Audit is one of the first few quests in Streets of Tarkov. The map is very vertical because of all the buildings, which makes it extremely dangerous to move through.

To make your quest run go smoother, you need to plan your route accordingly. It is hard to plan your route without knowing how to complete the Audit quest in Escape from Tarkov.

In this short quest guide, we will teach you the ins and outs of the map to make your way through the streets and finish the Audit quest.

We will also help you extract and teach you a few other things you can do, such as farm valuable loot spawns nearby or other quests near the vicinity you may have.

Audit Quest

“You know, you look like someone who’d help clean out a bank! Why are you so uptight, bro, that’s not what I’m talking about, I’m an honest businessman! But sometimes you watch a heist movie and get so many ideas in your head… Anyway, to the point.

I have information that a man from a financial institution that controls the banking sector of Tarkov kept a journal, you know, for when everything goes to shit… The data he kept was from classified official reports.

So anyway, as you know, everything did go to shit, but he couldn’t manage to pass the info on. Do you have any idea what kind of juice there might be in his doodles? Search the place, find me that journal.”

The objectives for completing Audit are:

  • Obtain the financial records on Streets of Tarkov
  • Hand over the journal

Audit Quest Location

Audit Map

Credits to Jindouz for the amazing scaled Streets of Tarkov map. You can check Jindouz’s Reddit post of the map here.

Audit is completed inside the stock market exchange building or bank across from the Nikita store and next to the Sewer River extraction point.

The spot for the quest is perfect because most spawns are close to this area, including a Sewer River spawn. If you spawn on the other side of the map, you will get the Sewer River for your extraction point, which is close to the quest.

The best indicator of your location to watch out for is the intersection with a lot of dead bodies and trucks in the middle. The intersection is between the residential building and Pinewood Hotel. If you are familiar with the marked room in the abandoned factory, this area should be easy for you to spot.

The next indicator to get your bearings would be the cinema. If you see the cinema, there is only one street beside it if you hug the corner of the map, which should be Malevicha Street.

If you spawned from somewhere further away, remember that there are PMC spawns near here and the place is also hot because of the abandoned factory marked room.

There are also a ton of technical crates in the factory, which makes it one of the best loot spots in Streets of Tarkov.

Audit Journal Location

Audit Journal

The building entrance looks like a small bank inside the first room. There are stock market prices going around the reception table in the middle.

Once you go inside, turn right to the door and take a quick left for the staircase entrance.

Head up to the second floor and go to the hallway. The quest room for Audit should be on the first door to your right.

The room looks like a conference meeting room. Turn right when you enter and look at the folders on the floor.

The Journal is hidden below the red folder on the floor. There are no other spawns, as this Journal spawn is a fixed spawn.

How to Extract

As mentioned before, if you spawn far away from the quest area, you will get the Sewer River extract.

Exit the building and turn right. Look for the train and the tunnel. Go inside the tunnel and extract.

If you spawn near the quest area, I would suggest running back to Malevicha St and waiting for a few minutes. This is because people who spawned near the courtyard or cinema might push this site to be safer.

You will need to extract from the courtyard if it is available. You will be able to see the green flare before entering from the cinema side, so if it isn’t there, do not bother pushing.

If courtyard extract isn’t available, hug that building on the left and push through the Primorsky Ave V-Ex. You need at least 5,000 Roubles to extract.

If the V-Ex isn’t available, cross the main road (Primorskij Ave.) and hug the left side of the road.

Go to Razvedchikov Street and run toward the end. This will be the Evacuation Zone extraction, which should be available every raid.

The reason you are going through the courtyard and the V-Ex extract first is that it is the safest route. You don’t have to worry about one side of your whole path since you are at the edge of the map.

If you have Urban Medicine, you can finish it near the Evacuation Zone extraction. You have to finish Population Census to get the Urban Medicine quest.

As an optional method, you could mix a few loot areas into the run. When you are about to exit the quest building, you can go to the abandoned factory to loot all the crates and get out immediately.

You can even do the window jump to get inside the marked room without having the key.

The next loot area would be the Concordia building. Just before extracting to the Evacuation Zone, you can loot the buildings near it for some technical/PC spawns or even the Goshan grocery in Concordia.

If you spawned far from the quest area, you are probably in the residential area or Concordia. You can loot the residential area, specifically in the Chekannaya apartments.

If you have the Chekannaya 15 key, you can loot the Chekannaya 15 room, which has the best loot in Streets of Tarkov.

What to Do Next?

The Audit quest is one of the earliest quests in the Streets of Tarkov. But, if you refrain from doing the first few Streets quests, you can end up with more than five Streets of Tarkov quests at the same time.

If you are running out of money doing quests, try looking at the fastest ways to make money after a wipe for some inspiration.