If you’re not a one-club man, chances are that you’re going to have to hand in a transfer request at some point in your FIFA career.

Of course, clubs can make bids for your pro even if you don’t, but those bids may not come at the time that you’re itching for a move.

This brief guide discusses how to request a transfer in FIFA 23 Career Mode, and what to do when you hand in that request.

Why Request A Transfer?

Why do players hand in transfer requests in real life? If you know the possible answers to that question, it is the same here.

Firstly, a transfer request may be necessary if you believe that your pro has outgrown the club that you’re currently at. This is especially likely if you start out at the club as a youngster, as you have a lot of room to grow even if you were originally on the same wavelength with the rest of the team quality-wise.

When you achieve a certain overall rating, it is natural to want to compete in better competitions with players of similar quality around you. For instance, a FIFA pro with an overall rating of 85 has no business playing in the Championship.

Secondly, you may hand in a transfer request if you just want a new challenge. This applies to players at every level of the game, as it has less to do with the quality of the team and more to do with craving a new experience.

In this case, the goal might be to win a league title in another country, to experience another culture, or just to play in a new environment with new teammates.

There are many other possible reasons for requesting a transfer, but you get the idea.

When To Request A Transfer

manager rating

Requesting a transfer does not automatically mean that you get the move you want. It’s a similar situation to applying for jobs in FIFA 23 manager career mode. You have to work with the options that are made available to you by the game.

In fact, your transfer request may not even be accepted by the club in the first place, especially if you’re a key player and in good form.

Your request is more likely to be accepted if your manager rating is low. At that point, your player will not be considered an important part of the team.

To increase the chances of making this happen, it might be worth “throwing a tantrum” as we’ve seen many players do in real life. This can be done in a number of ways, including deliberately playing in bad form, skipping training, leaking information to the press, etc.

throw tantrum fifa 23

If the club starts to feel like you’re more trouble than the quality you bring to the team, then they are more likely to be willing to let you go. However, this method may not be necessary and I would only recommend attempting it if you’ve had your request rejected a couple of times.

Another thing to note is the timing of your transfer request. Clubs are more likely to be scouting for new signings during and around the transfer windows of the season. For most leagues, this should be July/August (pre-season) and January (mid-season transfer window).

If you hand in your request during any of these windows, you’re more likely to be noticed by clubs that need your quality. Besides, you don’t want to spend too long on the transfer list before switching clubs.

How To Request A Transfer

request a transfer fifa 23

When you’re ready to request a transfer, navigate to the “My Pro” tab on the main page. Choose “Squad Hub”, and a list of players on the team including your pro will come up.

Alternatively, if you navigate above “Squad Hub” to “My Actions” your pro will automatically be selected immediately after the squad page comes up.

From there, you can see the option to request a transfer. Click on that and go back to the main screen to advance.

What To Do After Requesting A Transfer

after requesting a transfer fifa 23

After requesting a transfer, advance the time on the main page and wait for a message from the boss to confirm that your request has been received.

It will take a few days to get feedback on the success (or failure) of your transfer request, but when it comes, you will be informed that the club has placed you on the transfer list and is now open to bids from clubs that are interested in securing your services.

In my case, it took three days for the club to accept my request, and another eight days after that for the first bid to come in. Obviously, the timing may vary for you.

transfer request accepted

When the first bid comes in, you will be notified once again in your inbox. You can go from there to view the offer and choose to stall, accept or reject it. You can also view offers at any time in the squad hub section.

Here’s what an offer looks like in FIFA 23 Player Career Mode.

view offers fifa 23

Final Words

The key takeaway from this guide is that timing is key when requesting a transfer in FIFA 23 Career Mode, and having your request accepted does not guarantee an offer from the club you want.

Regardless, it is sometimes the only option when you’re ready to leave a club.

To increase your chances of getting noticed, you should get familiar with these player growth tips for FIFA 23 career mode. Bigger clubs are more likely to pay attention when you’re a quality player.