The Ballet Lover quest is located in one of the hottest spots in Streets of Tarkov. You can easily get stuck battling with multiple squads, so it is best to go in the raid with all the routes in your head already.

There are also some requirements for the quest you should know, and there are tricks to getting these done without help from others.

We will teach you all the requirements, show you how to finish ‘Ballet Lover’ in Escape from Tarkov, and how to safely extract from Streets of Tarkov.


The prerequisite to the Ballet Lover quest is completing the Audit quest from Ragman first. As an additional prerequisite, you need the Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key to open the quest room.

The key only has a one-time use, so the key might not be available on the flea market.

However, the key has specific spawns in the Streets of Tarkov map. You will need to either farm the key or have a friend with a key open the room for you.

Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key Spawn Location

Primorsky 46 48 Key Location

Credits to Jindouz for the brilliant scaled Streets of Tarkov map. You can check Jindouz’s Reddit post of the map here.

The key has multiple spawns inside the pub in the residential zone. The pub is marked on the map.

The key can spawn on the bar counter, the shelves behind the bar, the chairs around the pub, on the couch near the duffle bag, the knocked-over barstool, and on a package box in the hallway.

It doesn’t have a 100% spawn rate, so it might take a few raids to get one.

Ballet Lover Quest

“Listen, brother, can you help me find proper info on a guy? He’s already left the city. Why can’t I find him myself? Because his f****** name is Ivan Ivanov.

Seriously, I’m not kidding. There are two hundred thousand of them all over the country with that name. If we could find his former address in Tarkov, we might be able to run him through the database. Let me see what I can find on him.

I think he used to run a bar, right. I don’t know the name of the bar though… Listen, I don’t know how you’re gonna know which bar is his.

Oh, that reminds me, he was into ballet. No kidding. He went to the Mariinsky every season.

Even tried to host something at our local theater, but people weren’t really crazy about chicks in tutus. More specific? Brother, I’m already fucking specific! I believe in you, use your intuition.”

  • Locate the balletmeister’s apartment on Streets of Tarkov
  • Survive and extract from location

Ballet Lover Location

Ballet Lover Map Location

The Ballet Lover quest room is on the rooftop of the building marked on the map.

There are two staircases to the rooftop, but only one is accessible. You can go over to the other side of the staircase once you enter the building.

There are multiple floors you can loot inside, and the spawns here are pretty valuable too.

Loot the rooms near the hole in the ground (go past the hole) and check the tables, chairs, drawers, the oven, and the floor near the oven. These spots can spawn Bronze Lions, Bitcoins, Golden Skull Rings, and other valuable spawns.

After looting the area, you can go up to the rooftop. Use the map on top for reference because the room is located on the rooftop near the IDEA poster side.

Go across on the rooftop and open the door with the one-use Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key. Step into the room, and the quest should be finished.

You can look for valuable loot on the table with the hair brushes in the bedroom. Bitcoins can spawn there.

Since this is a one-use key, you would want to extract it as safely as possible because you have to survive and extract from location.

How to Extract and Get Some Optional Loot

While you are doing the quest, listen out for footsteps. Since you are inside the building, players outside can hear you inside. You want to keep an ear out for them because they can easily camp the exits or just push you inside.

Here are your extract routes. Whichever extracts you have, we have it covered.

To extract from the Ballet Lover building, there are two main exits on the first floor. If you have the You’ve Got Mail quest, you can also do that on the way out.

You can go out from the back exit, going to the residential zone. Take this exit if you have the Scav Checkpoint extraction. You will see a playground and a small building in front of you.

If you have the Population Census quest, you can finish it inside that small building as well. If not, hug the right side as you exit and turn left.

Once you reach the end, the Scav checkpoint will be on your right side. If you have the Collapsed crane extract, you can also take this route, but instead of going right to the checkpoint, turn left and follow the road straight ahead.

Once you reach the intersection, look right and you should see the big crane.

If you have the Underpass extract, you need to exit the Ballet Lover building to the main road. After exiting to the main road, turn left until you see the sniper warning signs.

Don’t go way past the warning signs. Look for the underpass stairs going underground. There are two entrances, with one on each side of the road.

If you want to extract from Klimov Street, you need a green flare. If you have a green flare, you can take this extraction.

From the underpass, turn right and go into the backside of the Pinewood Hotel. Head straight until you see the courtyard outside Pinewood. Stand before the side of Klimov Street and once you reach the area, you get a notification of ‘Signal area’ on the lower-right side of your screen.

Pop the green flare and then wait for the green flare to show up. Once it is out, you can cross Klimov Street and extract.

This extraction is always open, so you should be good if you have a green flare.

You can also go for the V-Ex, but it will be a very long run. You have to cut through the Concordia zone, hug the evacuation zone extraction, and head to the V-Ex.

It is only worth doing this if you want to increase your Fence reputation or you are finishing the Dangerous Road quest.

What to Do Next?

The next quest after Ballet Lover is Audiophile. This quest requires you to open the same room with the same key, so you would need to farm or buy the key again.

If you have finished the Population Census quest along the way, you can also finish Urban Medicine. There are so many quests in Streets of Tarkov, and it is better to do them together if they are close to each other.