As you progress through the story in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll meet a student named Natsai in Ronen’s class. Ronen will teach you the spell Accio through a challenge against Natsai.

Natsai is unbelievably good when it comes to the Accio challenge. She gets a perfect score each time.

How would you beat a student like Natsai, who can score perfectly on each challenge? It looks impossible. But the challenge itself is actually a simple puzzle, and it is effortless once you know the trick.

Ronen’s Challenge

Ronens Test

When you meet Natsai in class, you’ll meet Professor Ronen soon after your conversation. Ronen will teach the spell ‘Accio,’ which is a spell that pulls a target closer to the caster.

To learn the Accio spell, you’ll need to finish Ronen’s challenge or test.

You will play against Natsai in a fun little mini-game called ‘Summoner’s Court.’

Natsai Battle

Accio Practice

The goal of the challenge is to score more points than the opponent. You’ll earn points by pulling the marbles through the court or board.

Each section of the court or board has a corresponding point system. The points for each section are as follows:

  • 10 (farthest from the players)
  • 20
  • 30
  • 50 (closest from the players)

You have to position yourself correctly and use Accio to pull the marble.

To use Accio, you’ll need to hold R2 or RT and press the assigned Accio button.

After casting the spell, you can release the assigned button and continue holding R2 or RT.

You should only release R2 or RT if you want to stop pulling the marble. Releasing stops the Accio spell, but the marble will continue rolling because of the force used.

The longer you hold the Accio spell, the stronger the momentum is.

You have to time the release to reach 30 or 50 points.

Each player has three marbles to work with. The first one to play is always Natsai.

There are two parts to the challenge. The first challenge is everything listed above.

Natsai Second Challenge

The second challenge is the same but adds two moving boxes on the 20 and 30 sections.

Not only do you have to time the release of the Accio spell, but also you need to make sure you don’t hit the boxes.

The Trick

Natsai Knocking Out Balls

I failed the first attempt at the challenge because Natsai scored 150 points. On my second attempt, she also scored another 150 points.

But I knocked two of her marbles off the court, reducing her score to a measly 50 points.

Since she is scoring most, if not all, of her points in the 50s, you can knock them out. You can even knock two of her marbles with one Accio pull.

She also scored another 150 points on the second challenge with the boxes. Just time your Accio spell and knock one of her marbles out.

You want to make at least her marble stop your marble from falling while her marble falls off the court.

What to Do Next?

There are tons of side quests you can do after finishing the challenge. Do side quests because you will end up underleveled if you focus on the main storyline.

Things will get harder even if you are playing on normal difficulty.

It is also perfect to finish side quests after completing the challenge because you can use Accio while exploring.

While exploring Hogwarts castle, you’ll see books floating around. You can use Accio on these books to finish your field guide.

These grant some experience points, but it all adds up if you get a lot.

You can finish side quests, solve Arithmancy door puzzles, and Moth to Frame puzzles.