This guide will be all about the quest, ‘The Helm of Urtkot,’ which is part of the main storyline in Hogwarts Legacy.

We will skip to the most confusing part or puzzle while giving you a brief recap of what you could’ve missed.

When you reach the confusing moth or butterfly puzzle area, your tracker will say, ‘Search the Tomb for the Helmet.’

This is the exact puzzle we are going to solve in this guide.

Brief Recap

Search the tomb for helmet recap

The quest, The Helm of Urtkot, starts when Lodgok leads you to the Collector’s Cave.

The path is very straightforward. You’ll encounter puzzles where you’ll see doors with a three-moth marking.

There will be moths scattered near the door area, and you have to use Lumos to guide the moths to the door.

You’ll be fighting undead enemies every now and then. Make sure you have fire spells ready because these enemies are immune to non-fire attacks.

Complete all the simple puzzles until you reach the one with the chandelier. Hit the chandelier with a fire spell.

The chandelier will fall and make a hole in the ground. Jump down and swim to the next area.

There will be a lot of Inferius (undead) enemies you have to fight. It is best to upgrade some fire spells to help you in this part of the story.

Before dropping down, you can equip all the fire damage spells you have in one spell set.

After defeating the enemies, you are now in the room with the confusing moth puzzle.

The Final Confusing Moth Puzzle

If you glance around the room, you will see two floors. The three-moth door is on the 2nd floor, and there is a moth-like statue on the first floor.

There are four moths in the area — two on top and two at the bottom.

You already know that you need one moth or butterfly attached to the statue to make it work.

Use Lumos on one of the moths on the first floor and attach it to the statue.

Lamp 1st Floor HL

Look at the three-moth door from the first floor and look to the left side (first floor). You’ll see a lamp there where moths usually stay at.

Guide the other moth on the first floor to the lamp. Let the moth stay there.

Depulso Rising Platform

Use Depulso on the statue, which will raise a platform up the second floor.

Step on the platform and use Depulso. Bring yourself up to the second floor.

Guide both moths on the second floor to the door with Lumos. From the second floor, aim at the statue again and cast Depulso twice.

Moth on Lamp to 2nd floor

Look for the pillar going up on the first floor (the one where you put the other first-floor moth on). Use Lumos at the edge of the floor until the moth follows you.

Guide it to the door, and you have completed the puzzle!

Recovering the Helmet

Troll and Thieves Fight HL

Once you are outside, the quest will update. You’ll need to recover the helmet from the thieves.

These thieves are also fighting a giant troll. When you interrupt them mid-fight, both parties will attack you.

The thieves and the troll will sometimes fight each other while you are battling both parties. The trick is to lure the troll while close to the thieves and dodge roll away from the troll and the other thieves as the troll starts his attack.

The troll will hit the thieves with the attack if you do this trick. It can be a double-edged sword if you miss the dodge.

You can get staggered by the troll’s attack, and the thieves can hit you afterward.

Keep attacking while focusing on dodging every single attack against you.

Survival is key. Another trick you can do is when the troll throws a boulder, you can use R1 or RB to redirect the boulder and hit someone with it.

Use your surroundings and throw other objects at the enemies. They deal a lot of damage, and it is a fast attack to use when you are also trying to dodge all the attacks.

After defeating the troll and the thieves, head to the camp around the area and take the helmet. It is located inside the tent.

Dark Wizards Fight HL

You will fight some dark wizards, which should be easier than the trolls and the thieves.

This finishes the main quest, The Helm of Urtkot.

It is worth noting that the troll is level 21, while the thieves are level 17.

The dark wizards are level 19. The assassin spawns some undead enemies, so make sure to ready those fire damage spells again.

If you defeat the dark wizard first, the undead enemies will disappear.

What to Do Next?

Depending on the difficulty level you are playing, it is best to be close to level 17 or 18 before finishing the quest.

If you found this quest hard but you were able to finish it, you should start exploring the world for XP.

Complete some Merlin Trials. Finish some broom-riding challenges. Collect field guides around Hogwarts. Collect gear appearances.

These activities will help you gain experience and level up. The following main storyline quests will get harder and harder.

Catch up on the enemy’s levels, and you should be around 19 or 20 for the following quests.