Old School RuneScape contains a ton of armor and weapons used for various activities and combat styles. Since there are so many choices, it’s often difficult to know which armor is the best in different situations.

Fortunately, there aren’t as many magic armor sets in OSRS as there are for other combat styles. Additionally, some of the best sets have extra effects that put them above the rest.

In this guide, I’ll talk about the best magic armor in OSRS, their effects, and how to get them.

Mystic Robes

The Mystic robes are one of the most commonly used magic armor sets in OSRS.

There are a few reasons for this; mainly, it’s because they’re pretty cheap compared to other magic armor pieces, and they provide great bonuses for their price.

The full set of Mystic robes consists of the Mystic hat, robe top, robe bottom, gloves, and boots. Each individual item in the set also comes in five colors: the default blue, as well as light, dark, dusk, and shattered color schemes.

mystics best magic armor OSRS


Each piece of the Mystic robe set provides magic attack and defense bonuses. They also require 40 Magic and 20 Defense to wear. Regardless of the color scheme, the Mystic robe set offers the following stats:

  • Mystic hat – 4 magic attack, 4 magic defense
  • Mystic robe top – 20 magic attack, 20 magic defense
  • Mystic robe bottom – 15 magic attack, 15 magic defense
  • Mystic gloves – 3 magic attack, 3 magic defense
  • Mystic boots – 3 magic attack, 3 magic defense

The complete Mystic robe set provides a total of 45 magic attack and magic defense when equipped.

How to Obtain

Mystic robes can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Default blue robes can be bought from NPCs at the Magic Guild in Yanille, which requires 66 Magic
  • Various Slayer monsters drop pieces of several color schemes
  • Dragon Implings have a slight chance to drop a piece of the Mystic robe set
  • Dusk Mystic robes can be dropped from the Brimstone Chest
  • Simply purchasing them from the Grand Exchange, if your account allows it

Ahrim the Blighted’s Gear Set

Ahrim the Blighted’s gear set is a solid contender for the best magic armor in Old School RuneScape. They’re also commonly used as the next step above the Mystic robes. Ahrim’s set has steeper requirements but offers better stat bonuses and a set effect.

Ahrim’s equipment consists of Ahrim’s hood, Ahrim’s robetop, Ahrim’s robeskirt, and Ahrim’s staff.

Ahrims best magic armor OSRS


Each piece of Ahrim’s set offers great stat bonuses, and it’s one of the only magic armor sets in the game to offer defense bonuses to magic and melee.

Each set piece requires 70 Magic and 70 Defense to equip, while the staff requires 70 Attack instead of Defense.

Ahrim’s gear provides the following stats:

  • Ahrim’s hood – 6 magic attack, -2 ranged attack, 15 stab defense, 13 slash defense, 16 crush defense, 6 magic defense
  • Ahrim’s robetop – 30 magic attack, -10 ranged attack, 52 stab defense, 37 slash defense, 63 crush defense, 30 magic defense
  • Ahrim’s robeskirt – 22 magic attack, -7 ranged attack, 33 stab defense, 30 slash defense, 36 crush defense, 22 magic defense
  • Ahrim’s staff – 12 stab attack, -1 slash attack, 65 crush attack, 3 stab defense, 5 slash defense, 2 crush defense, 15 magic defense, 68 melee strength, 5% magic strength

The complete Ahrim set offers 12 stab attack, -1 slash attack, 65 crush attack, 73 magic attack, -19 ranged attack, 103 stab defense, 85 slash defense, 73 magic defense, 68 melee strength, and 5% magic strength.

In addition, Ahrim’s equipment has a set effect when all four pieces are equipped. The Blighted Aura effect gives your spells a 25% chance to lower the target’s Strength stat by five levels, and this effect stacks.

How to Obtain

Ahrim the Blighted’s gear can only be obtained from the Barrows minigame, which has a prerequisite in the quest ‘Priest in Peril.’

Completing this quest unlocks the Morytania region, where the Barrows minigame is located.

As a set of Barrows equipment, Ahrim’s gear degrades with use. After 15 hours of combat, the equipment degrades and becomes unusable until repaired. Fortunately, there are several ways to repair it.

Void Mage Set

The Void Mage set is another candidate for the best magic armor in OSRS. While it’s not used nearly as much as Mystics or Ahrim’s, the set effect of Void Mage is quite powerful.

The Void Mage set consists of the Void Knight gloves, robe, top, and Mage helmet. There’s a Void knight set for all three Old School RuneScape combat styles, with the only difference between them being the helm. There’s a melee helm, ranged helm, and magic helm.

Void mage best magic armor osrs


To obtain and equip any Void sets, you need 42 Attack, Strength, Hitpoints, Ranged, Magic, and 22 Prayer.

The Void knight magic set offers the following stat bonuses:

  • Void mage helm – 6 to all defense stats
  • Void knight top – 45 to all defense stats
  • Void knight robe – 30 to all defense stats
  • Void knight gloves – 6 to all defense stats except magic, 4 magic defense

The complete Void mage set provides 87 to all defensive stats except magic and 85 magic defense.

Each Void set also has set effects related to their combat style. For the Void mage set, players wearing all four components have a 45% boost to their magic accuracy. This means you’ll splash much less often.

How to Obtain

The Void sets can only be obtained from participating in the Pest Control minigame, which requires the abovementioned stats. You’ll get points at the end of each round, which can be used to purchase the Void sets. For the mage set, you’ll need a total of 850 points.

Here’s the point cost of the items:

  • Helm (all three) – 200 points each
  • Top – 250 points
  • Bottom – 250 points
  • Gloves – 150 points

If you’ve completed the Hard Western Provinces Diary, you can upgrade your Void sets into elite Void. Elite Void offers the same stats but adds a +3 prayer bonus per piece and boosts the mage set’s effect by another 2.5%.

Ancestral Set

Finally, the Ancestral Set is the best-in-slot magic armor in Old School RuneScape. It’s mighty on its own and has a set effect that further boosts its power.

The Ancestral set consists of the Ancestral hat, Ancestral robe top, and Ancestral robe bottom.


Equipping the Ancestral set requires 75 Magic and 65 Defense.

This set is often compared to Ahrim’s gear, but the Ancestral set removes some of Ahrim’s defense bonuses for more magic attack bonuses. It also doesn’t degrade.

The stats offered by the Ancestral set are as follows:

  • Ancestral hat – 8 magic attack, -2 ranged attack, 12 stab defense, 11 slash defense, 13 crush defense, 5 magic defense, 2% magic strength
  • Ancestral robe top – 35 magic attack, -8 ranged attack, 42 stab defense, 32 slash defense, 51 crush defense, 28 magic defense, 2% magic strength
  • Ancestral robe bottom – 26 magic attack, -7 ranged attack, 27 stab defense, 24 slash defense, 30 crush defense, 20 magic defense, 2% magic strength

The complete Ancestral set provides 69 magic attack, -17 ranged attack, 81 stab defense, 66 slash defense, 94 crush defense, 53 magic defense, and 6% magic strength.

Note each piece of the Ancestral set offers a 2% magic strength bonus, for a total of 6%. This is the Ancestral set effect and goes a long way toward increasing magic damage output, especially when combined with the Occult Necklace.

How to Obtain

The Ancestral set pieces are obtained from the Chambers of Xeric raid.

Alternatively, they can be bought on the Grand Exchange, but their power and difficulty in getting them keep them super expensive.