NBA 2K24 badges are the most essential parts of any player build. These badges give your player that extra step to excel over the others.

Earning these badges will take forever, sometimes even harder than getting your overall rating to 99.

There are some ways you can quicken your experience points in gaining badges. You might be skipping these, and you don’t even know it.

Ways to Get Badges

There are four types of badges – Playmaking, Defense/Rebounding, Finishing, and Shooting.

Aside from the attributes, these badges make up most of the skills for a player. Your player can be leaps ahead of another player with the same attribute if you have a good combination of badges with appropriate tiers.

Each type of badge is leveled up so you can get a point to allocate. There is a limit on how many badges you can have for each type.

The limit depends on your attribute allocation for your player. If your player doesn’t have any defense at all, don’t expect to have multiple badges in the Defense/Rebounding department.

You can get these badge points in two main ways.

MyCareer Games

The best way to get badges is a combination of playing MyCareer games and participating in practice.

For MyCareer games, focus on the type of badge you want to upgrade.

If you are a playmaking player, you can play to your strengths and create plays. Each assist will give you a big boost to your teammate grade and points towards your playmaking badge.

All actions related to playmaking, such as good ball movement, pass leading to an assist, pass leading to a foul, and finding an open teammate, will all contribute to a playmaking badge.

Keep this in mind for every aspect of the game.

Each build may require a lot of badges of multiple types. For example, our small forward builds may require a ton of badge points toward finishing, playmaking, and defense/rebounding.

A sharpshooting point guard build might not need many finishing badges but requires a ton of shooting badges (16+).

Keep your badges in mind when playing games. The actions you do heavily affect your badge points.


In practice, you are boosting your badge progression and MyPoints. You can’t earn VCs from it, so some people skip practices.

However, it greatly helps your player since practices are basically free badge points. 

Practices are available every time you have a free day before a game. Before progressing to a game day, you can attend practices.

If you are playing back-to-back games, there won’t be any practices available. Back-to-back games are rare, so it won’t happen much.

Try to attend every practice and finish all the drills remaining. You have four drill practices and a team practice to complete.

Pick a drill you can finish with a 3-star grade consistently. Choose the appropriate drill type for the badge you want to improve. 

Continue this cycle until your badges are completely finished for your build. That’s the only time you can skip practices.

If you decide to skip practices, expect your player to hit around 85+ overall rating with 10-13 badges available. 

If you go crazy on the stat sheet, you can max out some badges fast without practicing.