He’ll be waiting for you on Primorsky Avenue, in a black SUV.”

The objectives for the Dangerous Road quest are:

  • Survive and extract from Streets of Tarkov through Primorsky Ave Taxi V-Ex


The prerequisite to getting the quest is finishing Kind of Sabotage or Supply Plans. This is the quest where you need to get the folder under the cabin in Woods.

You will submit it to either Therapist or Skier. Submitting to either trader will give you the Dangerous Road quest afterward.

Another requirement is reaching player level 15.

Primorski Ave Taxi V-Ex Location

Primorsky V Ex Map

Credits to Jindouz for the amazing scaled Streets of Tarkov map. You can check Jindouz’s Reddit post of the map here.

The Primorskij Ave is a hotbed for Scavs (AI or player) and PMCs crossing. If you go to any point on the main road, you will probably hear footsteps left and right.

On the south side of Primorskij Ave, you will find the V-Ex or the Primorsky Ave Taxi.

The safest way to the V-Ex is to run toward the edges of the map. If you are near the Concordia building, hug the right until you reach the road.

If you are from the cinema or industrial zone sides, keep to the left until you reach the courtyard side. Run to the edge until you reach Primorskij Ave and eventually the V-Ex.

If you are coming from the map’s opposite side, I suggest avoiding the Concordia zone.

Hug left and run from the Pinewood Hotel to the Sewer River. Head down to the cinema from Malevicha St.

Continue hugging the edge of the map until you get to the V-Ex.

If you spawn from the expo side, you can hug the edge of Klimov Street and cross through the courtyard beside Pinewood Hotel.

A useful tip here is to always listen out for if the vehicle is there. Once you are around 30 meters near the V-Ex, you should already hear the engine of the taxi.

If you can’t hear it, it isn’t there. This will save you some time sprinting or resting up your stamina for another long run toward another extraction.

For looting spots, you can go for technical crates early in the wipe, as they are one of the fastest way to make money. These technical crates can be found in the middle of the abandoned factory.

Another great looting spot would be the Chekannaya apartments. Bring your Chekannaya 15 key if you have it. It has the best loot on the map. If you have some space left, you can go to other apartments near the IDEA poster in the residential building.

Primorsky 46-48 apartments have great loot because of all the Bitcoin spawn chance inside, with no keys required.

The next looting spot would be the camp between Lexos and Sparja grocery store in the Concordia zone.

These three spots have the best loot on the map.

How Does V-Ex or Vehicle Extraction Work?

Vehicle extraction in Escape from Tarkov is a unique method of extracting from the map. These are Fence’s way of helping PMCs extract from the map.

However, it will cost you some Roubles to start the extraction. This forces you to go into a raid bringing some Roubles, which takes up an inventory slot. If you have a Documents Case or SICC Case for your keys, you can put the money inside it for your extractions.

If you are playing with your friends, you can only have up to four PMCs per V-Ex. Since a squad can go up to five players, one will get left behind.

The cost of extracting through V-Ex points can vary. Normally, vehicle extractions cost 5k Roubles. If you increase your Fence reputation, you will get a discount.

Each player has to give Roubles to get the extraction. Once paid, you will have to wait a full minute to extract. You can wait at a safe spot until there are around five to ten seconds left until extraction.

Everyone on the map can see that the vehicle is being taken as long as they constantly check the extractions by double-tapping ‘o’ while in the raid.

Once you extract from a V-Ex, you will get a ton of Fence reputation for your first extraction. You will get 0.4 Fence rep for your first extract, and it diminishes by half each time you use a V-Ex until it goes down to 0.01.

However, each V-Ex on every map will be separate from the others in terms of reputation. This means that you can get a 0.4 Fence rep for Woods, Interchange, Lighthouse, Customs, and Streets of Tarkov.

What to Do Next?

Since you are already in Streets of Tarkov, you can try finishing quests or making money out of your runs. Some of the quests you could look at next are:

If you plan your route correctly and end at the V-Ex, you can save yourself a lot of time.

For money runs, the key to making efficient money runs is by learning the market. You can follow our guide on the best barter items to keep to know which items would be valuable.

Tracking items on the flea market can also help, but it involves a lot of randomness and speculation.

If people are nearing the mid-wipe or roughly around level 20 to 30, items like ES Lamps, Motors, Nails, DFuels, Relays, and a lot more get expensive due to their progression in the hideout or barter items that get unlocked through traders.