Let’s face it: there is a lot of traveling involved when playing Old School RuneScape. So much so, that when I was a kid playing the game, the majority of my playtime was spent not leveling up any skills, but traveling from one place to the next. 

Of course, this was before I was old enough to figure out how to use various teleports to move efficiently around the map, but the point still stands: OSRS is a huge world, and players spend a lot of time traveling between towns, cities, and other points of interest. 

Since players’ run energy is a finite resource, this travel time is often slow once it runs out. However, the Graceful Outfit allows run energy to deplete slower and recharge faster, allowing players to travel more quickly. 

Quicker, more efficient travel allows players to significantly increase experience rates, as they are spending less time walking/running and more time leveling up their skills. To increase these experience rates, players should learn how to get Graceful Clothing in OSRS. 


You can get the Graceful Clothing in OSRS by purchasing the pieces individually from an NPC aptly named Grace. She is located in the Rogue’s Den, which can be accessed via a trapdoor at the Toad and Chicken Pub in Burthorpe. 


After getting the outfit, you’ll be in the perfect position to learn how to get to Trollheim, since you can start this long journey from Burthorpe.

There are six pieces of the Graceful Outfit that you can purchase for a total of 260 Marks of Grace. Specifically, the hood costs 35, the top costs 55, the legs cost 60, the gloves cost 30, while the boots and cape both cost 40 Marks of Grace. 


Obtaining Marks of Grace

Speaking of Marks of Grace, they are a special currency that can only be obtained by running laps on the various Rooftop Agility Courses throughout OSRS. The game uses a lot of complicated math to determine when these drop, but simply put, there’s a chance every passed obstacle. 

The fastest way to get Marks of Grace is to use the Canifis Rooftop Course, which requires 40 Agility. This course takes the least time between obstacles when compared to the others. Between these obstacles is when the Marks drop. 

Note that you will unlock the Falador Rooftop Course at level 50 Agility. While it gives better experience rates, stay at Canifis until you have enough Marks, or reach level 60. Canifis still gives more Marks, and the chance of obtaining them drops significantly when a player is 20+ levels above the course. 


Ideally, you should be able to get all 260 Marks before level 60, if you got some before reaching Canifis at level 40. If not, however, it’s not the end of the world. At level 60, you unlock the Seer’s Village Rooftop Course, which gives Marks at a similar rate to Canifis. 

Additionally, the Seer’s Village Rooftop Course provides great experience rates, and its Mark of Grace drop rate can be increased by completing any tier of the Kandarin Achievement Diary. This makes it the best place to train Agility from levels 60-70. 

Purchasing the Clothing

Once you have all 260 Marks of Grace, return to Grace and simply trade her for the outfit. Getting the outfit one piece at a time can also be beneficial, if you’re like me and lack the patience for extended periods of rooftop Agility grinding. 


Most players recommend buying the Graceful Hood, Top, and Legs first, as there are other weight-reducing items for the glove, boot, and cape slots. Using the Penance Gloves, Boots of Lightness, and Spottier Cape is a viable alternative until you have enough Marks to finish the set. 

You can obtain Penance Gloves from the Barbarian Assault minigame, for 150 points in each role. The Spottier Cape can be made by bringing 2 dashing kebbit furs and 800 coins to the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock, and Boots of Lightness are from the “Temple of Ikov” quest. 

Additionally, you can combine the Graceful Clothing’s effects with those of the Ring of Endurance from the OSRS Rings Guide to move around Gielinor even faster. Or, simply substitute it for your missing pieces if you don’t have the full outfit yet.

Final Thoughts

Getting Graceful Clothing in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. Simply run Rooftop Agility Course laps, ideally in Canifis, until you have 260 Marks of Grace. Then, head to Grace in the Rogue’s Den, and purchase the Outfit from her.