Electronic Component is a new item added with the 13.0 patch wipe that also introduced a lot of new items, the Streets of Tarkov, and the Lightkeeper.

These Electronic Components are valuable for new quests and will be used in future barter deals in the mid-late wipe.

Luckily for you, these Electronic Components have a high spawn rate, but only if you know where to find these Electronic Components in Escape from Tarkov.

What Are Electronic Components?

Description: Various components and parts of electronics are required for the repair and production of devices and systems.

Electronic Components are used for barter, quests, and sold for decent money.

If you sell these Electronic Components, they go for 11,340 Roubles per piece when sold to the Therapist.

That is big money considering it only takes up one slot, and they spawn as frequently as Wires, Bulbs, and Capacitors.

What Are Electronic Components Used For?

TT Interchange Electronic Components

Electronic Components are used for barter, a very hard quest line, and crafting.


For barter purposes, here are the things you can barter with the Electronic Components:

M203 40mm underbarrel grenade launcher

  • TerraGroup “Blue Folders” Materials
  • x8 Electronic Components

Wi-Fi Camera

  • Electronic Components
  • Portable Powerbank

Steyr Aug A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle

  • x3 Electronic Components
  • x2 Spark Plug


Electronic Components are needed for the quest Network Provider – Part 1 from Mechanic. You need four Electronic Components ‘found in raid’ and other items to complete the quest.

If you are looking to save up on Electronic Components, do not bother because they are easy to find. The quest is very far away because this is the ‘endgame’ of Tarkov, which is basically just the start of the Lightkeeper quests.


For crafting, most of these crafts are used for unique quests from Mechanic.

Encoded Digital Secure DSP Radio Transmitter

  • Screwdriver
  • Secure Flash Drive V3
  • Decoded Digital Secure DSP Radio Transmitter
  • Electronic Components

This one is needed to complete the Mechanic’s Getting Acquainted task.

Radio Repeater

  • Pliers Elite
  • Screwdriver
  • Electronic Components
  • Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter
  • Gas Analyzer
  • Broken GPhone Smartphone

This one is needed for the Mechanic’s Network Provider – Part 2 task.

Electronic Component Loot Spawns

Texho Store

Electronic Component spawns are found in your typical tech spawn locations. They are pretty common, so you would find them as many times as you would find Bundles of Wires, Capacitors, and Light Bulbs.

In my opinion, the best place to go for these common tech spawns is in Interchange. There are a ton of stores all near each other that can spawn these Electronic components.

Stores like Texho, Techlight, TT, Rasmussen, and German are all close to each other, and they spawn a ton of tech spawns, including high-value ones like Graphics Cards, RFIDs, and Tetriz.

IDEA Offices, Emercom Medical Unit (key required), and Power Station also spawn some good tech spawn if you are ever near these areas.

In Shoreline, it is a bit hard because you would need keys like W301 to get access to most of the tech spawns inside the resort.

In Customs, the factories and buildings have some, but the loot isn’t your typical computer tech spawns. There is a lot of loot mixed into these looting areas.

In Lighthouse, the USEC buildings will be your best bet. These also contain a lot of high-value loot spawns, but the area is insanely dangerous.

Not only do you need to kill rogues, but also you need to fight all the PMCs and Scavs going to the area because everyone just goes here for the best loot in Lighthouse.

Woods and Factory are terrible for finding Electronic Components or tech spawn in general. You want to avoid these maps.

You can choose to spam Interchange if you are specifically farming Electronic Components, but it is always best to hit a map where you have a lot of quests.

What to Do Next?

If you ever feel burnt out unlocking the Lightkeeper, you can try less stressful runs like improving your Scav. Since you are already at this point in the game, you are quite far in terms of progression.

You can level up your Fence reputation and get that semi-passive income once you have maxed it out.