Training Strength in OSRS is one of the most efficient ways to increase a player’s effectiveness in melee combat. However, the mechanics of some weapons at higher levels make Strength training a little more difficult than the other melee stats. 

I would recommend training Strength through the Slayer skill, where you will be constantly fighting monsters such as lesser demons.

One of the most commonly used weapons at high levels (70+) is the abyssal whip, which does not allow direct Strength training. The only way to get Strength experience while using the whip is to use the “controlled” attack setting, which gives experience in all melee stats at once. 

An Attack level of at least 70 is needed to use the abyssal whip, but fortunately, there are several other weapons, at this tier and higher, that can provide direct Strength experience. In order to increase your combat effectiveness, I will explain the best weapons for training strength in OSRS. 

Osmumten’s Fang

One of the best weapons for training strength in Old School RuneScape is the Osmumten’s Fang, which requires 82 Attack to wield. The Fang is great for efficient training due to its passive effects. 

The first passive effect is that the Fang can make two attack rolls. If you attack something with the Fang, the game will roll your stats against theirs to determine the damage you deal. If you would have rolled a zero with the Fang, it will make another roll. 

However, if the second roll also results in a zero, you will still hit the zero. This passive effect has a huge impact on your Strength training, since you will be dealing damage much more often, and more damage equals more experience. 

The Fang’s second passive effect is that it uses a different mathematical formula when calculating the aforementioned damage rolls. The other weapons in the game will roll between zero and whatever your max hit is, but the Fang will roll between 15% and 85% of your max hit. 

For example, if your real max hit is 50, the Fang would roll between 8 at the low end and 43 at the high end, given the hit was successful. This passive leads to much more consistency in your damage when using the Fang, which translates to more efficient Strength training. 


The Osmumten’s Fang can be obtained from the rewards chest at the end of Raids 3, The Tombs of Amascut. Your reward potential is influenced by your performance during the Raid, and if you roll a unique reward, it has a 1 in 3.4 chance to be the Fang. 

Dragon Scimitar

The next best weapon for training Strength in OSRS is the dragon scimitar, requiring 60 Attack and completion of the quest ‘Monkey Madness I’ to equip. The dragon scimitar is often used as a Strength alternative to the abyssal whip, since the two weapons are in comparable tiers.


Note that scimitars are some of the best weapons for melee training, due to their balance between attack speed and damage output. In early combat levels, you should be using the best scimitar you can for your melee training. 

Once you hit 60 Attack, you can wield the dragon scimitar, and it’s not unheard of to keep using it all the way to 99 Strength. Its +66 Strength bonus makes it one of the best one handed weapons (and dragon weapons) in the game.


This bonus provides the damage output necessary to train Strength (and the other melee stats) in an efficient manner. Keep in mind, other weapons in comparable tiers (whips and the Zamorakian Hasta) do NOT have a setting to train Strength by itself. Therefore, you should be using the Dragon Scimitar instead of these weapons for Strength experience.

You can get the Dragon Scimitar on Ape Atoll after completing the quest ‘Monkey Madness I.’ The quest can be started by talking to King Narnode Shareen in the Gnome Stronghold. You need to have previously completed ‘Tree Gnome Village’ and ‘The Grand Tree.’

Ghrazi Rapier

A third best weapon for training strength in Old School RuneScape is the Ghrazi Rapier, which can be equipped with 80 Attack. This one is noteworthy since it offers the best Strength and stab bonuses of weapons with the same attack speed. 

Another aspect that makes the Ghrazi Rapier great is the fact that it provides these high bonuses without needing to be charged or maintained in any way. Many weapons in similar tiers require charges, and therefore incur a cost to use. 

The Ghrazi Rapier (and the Osmumten’s Fang) do NOT require charges, and therefore, do not incur a cost to use, besides the costs to obtain them in the first place. Additionally, the rapier’s +89 strength bonus makes it a more effective weapon than the abyssal whip and dragon scimitar. 

You can obtain the Ghrazi Rapier as a unique reward from Raids 2, the Theater of Blood. Just like the Fang in the Tombs of Amascut, your reward potential depends on your performance during the Raid.


Given that you have performed well enough to receive a unique reward, the Ghrazi Rapier is dropped from the chest at the end of the raid at a rate of 1 in 86.45 for Normal Mode, and 1 in 69.3 for Hard Mode. 

Saradomin Sword

A fourth entry on the list of best weapons for training Strength in OSRS is the Saradomin Sword, which requires 70 Attack to equip. Not to be confused with the Saradomin Godsword, the Saradomin Sword is a two-handed sword. 


However, unlike the rest of the two-handed swords in the game, the Saradomin Sword has the same attack speed as more commonly used weapons like the abyssal whip and scimitars. Additionally, it offers better stats than these weapons. 

Therefore, the Saradomin Sword allows you to train Strength with a higher damage output, and more experience per hour, than many of the other weapons in the game, including other two-handed swords, whips, and scimitars. 


The Saradomin Sword can be obtained by killing the Saradomin God Wars boss, Commander Zilyana, and her minions. Zilyana herself drops the sword at a rate of 1 in 127, and her minions drop it at a rate of 1 in 5,376. 

Final Thoughts

There is a variety of best weapons for training Strength in OSRS. For example, the Osmumten’s Fang has unique properties that make its damage output higher and more consistent. Meanwhile, the dragon scimitar allows you to train Strength at the level 70 tier and beyond.

Alternatively, the Ghrazi Rapier and the Saradomin Sword offer better strength bonuses than the dragon scimitar at the same attack speeds, meaning they offer higher damage outputs, and therefore, more experience per hour.