The Ice Gloves in OSRS are an important item to obtain, since they are used in several quests, and many of these quests unlock important areas or mechanics of the game. Some of these quests include “Heroes’ Quest,” “Desert Treasure,” and “Recipe For Disaster.” 

In fact, the Ice Gloves are an important part of how to get rock cake in OSRS, while access to the Heroes’ Guild and the Ancient Spellbook should not be overlooked, either. The former allows you to recharge Amulets of Glory, while the latter allows the fastest Magic experience rates in the game. //

Therefore, getting the Ice Gloves is an important step for any Old School RuneScape account. As someone looking to experience all the game has to offer, and in this guide I’ll show you how to get Ice Gloves in OSRS.

The Ice Queen’s Lair

Getting the Ice Gloves in OSRS can be done in a few steps. You simply need to defeat the Ice Queen in her lair underneath White Wolf Mountain, between Taverly/Burthorpe and Catherby. 

But first, you must reach her lair. You need a pickaxe, and 50 Mining to access the lair, and I would highly recommend at least 43 Prayer so you can use Protect From Melee. Using Protect From Melee in particular really simplifies this task. 

Travel north from the northernmost entrance to the mountain until you get to a rock slide blocking your path. Simply mine it with your pickaxe, and you will see three ladders and three level 57 ice warriors. Take the southernmost ladder. 


Now, you will be in the Ice Queen’s Lair, which is a bit of a maze, similar to getting to Elf Camp in OSRS. Take the tunnel leading southwest, and there will be a ladder immediately around a corner, where the tunnel turns northward. Take it. 

This will lead back to the surface, so simply take the eastern ladder back down. Then, travel north, which will lead you through a big loop around the entire lair. Keep in mind, there will be level 53 ice giants and level 61 ice spiders throughout the lair. 

The tunnel will end in a similar loop to the first, with a ladder to the north. Take it back to the surface, then take the eastern ladder back down. From here, you just need to travel north and you’ll find the Ice Queen. 


I’ve included an approximate route here. The red ladder is where you will first enter, then you follow the purple route to the yellow ladder. Climb the yellow ladder, then back down the second one.

From there, follow the purple route all the way around to the orange ladder. Climb one up, then the other down, and you will be close to the Ice Queen. All you need to do from here is head north.

Fighting the Ice Queen

Once you have reached her, you simply need to kill the Ice Queen. She is level 111, but a lot less formidable than she seems. If you haven’t by now, activate Protect from Melee. She is also very weak to Magic, so that should be your preferred combat method if you have a high level. 

The Queen is also able to be safespotted, and is not immune to poison. If you are having trouble damaging her, you can poison her, then run to a safespot where she can’t get you. If you’re doing this, be mindful of her minions, as well. 


Once you have defeated the Ice Queen, she will always drop a pair of the Ice Gloves. In fact, if you ever need another pair for whatever reason, you can always come back and fight her again. 

Final Thoughts

Getting the Ice Gloves in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. Start by navigating the tunnels to the Ice Queen’s Lair, underneath White Wolf Mountain. Then, simply defeat her as many times as you like for your Ice Gloves.