Hogwarts Legacy is a beautiful game. It lets players explore the halls of Hogwarts from an entirely new perspective, and features some iconic locations like the Forbidden Forest.

One of the most popular locations in the game is Hogsmeade. It plays a pretty big part in some of the main story quests, and it’s a hub for shopping and sourcing important items, too.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to get to Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy, looking at both how to get there for the first time and how to return if you’ve already been.

How to Go to Hogsmeade for the First Time

To get to Hogsmeade for the first time, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve got the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest active in your quest log.

It’s the sixth main quest, which comes after the quest Weasley After Class. In the Weasley After Class quest, you’ll get to pick your companion for your first Hogsmeade trip while speaking to Professor Weasley. You can go with Natsai or Sebastian.

hogsmeade natty 1

It doesn’t make too much of a difference which character you choose to travel with. They will tell you more about themselves as you journey to Hogsmeade, so simply pick the character that you’d like to find out more about.

The Welcome to Hogsmeade quest will automatically appear in your quest log after beating Natsai in Professor Ronen’s challenge.

Once you’ve got the quest, head to the Bell Tower Courtyard and follow your companion along the path to Hogsmeade.

hogsmeade journey

They’ll chat to you as you go, and point out some key ingredients and resources that you can harvest to brew potions with or make money with.

hogsmeade ingredients

This quest is very linear and will take you directly to Hogsmeade. Stick close to your companion and remember to pick up any Floo Flame locations in Hogsmeade so you can quickly return to the village if needed.

It is worth noting that there’s a combat encounter that takes place during this quest. If needed, you can drop your difficulty level down for this fight. It’s possible to change your difficulty level at any time during the game so don’t worry if you change your mind.

How to Get Back to Hogsmeade

If you’ve already been to Hogsmeade and you’re wondering how to get back, it’s not too much of a hassle. It can be confusing if you don’t know which map section to use, though.

First of all, open up the main map.

hogsmeade main map

Then, select the Hogsmeade Map option at the top of the screen.

hogsmeade map

From there, you’ll be able to choose any Floo Flame locations that you’ve already found and fast travel with no restrictions.

If you’ve not found a particular Floo Flame location yet, you can set a waypoint on the map to the chosen location and get there manually.

This waypoint tool is particularly useful for making sure you’ve got every Floo Flame location in a zone, or if you want to pick ingredients for potions along the way.

What to Do Next

Now that you know how to get to Hogsmeade, why not look into solving some of the puzzles dotted around the village? There’s an empty picture frame puzzle that will be familiar if you’ve completed the Like a Moth to a Frame quest, and a few other riddles.

For completionists, Hogsmeade is a great location to search for collectibles, cosmetic appearances, and Field Guide pages, too.

Spend some time looking into the different gear options on sale in Hogsmeade, too. Picking the right gear can make all the difference in tricky boss battles, and you can even swap out the appearances of your items if needed.