Morphines are hard to get early wipe, but there is a quick strategy to get all four for your quest while finishing other quests as well.

You just need to learn where to get Morphines in Escape from Tarkov and learn about all the medical spawns on each map you can run early.

In this guide, we will cover all the spots where you can get Morphines, what Morphines are used for and the best strategy to go for when farming Morphines.

What is the Morphine For?

The Morphine Injector is used for a lot of things, but mostly, they are needed for the quest Painkillers early in the wipe.

You need these Morphines “found in raid,” which means you have to find one and extract it successfully.

Other than quests like Painkillers in the early wipe and Spa Tour part 7 in the mid-wipe, you can use Morphines as a painkiller during fights.

During a fight, you might experience pain, tremor, broken legs, and other ailments but using a painkiller like a Morphine prevents that from happening. You can always use a painkiller before a fight or crossing a dangerous path for safety.

Morphines are also used for crafting in the Medstation. You can craft SJ1s, which are used to craft SJ6s for the late-wipe. You can also use Morphines to craft M.U.L.Es, which will come in handy when you start bringing heavy items out to the extraction points.

Make sure to find your OLOLO Vitamins and start constructing and upgrading your Medstation early in the wipe to gain an advantage.

Morphine Spawn Locations

Morphine Loot

Morphines can spawn on any medical spawn, or rare stim/injector spawns. You can find them inside hidden stashes, duffle bags, med bags, med cases, and medical supply crates.

There are also random medical spawns that you can typically find on top of boxes and other specific areas. We will talk more about these specific areas later on in the guide.

You can also craft Morphines if you have your Medstation up to level two. The materials required to craft a Morphine are the following.

  • One Pile of Meds
  • One Analgin Painkillers
  • One Disposable Syringe

Morphines are also received from quest rewards of the following quests.

  • Two from Health Care Privacy Part 3
  • Four from Vitamins Part 2
  • Three from Decontamination Service
  • Seven from Colleagues Part 3

Best Strategy to Farm Morphine Injectors

Ultra Medical

The best strategy in farming Morphine Injectors would be in Customs and Interchange during the early wipe.

For Customs, you can go to Crackhouse and Stronghold for good medical spawns. Crackhouse has a med case on the 1st floor with a jacket, dead scav, and a duffle bag. The metal container near the med case can spawn a random med spawn as well.

In Stronghold, go inside the Scav room in the middle. Check everything inside and try to look for med spawns, even if they are quite low here.

On the same floor, go to the little room behind the truck, and you will find five containers you can open, including a med case. Random med spawns can also spawn on the bed.

Once you go up the second floor in Stronghold, you can open the ration crate and technical crates for some extra loot.

Med spawns can also spawn inside the factories, especially near Administration Gate and the main gate.

For Interchange, the spots are easy to locate because these are stores you need to remember. Here are the stores you need to focus on to find the Morphines early in the wipe.

  • Mantis
  • TT
  • Abandoned Pharmacy (near Father & Son store on the second-floor IDEA side)
  • IDEA Pharmacy (if you have the key, but there is a bag outside you can loot without the key)
  • EMERCOM Medical Unit (if you have the key)
  • Ultra Medical Storage Room (if you have the key)

Both Customs and Interchange have a lot of hidden stashes around the map too. Looting these areas is also one of the fastest ways to make money if you have those keys.

Streets of Tarkov is also a great map to get Morphines. It might be the best way to find one, but it is extremely hard to survive the raid and get it out.

Spots like the camp near the Lexos will definitely get you one, especially inside the Urban Medicine quest line.

Kaban spawns here, so it’ll be extremely risky if he is there. Med spawns are also scattered everywhere on the map.

The whole residential area has a lot of med cases and stim spawns in the buildings, ambulances, and random open loot spawns.