The linebacker position is the heart of every defensive scrimmage. Linebackers play 3 to 5 yards away from the line of scrimmage, and they have expanded coverage to ensure every man is checked.

Linebackers depend a lot on their ability to read the offense. However, in Madden 23, you will need more than just football knowledge to be the best.

It would be best if you had the right build to complement your playstyle or even your team’s scheme. We have a guide to the best RB build, so you can bookmark that and check it out next, but here, we’ve got three of the best LB builds in Madden 23 for you to try!

All Linebacker Abilities

TierSkill 1Skill 2Skill 3
X-FactorZone HawkAvalancheFearmonger
2Flat Zone KOMid Zone KORun Stopper
3StonewallStrip SpecialistLurker
YardPower Running MovesThrow Power Catching
99 ClubTackleHit PowerRush Moves
  • Zone Hawk – More INTs in zone coverage
  • Avalanche – Downhill hit-sticks force fumbles
  • Fearmonger – Chance to pressure the QB while engaged with a blocker
  • Flat Zone KO – Improved reactions & catch knockouts in flat zones
  • Mid Zone KO – Improved reactions & catch knockouts in mid zones
  • Run Stopper – Shed attempts are free on run plays
  • Stonewall – Prevents additional yardage gains while tackling
  • Strip Specialist – Reduced tackle penalty while trying to strip the ball
  • Lurker – Spectacular catch animations for lurking defenders
  • Speed – Increase Speed rating by 5 points
  • Strength – Increase Strength rating by 5 points
  • Stamina – Increase Stamina rating by 5 points
  • Power Running Moves – Boost Stiff Arm, Truck, Break Tackle to 84
  • Throw Power – Boost the Throw Power rating to 84
  • Catching – Boost all Catch ratings to 84
  • Tackle – Increase Tackle rating by 4 points
  • Hit Power – Increase Hit Power rating by 4 points
  • Rush Moves – Increase all Rush Move ratings by 4 points

Attribute Build – Skills

Attributes LB Build

Here is the breakdown of all the LB skills and what attributes they affect.

SkillsAttribute 1Attribute 2Attribute 3
Hit PowerHit Power
TacklingTackleBlock SheddingPursuit
Pass RushingPower MovesFinesse Moves
CoverageMan CoverageZone Coverage

The attribute upgrade priorities will be discussed for each build.

Zone Hawk Linebacker Build

Zone Hawk LB

The abilities you are looking for will be the following:

  • Zone Hawk
  • Mid Zone KO
  • Lurker
  • Strength
  • Tackle

Yard abilities will not be here since the build is for Face of the Franchise.

You will be taking the balanced physique for the build.

The X-factor Zone Hawk helps you get more intercepts while in zone coverage. This build is mostly an all-around build that is slightly better at making interceptions.

You need amazing reaction speeds while reading the play so you can capitalize on making interceptions. Most of the passes you will be seeing are short to medium bullet and lead passes.

CBs or cornerbacks usually handle the back of the field for long pass intercepts and just defend the red zone overall. As for this linebacker build, you need to make it look like you are giving space and bait the opponent’s QB to force a pass straight into the middle.

It might not work all the time, but your overall abilities and attributes will allow you to put pressure on the QB and the receiver as much as possible.

Mid Zone KO can also be replaced with Flat Zone KO, depending on your team’s defensive playbook or schemes.

Strength and Speed are interchangeable since you are on a balanced physique (good strength). Strength will be needed if you want to go for an agile build.

For the attribute or skill point priorities:

Tackling > Catching > Hit Power >= Coverage > Pass Rushing

Tackling is very important for a linebacker. You can’t let slippery WRs and HBs get more yardage even after you tackle them. You can combine a few points in Hit Power as well but do not prioritize it over catching in this build.

Avalanche Linebacker Build

  • Avalanche
  • Run Stopper
  • Strip Specialist
  • Speed
  • Rush Moves

Balanced physique will be used for this build.

This build revolved around the Avalanche X-factor ability. Your goal will be to put constant pressure on whoever you are covering and force fumbles from a tackle.

Your playstyle is to play aggressively, read the play, and play on the ball. Since most of the abilities boost your ability to tackle and force fumbles, it means that they might be completing passes and getting yardage.

Your goal should always be to stop the enemy team from getting first downs. Forcing fumbles will only be a bonus.

Run Stopper helps you move around the field more on run plays. Most offensive players will try to block you, but this ability will help you go around and put pressure on the QB or cover a wide opening on your defense.

Strip Specialist reduces tackle penalty while trying to strip the ball. It gives you more opportunities to cause a fumble and turn the play over.

Strength or Speed are also interchangeable with the same reasoning as the first build.

Rush Moves improve your ability to get to the QB if you want to go for the sack. You can use rush moves to go past blockers and head straight for the QB. Even if you don’t get the sack, your constant pressure will severely affect their play.

For the skill priorities:

Tackling > Pass Rushing > Hit Power > Coverage > Catching

We will be prioritizing pass rushing over catching as we will always be trying to go past blockers. Put a few points up in Hit Power and coverage before maxing out Tackling and Pass Rushing.

Fearmonger Linebacker Build

  • Fearmonger
  • Run Stopper
  • Strip Specialist
  • Speed
  • Rush Moves

Balanced physique will be used for this one.

The Fearmonger X-Factor increases your chance to pressure the QB while engaged with a blocker.

The abilities are extremely similar to the Avalanche build because your goal is to get sacks and tackles. However, Fearmonger is a more consistent way to pressure the offense.

Just engaging with the blocker can already force the QB to throw inaccurate passes. Your rush moves help you get past the blocker and hopefully get a sack.

For the skill priorities:

Tackling > Pass Rushing > Hit Power > Coverage > Catching

These are basically the same as the Avalanche LB build.

Most of these skill points do not matter as much as you will always try to get a 99 rating and max out everything.