If you are an experienced Tarkov player, you know Marked Rooms can either be incredibly lucrative or nothing but toilet paper.

The Marked Room in Lighthouse was introduced in the 12.12.30 patch, and it added another good loot spot in Lighthouse to come by.

In this guide, we will teach you how to get inside the Marked Room in Lighthouse in Escape from Tarkov, including the key you need to open it and the loot you can get inside.

What Key Do You Need to Open the Marked Room?

The key you are looking for will be the Shared Bedroom Marked Key. It is as rare as other keys that have extremely valuable loot inside, like the Dorms Room 314 Marked Key or the Ultra Medical Key.

Where Do You Get the Shared Bedroom Marked Key?

Shared Bedroom Marked Key

The Shared Bedroom Marked Key can spawn on jackets, drawers, and Scavs. Like other rare keys, the Shared Bedroom Marked Key is as rare as other marked keys and other valuable keys like Ultra Medical Key, West Wing Room 301, RB-STs, Merin Car Key, and other good keys.

The best way to get these keys is to plan out loot runs that have the most jackets, drawers, and Scavs you can possibly loot.

Shoreline can be one of the best ways of looting keys as long as you memorize each jacket inside the cottage area and maximize efficiency in getting inside the raid and getting out.

Looting Customs for jackets is also a good idea, but the area is a hotspot for action. In Shoreline, it is all about the resort.

When you are playing in the early wipe, make sure to run through every single jacket you can find, even if your inventory is full. An ultra-rare key like the Shared Bedroom Marked Key can give you instant profits and is one of the best ways to make money with a lot of luck involved.

Once you unlock the Flea Market, you can try to find one if someone is selling on the market for Roubles, but for rare keys, these trades are usually bartered for other rare keys.

In a way, you can farm any rare key like the Dorm Rooms Marked Key, RB-ST, and other good keys and find a barter trade on the Flea Market for a Shared Bedroom Marked Key.

Lighthouse Marked Room Location

The Marked Room is located in the Lighthouse area introduced in patch 12.12.30. This extension can be reached through the bridge near the southern road.

Go and cross the bridge and loot everything you can see if you want some items. There are two crates outside, including a good technical crate for your hideout upgrades, quests, or barter trades.

There is only one entry, and it is through the metal door in the middle after crossing the bridge. Go inside and go through the tiny entrance until you reach the middle of the area.

Directly on your right, you will see a two-story building. Go inside and go to the second floor. After reaching the second floor, turn right, and you will see a metallic door with markings on it.

This room will be the Marked Room location in Lighthouse, and you will need the key for it.

You can loot the other rooms on the left and even the first floor. The whole house is loaded with random loot such as meds, technical loot, weapons, weapon attachments, and random loot inside duffle bags and jackets.

Lighthouse Marked Room Loot Spawns

The Marked Room has three valuable spawns to watch out for. However, there can be times that some of them don’t spawn in the location, but the valuable loot has a good spawn rate.

Lighthouse Marked Room

In the image above, you can see a duffle bag on top of the bed you can loot. Right beside that exact bed, loose loot can spawn on the floor.

Lighthouse Marked Room Medcase

In the upper-left corner of the room, you can see a hidden Med Case on top of the shelf. Next to the shelf, you will see some tables where Rolers, Gold Chains, Ravens, and rare loot can spawn.

Under the table, you can also find the same items like Prokill Medallions, Silver Badges, and even Bitcoins. On rare occasions, you might not find a single thing on these spawn spots.

Lighthouse Marked Room Jacket

A valuable loot can also spawn on top of the jacket, or should I say, inside the jacket. It can be easy to miss, but just hover your imaginary crosshair until you see a white dot so you would know there is actually loot there.

Lighthouse Marked Room Loot Window

For the last spawn to check, you can look towards the window and see a valuable loot spawn by the panel. You can find items like Golden Neck Chains, GP Coins, and other valuable items.