How to Rank Up & Level Up Fast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, you will frequently find yourself underleveled. However, this is only true because you might have probably missed a few things, or you have been slacking a bit in completing content.

Luckily for you, leveling up your Pokemons fast is as easy as it has ever been in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It is all about finding the ‘right’ things to do at the perfect time.

There are also easy strategies you can follow if you are ever leveling up a Pokemon who is way below your current power level.

In this guide, we will show you how to rank up & level up fast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet – whether it is through battling, Tera raids, or playing online, we have it all covered!

Finding the Right Area to Level Up Pokemons

The right strategy is always going for quality over quantity. This means that you want to fight Pokemons near your level range, but at the same time, you want to clear them as fast as possible.

If you are going for story completion and leveling, you might as well do it together. This strategy is possibly the main way the game should be played.

But since the game is an open-world Pokemon game now, you have a lot of other options than just going through a linear path catching Pokemons and earning badges.

If you want to follow the story without hitting any hiccups concerning your Pokemon levels, follow this story order or story path.

Story Path Order

  • 1st Gym – Bug
  • Path of Legends – Stony Cliff Titan
  • 2nd Gym – Grass
  • Path of Legends – Open Sky Titan
  • Starfall Street – Dark Crew
  • 3rd Gym – Electric
  • Starfall Street – Fire Crew
  • Path of Legends – Lurking Steel Titan
  • 4th Gym – Water
  • Starfall Street – Poison Crew
  • 5th Gym – Normal
  • 6th Gym – Ghost
  • Path of Legends – Quaking Earth Titan
  • 7th Gym – Psychic
  • 8th Gym – Ice
  • Starfall Street – Fairy Crew
  • Path of Legends – False Dragon Titan
  • Starfall Street – Fighting Crew
  • Elite Four – Victory Road
  • All Final Battles

Just by looking at this long list and the map, you will notice that you are actually going back and forth in the Paldea region.

It might not seem efficient, but this is the correct story order based on the Pokemon level. You have options to skip through a few things, but it isn’t that hard to go around the region because of the fast travel feature anyway.

When you get past the 6th gym, the level difference between the other objectives is a bit minimal. Most of these will just require you to have the right Pokemon type to beat them easily.

Now that we have the correct story path down, here are some tips you should follow if you want to become more efficient in leveling. Some of these strategies could probably be even considered as a ‘cheese’ strategy just because of how easy leveling becomes.

Farming Rare Candies or XP Candies

This strategy is the best strategy out there when it comes to leveling Pokemons as fast as possible.

You stock up on XP candies by doing Tera raid battles and use them on your Pokemons to level them up. XP candies can range from XS (extra small) to XL (extra large).

These are different from Rare Candies because they provide experience points. Rare Candies instantly levels up a Pokemon by 1 when used.

So, how do you get a ton of XP candies? The number of XP candies is random, but they are given more on higher-difficulty Tera raids.

These raid difficulties are categorized from one-star to five-star raids.

If you are playing Tera raids for XP, finish the highest difficulty you can finish at all times. You will receive a big chunk of XP.

To capitalize more on this strategy, you can use online play and form a group. Tera raids found in the Paldea region are all connected to each player in the group.

However, access can be separate. You will see some crystals that say, “This is X’s crystal,” which means that only a specific person can see the Tera raid and activate it.

This is because each crystal will vary depending on the player’s personal progress. If you have a friend who is way ahead in the story, he or she will encounter higher star encounters in their Tera raid battles.

They can still invite you to the Tera raid battles, but if you are way underleveled, it might get difficult.

However, your friend can still carry you by beating the raid. You will still get the appropriate rewards for the encounter.

For example, if a player hosts a 3-star Tera raid (which is around level 35+) and a player whose strongest Pokemon is just about level 15, all the players involved will still get XP candies matched on the 3-star Tera raid.

Even doing one or two of these raids can jump that level 15 Pokemon to 25+. That player will get an insane boost to his or her story progression and have an easy time through it.

For another tip, you can beat some of the titans first in the story path above. They unlock abilities for your mount to surf on water, jump higher, run faster, glide, and make other useful quality-of-life improvements.

Classic Battle Chansey’s for More XP

Every time you encounter a Chansey, battle them at all times if you are looking for XP. They give a big chunk of experience compared to any other Pokemon out there.

Move Pokemons to Your Default Lineup

If you are leveling a specific Pokemon, you can use it as your main Pokemon (Pokemon that comes out first in battle).

Battle Pokemons that you can easily finish off with another Pokemon in your lineup.

The strategy is just using your main Pokemon to be active in the battle so that it can get a big chunk of experience points.

It will be shared with the Pokemon who is beating the Pokemon for you, but it is significantly more experience points than what an idle Pokemon in your lineup receives.

Just make sure that if you change your Pokemon, the one swapping in can handle taking a free hit.

You can catch a Jigglypuff and lull the Pokemon to sleep if you want to be safe.


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