How to Force Turnovers in Madden 23

Image credit: EA Sports

If you want to win more games in Madden 23, you need to know how to force turnovers on defense.

Whether you need to turn a game around late, or you want to humiliate your opponent’s offense, turnovers are the most effective and exciting way to get the ball back to your offense.

No matter what game mode you are playing, whether it’s MUT, Franchise mode, or even Superstar KO mode, you are going to need to be able to consistently take the ball away from your competitors in order to win.

The two main ways to turn the ball over in the game of football (and thus, also in the game of Madden) is through fumbles and interceptions. There are also safeties which aren’t direct turnovers but the end result is similar, so we’ll touch on them slightly as well.

Here are the best tips and tricks to force turnovers in Madden 23.

Forcing Fumbles

If you want to force more fumbles in Madden 23 then you’ll first need to add defensive players (particularly linebackers and safeties) to your roster who have a knack at doing just that. The most important ratings in forcing fumbles are; hit power, tackling, and pursuit. I recommend prioritizing hit power if you want a lot of forced fumbles.

You should also look for players with the “Avalanche” zone ability which means that when that specific player is “in the zone”, all hit sticks performed while running down hill automatically result in a forced fumble. Bobby Wagner is a great example of a player with this ability.

Whether you are playing with Bobby Wagner or not, it is important to utilize hit sticks in order to force more fumbles, especially when you are in a situation where you absolutely need a turnover.

To do this, flick the right stick in the direction of the player you want to tackle.

Make sure you are close enough to the ball carrier to hit stick them or your player will just awkwardly push their forearms out toward the player and slow down as the ball carrier just runs right past them.

You can also try to force a fumble by stripping the ball.

To do this, push the right bumper on your controller when you get close to making a tackle, but be wary because it lowers the chance that you will make a successful tackle, but it increases the chance that you force a fumble. Make sure your risk is calculated.

Forcing Interceptions 

If you want to get more interceptions you should definitely take a look at the best defensive playbooks in Madden 23 – find one that has good man and zone coverage defensive schemes in a way that will maximize the talent on your roster. 

In terms of talent, you should look for cornerbacks and safeties with high ratings in man coverage, zone coverage and play recognition. These are the most important ratings when it comes to getting picks in Madden 23.

There are also zone abilities you should be looking for, including “Shutdown” which increases the chances that your player will secure an interception on contested balls.

“Zone Hawk” is also a valuable ability that certain players like Fred Warner have. This increases the chance of your player getting a pick while matched up in zone coverage.

You should also learn how to effectively user as a corner or safety if you want to rack up user interceptions and really increase your defensive effectiveness.

Force Safeties

While safeties are often a lot more rare than interceptions or fumbles, they technically are considered turnovers and they do happen occasionally, especially in Madden. 

In order to increase the chance of forcing a safety, you are going to want to practice your coffin corner punting. If you can effectively place your punts inside the five yard line, you can easily set up good safety opportunities for your defense.

Once you have your opponent’s offense pinned down inside their own five yard line, you are going to need to utilize a heavy pass rush and blitz in order to get a sack or a backfield tackle inside the end zone that will not only get you the ball back, but also net you a cool two points as well.


There we have it, three effective ways to force turnovers in Madden 23.

By forcing fumbles, interceptions and safeties, you’ll successfully turnover the ball more often on defense, helping to reduce your opponent’s score and give you more scoring opportunities of your own.

Like with many sports games, the attributes of your players does make a big difference, but there are tactics you can use and risks you can take to get your offense back on the field.