Hogwarts Legacy is full of intriguing puzzles and quests with no clear answer.

If you’ve been exploring the castle, you may have come across some eerie, empty picture frames decorated with moths. These may seem like just an odd design choice at first, but picking up the Like a Moth to a Frame quest will show you otherwise.

To help you solve these picture perfect puzzles and complete the quest from Lenora, here’s a quick guide on how to complete Like a Moth to a Frame in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Finish the Like a Moth to a Frame Quest

Like a Moth to a Frame is a side quest that you’ll be able to find early on in the game, in Central Hall.

Speak to Lenora Everleigh to pick up this quest. Lenora is a Hufflepuff with dark hair in a bun, and you’ll find her standing by an empty frame.

You’ll be able to ask Lenora about what she’s learned so far about the paintings, and whether there’s any others like it in Hogwarts. Turns out, there’s quite a few.

moth convo

The important thing that you’ll get from this conversation is that you need to cast Lumos in front of the painting frame to start the riddle encounter.

Stand right in front of it, hit your Lumos cast button, and the empty inside of the frame should fade away and show you a nearby location in the Central Hall.

The location is on the opposite side of the hall, down the stairs and to the left. Cast Revelio when you get there as there’s also a Field Page guide on the nearby statue.

When you get to the location shown in the frame, you should see a moth on the wall by the stairs. Make sure that you’re still casting Lumos and approach the moth. It should fly towards your wand and continue to follow you.

moth completed painting

You’ll need to guide this moth back to the empty painting frame. Stand right in front of the painting frame, and then stop casting Lumos. The moth will slot back into the painting frame and you’ll get a Field Page guide for your troubles.

Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to find Lenora again to turn the quest in. You can find her standing above the painting, leaning on the balcony.

moth find lenora

After a small chat with Lenora, you’ll get a nice chunk of XP and the Cobalt Regalia gear appearance as a reward.

Solving these empty picture puzzles as and when you find them is a great way to help yourself level up quickly and get your hands on gear and Field Guide pages. They’re never too tricky, so just cast Lumos when you see a moth and you should be able to solve it.

What to Do Next

After completing the Like a Moth to a Frame quest, try and find the other empty picture frames in Hogwarts. You can solve them in exactly the same fashion with Lumos, and they’re worth finding as they can reward you with Field Guide pages and more.

There’s one in the library on the top floor, which is near where you’ll be after the quest.

There are even empty picture frames in other locations outside of Hogwarts. Try going to Hogsmeade first, as it’s a great location for puzzles and collectibles.

If you’re a fan of puzzles and want to see more of what Hogwarts has to offer, why not look into the Beast Door puzzles? They’re all over Hogwarts and can be quite lucrative if you manage to figure out how to solve them.