The 11 Best Tips for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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There are so many tips and tricks you can read about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet because there are so many things you need to know about them.

Most of this information is common throughout all Pokemon games, but there are some that you need to get reminded of, even as an experienced player.

Here are the 11 best tips for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you can follow, especially for beginners who would like to know the game and play a lot better.

Capture Pokemon Early to Fill Up Your Roster

It is important to maximize gaining experience points early in the game. Since it is an open-world Pokemon game, you are free to roam wherever you want to go.

However, you might find yourself constantly level-gapped when you feel like progressing and gaining a badge.

If you have a lot of Pokemon to use in battle, you can easily use Pokemon types to your advantage and bridge that gap.

You can also use some other Pokemon to use as bait, so you can let your strongest Pokemon recover when you are in a pinch.

Even if you have the best starter Pokemon, you will still encounter some hiccups along the way because some Pokemon will be weak against a particular area or part in the story.

This strategy also helps if you want to complete your Pokedex.

Start to Battle Pokemon and Trainers Fast

When you are playing solo and trying to progress through the story, it is best that you battle a few Pokemon and fight the trainers you encounter for experience points.

There are a lot of ways to level up fast, but this tip is mostly for players who intend to do it solo. Tera battles are still a bit better, but you want to combine that strategy with this, so you don’t end up being level-gapped or losing money.

Utilize Your Weak Pokemon

When you are having trouble battling against a strong trainer like Gym Leaders, Team Star Leaders, and others, you can always sacrifice your other Pokemon to heal up your strong Pokemon as a last resort.

This is because item usage always goes first in battling. You can have a level 5 Pokemon out battling a level 40+ Pokemon, but you still end up using items on some Pokemon in your lineup, such as revives and max potions.

Play Online Tera Battles Early

When you are playing Tera Battles, the difficulty or level is categorized into stars.

The reason why you want to do Tera battles is it gives you Exp Candies. These candies are used to level up a specific Pokemon you want.

They give them in large amounts, but the quality of the Exp Candies ranges from XS to XL. Even a few medium or a single large candy can bring your Pokemon up fast and carry you through the story.

You will need help from a friend, but you can always go online and join a random Tera raid battle.

Not only do you get random Pokemon to catch, but you also get the best method of leveling up a Pokemon through the Exp Candies you get from these battles.

100% Guaranteed Captures on Tera Battles

Speaking of Tera Raid Battles, beating them gives you the option to catch them or not.

Catching or not catching does not affect the rewards you receive, so it doesn’t matter. If you want the Pokemon, use any type of Pokeball you have. It will be a guaranteed capture.

You can even use the type of Pokeball you want for aesthetic purposes. Save yourself from using expensive ones.

Chanseys Give More Exp!

When you encounter Chanseys out in the world, you should fight them if you want some easy experience points. They give a much bigger chunk of experience points compared to other Pokemon.

You can find Chanseys in grass, flower, and mountain biomes at a very low spawn rate. Technically, they can be found almost anywhere, including Area Zero!

Shiny Hunting on Outbreaks

Shiny Pokemon hunting is a big deal in the Pokemon community. A lot of players just play the game for just completing the Pokedex or finding as many shinies as they can.

You can capitalize on Outbreaks in the region to go shiny hunting. Outbreaks appear as “?” on the map.

These Outbreaks have a specific Pokemon that will spawn in mass numbers in the area. You can continuously use quick battle them until it spawns a shiny.

Do not worry. If you are going to use quick battle on a shiny Pokemon, your Pokemon will go back to you. It is good because it would be an indicator that you found a shiny Pokemon without actually knowing the difference.

You can also choose to use these Outbreaks as a way to level up. Grab a Pokemon who is strong against the Pokemon in the Outbreak and start one-shotting every single one.

Quick battles don’t give you enough experience points, but they just clear the Pokemon fast enough so you can reset the spawns for a shiny chance.

It is up to you what you want to do.

Outbreaks are different in each world. You can take turns hosting a world if you are playing with friends so you can see different Outbreaks.

Capture Dittos and Keep Them for Breeding

Dittos can spawn on Tera Raids or in the overworld. If you are looking for Dittos in the overworld, they will disguise themselves as other Pokemon.

There is no way of telling if there are Dittos in the area unless you fight them. You can go to the Pokemon Center in Medali or Port Marinada, and Dittos usually spawn near that area.

Once you have a Ditto, you should keep them for breeding. If you start a picnic with a Ditto and any Pokemon (any gender) you want to breed, they will start giving you eggs.

If you already know how to breed, you would also know that you need multiple Dittos with different natures, EVs, and IVs to breed your perfect competitive Pokemon.

Only Use Rare Candies on Pokemon Who Just Leveled Up

When you have Pokemon that are about to level or even have a few experience points on their level bar, you want to maximize your Rare Candies.

Rare Candies increase a Pokemon’s level by 1. It doesn’t matter how close they are to leveling. The level will just increase by 1 and start again at 0 experience points at that level.

Use the appropriate number of Exp Candies to level them up. It is also best to use Rare Candies on high-level Pokemon because it is much more efficient.

Breeding Two Pokemon from Different Countries Increases Shiny Chances

If you have ever heard of the term ‘Masuda method,’ you are probably a shiny hunter. The method is simple.

You need a Ditto captured by another player in a different language. With a foreign Ditto, you can breed it with any Pokemon you capture on your side of the game.

The shiny chances are increased if you have two Pokemon breeding with a different language.

The odds are still extremely low, but it is a lot better than the current shiny odds.

Interact With All Tera Raid Dens or Crystals

When you interact with Tera Raid Dens in your world, it gives you LP. LP can be used as currency to purchase items such as Pokeballs, healing items, cosmetics, and a lot of other things.

They act as if they are Pokedollars. If you are playing with other players in a Union Circle, you will notice that there are other Tera Raid Dens specific to other players in your group.

You won’t be able to host that particular raid, but you still gain LP from interacting with it.


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