Gargoyles in OSRS are a very popular and sought-after Slayer task located at the Slayer Tower in Morytania. Players seek them out due to the ease of fighting them and the frequency of their very profitable drops. 

These drops include adamant and rune weapons or armor, Mining and Smithing materials, as well as thousands of coins at a time. They can also drop items like the granite maul and mystic robe top (dark), which can be big GP injections to any players’ bank. 

Before these advantages can be leveraged, however, players must meet a few requirements before being able to kill gargoyles. First, the gargoyles require a Slayer level of 75 to be damaged. 

Second, a rock hammer or rock thrownhammer must be carried in the players’ inventory, since the gargoyles must be smashed with this item when they reach a certain threshold of low health. These items can be bought from any Slayer Master.

Of course, the gargoyles can be killed in a variety of ways, using a multitude of weapons, as long as the rock hammer is used at low health. In this guide, I will explain the best weapon for tackling gargoyles in OSRS. 

Guthan’s Warspear

The best weapon for tackling gargoyles in Old School RuneScape is the Guthan’s Warspear, as long as a certain conditions are met: you must also be wearing the rest of Guthan’s set, the Guthan’s Helm, Guthan’s Platebody, and Guthan’s Chainskirt. 


You need 70 Attack to wield the Warspear, and 70 Defence to equip the rest of the armor set. It also degrades when used in combat, and must be repaired occasionally.

As long as you are wearing all four pieces of Guthan’s set, each successful (non-zero) attack you make has a 25% chance to inflict lifesteal, healing you for the same amount of damage you just dealt. For example, if you hit 20, you will heal for 20. 

Using this passive effect, you will be able to outheal the damage the Gargoyles are doing to you, since their areas are single-combat only. This means only one can attack you at a time. Your health should stay high enough that you can AFK at the gargoyles indefinitely. 

Additionally, gargoyles are weaker to the crush attack style than every other attack style in the game, so make sure to be using the “pound” attack option with the Warspear, since it deals crush damage. 


Crush-based Alternatives

There are also several alternative crush-based weapons for tackling gargoyles in OSRS. You can also AFK the gargoyles using Prayer and these weapons, though you will have to interact with the game every time your Prayer runs out. 

Gargoyles can be completely negated with Protect from Melee, and you will be able to wear the Slayer Helm with non-Barrows pieces of gear for a 16.67% boost to melee damage when gargoyles are your Slayer task. 

Some of these alternative weapons include the Abyssal Bludgeon, Sarachnis Cudgel, and the Granite Maul itself, which is a somewhat common drop from gargoyles. Moreover, weapons like the dragon mace and dragon warhammer can be quite useful, due to Prayer bonus and special attack, respectively. 


Be sure to check out our crush weapon guide for more information on these weapons!

Smashing More Gargoyles

Finally, there is a way to make the gargoyles even more of an AFK moneymaker. You can purchase the unlock ‘Gargoyle Smasher’ from the Slayer Reward shop for 120 Slayer points. This will automatically use the rock hammer when their health gets low, as long as you have it. 


Final Thoughts

The best weapon for tackling gargoyles in OSRS, in my and many other players’ opinions, is the Guthan’s Warspear, as long as you are wearing the rest of Guthan’s set. This is due to the lifesteal properties of wearing the whole set. 

Using Guthan’s lifesteal effects, you can AFK at the gargoyles almost indefinitely, since you will be able to outheal the damage they deal to you. Alternatively, you can use the Protect from Melee prayer and other crush-based weapons, like the Sarachnis Cudgel, Granite Maul, and Abyssal Bludgeon.