Getting a 99 rating is perhaps the pinnacle of any Face of the Franchise campaign. However, the road to maxing out your stats can be incredibly long.

Fortunately, there are certain tips and tactics you can employ to rank up quickly.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to get a 99 rating in Madden 23.

I’ll also give you some tips to get your 99 rating as fast as possible so you can focus on becoming the legend you were born to be. In a single player video game, at least.

Main Way to Increase Your Overall Rating

Skill Point 99 Overall Rating

The main way of increasing your overall rating is through earning skill points and allocating them to improve your attributes.

Each point allocated increases your overall rating. There isn’t a specific way of allocating your skill points to increase your overall rating faster.

I tested the skill point allocation to level up the overall rating.

If you level up each skill point equally, your overall rating still moves up at the same rate as when you focus on leveling one or two skills.

You do not have to think about which skills or attributes to level up first to improve your overall rating. Just focus on which attributes can help your playstyle more.

How to Get Skill Points

Skill Ups

To get skill points, you need to level up. Each level gives you a skill point, and hitting a certain milestone will give you three skill points instead of two.

However, some levels will give you only one, but you get to unlock other stuff like gear equipment. To get that elusive 99 overall rating, you need to level up to the max and get all the skill points to max out your attributes. You also get to join the 99 Club after reaching the max level.

To level up, you need to get Rep. It is just a fancy word for experience points.

How to Get Rep

There are many ways to get Rep in Madden 23’s Face of the Franchise mode. If you just play normally, you would eventually level up casually as you play through the games.

However, it is better to know all the ways to get Rep so you can level up fast and increase your overall rating as fast as possible.

Here are all the ways you can get Rep and level up.

Side activities

Gold Medal Training Finished

Some side activities might offer some random Rep during your rest days. However, the consistent one is finishing your drills or practices.

Each week will give you one training session. Completing that training session will earn you three different medals.

  • Bronze medal – 25 Rep
  • Silver medal – 50 Rep
  • Gold medal – 100 Rep

If you fail to get the gold medal, you can retry the training until you get it. If you are lazy, you can actually simulate the training session, and you will always get the bronze medal reward.

There are also random events you can choose on the free days that give you some Rep.

Setting weekly goals

Weekly Goals

Before you start each game, make sure to set up your weekly goal. Since games are held once a week, you have one shot at completing this weekly goal.

There are three types of weekly goals – easy, medium, and hard. The difficulty of the challenge can be different for each player’s position.

If you are a quarterback, you can get passing yards as a weekly goal. There are other weekly challenges that are easy for specific builds.

With the same example, getting passing yards will be easier if you have better throwing power and passing skills.

Make sure to choose the weekly goal you can actually finish in a game.

Finishing season goals

During the start of the regular season, you will get a season goal. It will take a lot of games to finish, but if you put your mind to finishing the challenge, you can finish it before you hit the midseason.

Season goals give you a big chunk of Rep. It is absolutely mandatory to finish it before the end of the season if you want to rush to a 99 overall rating.

Completing challenges in each game

Rep Finishing

Challenges show up as you play the game. You will be given a choice among three options. Just like the weekly goals, there are three difficulties.

  • Easy – 25 Rep
  • Medium – 50 Rep
  • Hard – 100 Rep

Some of these challenges are fairly easy, depending on what you need to do. Even the ones that earn you 100 Rep can sometimes be easier than the others that give way less Rep.

Here are the mechanics of how you receive these challenges. At the start of your first play, you won’t be given the choice of picking a challenge.

In game challenges

You can focus on your weekly goal for now. Once you get into your next play (switching attacking or defending sides), you will get to choose the challenge now.

After selecting the challenge you want, you can now try to finish the challenge. The challenge does not go away until the sides are changed again.

If you go from the 1st quarter to the 2nd quarter, you will still retain the challenge. However, if the first half finishes or the game goes to overtime, the challenge will be gone.

You can complete up to more than four challenges a game. Each quarter will give you a challenge to finish except for the very first play. During the last minutes of the quarter, you might get a bonus challenge like scoring a TD.

In the last minutes of the game, you can also get some bonus challenges like chewing the clock for 60 seconds or preventing the opponent from scoring. It depends on the position you play.

With all these challenges, including the weekly goal, you can get around 400 – 1000 Rep per game.

Completing plays

Apart from all the challenges, you can also get Rep by just making plays during a game. Most of these give single-digit Reps, but it all adds up in the end.

For my Face of the Franchise progress, the whole first season got me to level 18. I simulated almost every single training session. I also finished the season goal and got some bonus Rep by finishing the season as the MVP.

I also have a ton of games played because my team went all the way to the Super Bowl and won it. For the games, I was averaging around 450-500 Rep per game.

If you happen to have a perfect season in gaining Rep, you might not even reach level 30 (max) to get that max 99 overall rating.

It should take you around two seasons to reach it. If you are playing on the PC, make sure to use a controller to make things easier. Also, if you are on a bad team and you are having trouble performing well, you can switch teams.