One of the best things about Pokemon Violet and Scarlet is the sheer variety of Pokemon that there are to catch in the world. There’s a perfect mix of old fan favorites and new Pokemon, and they can all be found in their natural habitats as you explore the world.

Something that you may notice on your adventures is that some Pokemon like to hide in tree branches or take a nap in them.

It looks cool to see Pokemon just hanging out, but this isn’t just a feature to add extra depth to the world. You can actually catch these Pokemon, providing you know how to aim and target them with a Pokeball properly.

Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to catch Pokemon in trees in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, complete with some visual examples.

How to Catch Pokemon in Trees in Pokemon Violet & Scarlet

The first thing to do if you come across a Pokemon in a tree that you’d like to catch is make sure that the first Pokemon in your party is the one that you want to send into battle.

Once you’ve picked which Pokemon you want to open with, hold down the ZL button in order to target the Pokemon in the tree.

I initially thought that there was a bug when I tried to target a Pokemon for the first time. I held it for a second and gave up when it didn’t immediately focus on the Pokemon. It does work, you just need to stick with it as it can take a few seconds to calibrate and focus.

When the Pokemon’s level shows up, it’s been targeted correctly.

Once you’ve targeted the Pokemon in a tree that you want to catch, use your control stick to aim and hit ZR to throw your Pokeball at the target. If you’ve aimed correctly, you will see the Pokemon get hit by the Pokeball and fall out of the tree.

From there, a regular battle will occur which will let you catch the Pokemon.

Make sure to use a Heal Ball if you want to change your Pokemon party up on the go and immediately bring this new Pokemon with you.

It’s important to note that this tactic works for catching Pokemon who are flying near you, as well. Pokemon with the ability to fly or hover often float around the map and you’ll see them when exploring. You can catch them if you target them.

It can be slightly trickier to catch flying Pokemon while they’re zipping about in the air, though, so I would recommend waiting a moment to see if they perch in a tree or come down to the ground to wander around. They usually follow a set path.

Being able to throw your Pokeball and have your lead Pokemon initiate battles in this manner is incredibly helpful. It’s reminiscent of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and the fact that your lead Pokemon can even battle by themselves now is fantastic.

It’s great for leveling up quickly, too.

What to Do Next

Now that you know how to catch Pokemon in trees, it’s worth looking at ways of getting to know your new Pokemon. Being able to check IVs for your team is an important skill, especially if you want to play competitively.

Getting into the habit of checking your friendship level periodically is helpful too, particularly if the Pokemon you just caught is one you want to take with you to beat the various kinds of endgame content in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.