Since you are reading this guide, you’ll know by now that Ranrok is the final boss of Hogwarts Legacy.

Almost every part of the main story culminates at this very moment.

Ranrok is one of the hardest bosses or enemies you’ll face in the game.

We’ll teach you everything you need to learn about the fight, such as fight preparations, boss phases, and talent builds to make the fight easier.

Brief Recap

Ranrok Brief Recap Rockwood

Before fighting Ranrok, you’ll be fighting Victor Rookwood before this main quest. He captures you to steal the repository back.

Rockwood will teleport you back to his hideout with an ambush waiting.

You’ll end up fighting him and his lackeys. There are a lot of them, and you’ll be fighting them simultaneously with Rockwood.

The Rockwood fight should be easy because, at this point, you should already have the unforgivable curses.

These unforgivable curses can turn the tide against a lot of foes at the same time.

Equip your Transformation spell to immediately eliminate a foe by turning them into a fire barrel (Transformation spell talent).

Use the fire barrel to throw it against other enemies.

Once you beat Victor Rockwood, you’ll get ‘The Final Repository’ main quest.

Fight Preparations

Ranrok Fight Preparation

You can go to your Room of Requirement and craft all the potions and harvest all the plants. You’ll use these to help you in the battle against Ranrok.

Stock up on healing potions as well (up to a maximum of 25).

Start upgrading your gear and add some traits to buff your favorite spells.

You should learn every single Spell Knowledge talent point to unlock all the spell slots.

Every spell slot should have at least one control spell (yellow), one force spell, and some damage spells.

For example:

  • Slot 1 – Accio, Avada Kedavra, Arresto Momentum, and Expelliarmus
  • Slot 2 – Depulso, Glacius, Diffindo, Imperio
  • Slot 3 – Flipendo, Levioso, Bombarda, Incendio
  • Slot 4 – Descendo, Transformation, Confringo, Crucio

We’ll talk more about the importance of this later in the guide.

Unforgivable curses don’t work on Ranrok, but you can still put the curse debuff on him and buff your normal attacks simultaneously.

The most notable talent to get is Swift. Swift allows you to dodge at a farther distance when you hold the dodge button.

Focus Potion Potency is also a great talent, but only if you have a few Focus Potions available for the fight.

You can literally cast spells non-stop with the four spell sets and melt Ranrok’s HP as fast as possible.


The Ranrok fight is divided into four phases. Each phase triggered is based on Ranrok’s remaining health.

Phase 1 – 76%-100% HP

Ranrok’s attacks include the following:

  • Fire breath – Ranrok will breathe fire toward you and follow you for a short period of time
  • Fireball – A simple fireball attack
  • Rock throw – a fast projectile launched in your direction
Swift Dodging Ranrok

The fire breath attack is easily dodged with the Swift talent. If you use a simple dodge roll, the fire breath will catch up to you.

Fireball is a blockable attack. The rock throw or projectile attack is fast, but you’ll see the button on top of the projectile shows R1 or RB. It means you can redirect the projectile to do big damage on the boss – if you time it correctly.

As the fight continues, you’ll notice Ranrok’s HP bar missing. That means he isn’t targetable at the moment.

Ranrok Fight Orbs

When Ranrok isn’t targetable, there will be orbs floating around Ranrok’s direction. These orbs spawn with different colors.

You must respond by casting a spell appropriate to the orb’s color.

  • Yellow – Control
  • Purple – Force
  • Red – Damage

In phase one, there is only one orb that will show up. Once you destroy the orb, Ranrok can now be targeted by attacks and spells.

Phase 2 – 51% – 75% HP

Ranrok Reversible Projectiles

In phase two, Ranrok will have a new explosion attack on top of all the attacks mentioned in phase one.

For the explosion attack, Ranrok will charge itself and cause a big circular explosion in the middle. You cannot block or dodge the attack. You can only run as far as you can from Ranrok. The Swift dodge talent will work wonders here.

In phase one, there is only one orb, but in phase two, there will now be two orbs. The orbs’ colors are randomized. They will spawn one at a time, but if you wait a bit longer, the second orb can spawn a few seconds after the first one simultaneously.

Phase 3 – 1% – 50% HP

Ranrok Fight 2 HL

In phase three, Ranrok will eventually land on the ground and start attacking you with melee attacks. His attacks will change slightly.

The fireball attack is still used. Fire breath will change to the same slow attack, but doesn’t follow you anymore.

He still makes the huge explosive attack in phase two. The additional attack patterns include a charge attack and a close-ranged side swipe.

These close-ranged attacks are dodgeable with a quick roll.

For phase three, there will be three orbs to destroy. You have to preserve one of each spell type to destroy these orbs.

Phase 4 – 0% – 1% HP

Ranrok Defeated 2

I wasn’t too sure if there is a phase 4. When Ranrok reached 1% on my playthrough, he immediately flew out and started attacking again after a while.

He landed, and orbs started spawning again. There are only three orbs, so it has the same mechanics as phase three.

After destroying the orbs, I beat Ranrok with a final blow. It might just have been a reset timer in phase three, but there isn’t anything new for this one.

Tips & Tricks

Allocate each spell type on each spell slot

As previously mentioned, this tip is almost mandatory to avoid a lot of switching. You don’t want to switch spell slots while trying to dodge all the attacks.

Switch between auto-lock and free roam

Auto locking Orbs

You can auto-lock against the Ranrok when his shields are down. When the orbs start spawning, you want to switch auto-lock on and off while looking for the orbs.

It is easier to dodge when your frames aren’t locked on an orb. Once you are near an orb, you can auto-lock again and cast the appropriate spell.

In phase three, you’ll need to get used to this tactic, as he will be on the ground disrupting your movement while trying to hit the three orbs.

Use unforgivable spells to frame-dodge

Unforgivable Curse Frame dodge

When you use an unforgivable spell, there is a short animation, where you won’t get hit by anything while the animation continues.

When you see an attack incoming, you can use unforgivable spells to apply a curse while simultaneously dodging the attack.

Using ancient magic to frame-dodge is also possible, but it isn’t as available as your three curse spells.

What to Do Next?

There isn’t anything left to do but complete the game fully. You can start collecting all the beasts, including the Phoenix.

You can collect all the wand handles and other cosmetic appearances in the game. However, you still have one main quest to finish, which is finishing the school year.

To finish the school year, you need to collect all the field guides in the game to let Professor Weasley know you have learned a lot in Hogwarts Legacy.

It is a bit of a stretch, but those are the words from Professor Weasley herself.