The Room of Requirement in the Hogwarts Legacy game is the same as the movies and the books.

It is a conscious room that transforms itself to the needs of the wizard or witch at that moment in time.

In Hogwarts Legacy, the room acts as your home base where you can do all sorts of activities.

You can grow crops, brew potions, decorate, identify secret gears, and conjure magical beasts.

The Room of Requirement is great to unlock fast for these features. It also has a lot of trophies to collect for all completionists.

Unlocking the Room of Requirement

Room of Req Design

The Room of Requirement is part of the main storyline progression. As you finish the main story quests, you’ll receive a quest from Professor Weasley about the Room of Requirement.

This quest is available after finishing the broom-riding training quest.

The quest starts with Professor Weasley leading you to the Room of Requirement or Room of Hidden Things.

The path is very linear. But, we will discuss one secret chest on the way to the room.

Secret Chest

Platform Levioso RoR

On your way to the Room of Requirements, you’ll see a platform or box that is interactable.

You can use Accio to pull the box and open the area to get inside the small cubby.

Once you have crawled inside, pull the box inside again.

On the other side of the cubby, you’ll see two more platforms with a chest on one of them.

Use Accio to pull them closer because there isn’t a way to get to the other side.

With the box you pulled inside next to you, use Levioso on it to make it levitate.

Use Levioso on the other platform with the chest to make it float as well.

Levioso Platform RoR

Pull both floating platforms next to each other with Accio.

Jump on top of the floating platform and try to jump on the ledge.

Use Accio again to make sure the platform with the chest is closer to you.

Jump to it and spam the interact button to open the chest while falling. There might be an easier way to do this, but this is how I solved this small puzzle.

You’ll receive an unidentified gear inside the chest. It will be used later in the guide.

Proceed to the main storyline and enter the Room of Requirement with Professor Weasley and Deek.


Room of Requirement Conjuring

Professor Weasley, along with Deek, will show you everything you need to know about the Room of Requirement.

They will teach you how to set up a brewing table, potting table, and different ways to decorate your room.

As you set these up, you can start brewing potions and planting seeds.

There is also a desk that can identify the secret (unidentified) items in your inventory.

Identifying Items RoR

You can interact with the desk, and it will automatically identify the items.

Regularly visit your room to identify your items. You’ll only know if you have a better item if you identify them.

These items take up space in your gear inventory, and your gear capacity is very limited.

You can increase your gear capacity by completing Merlin Trials to save you some regular visits.

When you reach a later point in the game, Deek will introduce you to the Vivarium. This is a place inside the Room of Requirement where you can store your beasts.

Deek will teach you how to capture beasts with your Nab-Sack. Each beast captured will be stored in your inventory.

Once you go to the Vivarium, you can release them, and they’ll stay in the Vivarium. You can feed, pet, and play with them.

In return, they will give you materials needed for your gear upgrades. These materials are useful because they allow you to experiment with a lot of fun builds.

You’ll need a lot of different beasts to collect all the traits.

This brings us to the next feature. The Loom is also unlocked once you get the Vivarium. Deek will teach you how to use the Loom and upgrade your gear.

Each gear can have a trait that strengthens a specific spell. The materials needed are collected from your beasts.

Each trait will have a specific material needed for the upgrade.

It is best to collect all the beasts and get all the materials available for every single trait upgrade.

It is also worth noting that there will be three Vivariums to unlock. You’ll get these Vivarium upgrades through Deek’s side quests.

What to Do Next?

RoR Decorating

Having your room in Hogwarts Legacy is exciting. You can decorate to your heart’s content.

You can farm materials by planting seeds and brew potions to help you in combat.

If you want more variety in decorating your room, you complete the beast door puzzles scattered around Hogwarts.

Each Arithmancy door puzzle has a collection item you can use for decorating.

It would help if you also visited Hogsmeade’s seed trader to stock up on seeds. Going back and forth from Hogwarts to Hogsmeade for seeds is exhausting.

Prepare everything you need inside the Room of Requirement and visit it constantly to take the crops or potions.