How to Surf on Water in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Like any other Pokemon game, you will be met with obstacles you can’t really go through until you progress to a certain point.

However, in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it becomes much more confusing because of its open-world game design and how everything is not as linear as it seems.

You might get curious about how to get to other regions of the map and find a small body of water blocking your path. You can cross through it.

We will show you how to surf on water in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and all the requirements you need to meet to unlock it.

What is Surf?

For seasoned Pokemon players, Surf is an HM (hidden machine) that teaches your Pokemon the ability to cross the water. You can ride on your Pokemon that has Surf and cross bodies of water.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, it is a bit different because there isn’t a Surf HM. But you can still unlock the ability to cross bodies of water with your Pokemon.

Koraidon (Scarlet version) and Miraidon (Violet version) are your Pokemon mounts in the game. You can use them to traverse the Paldea region.

They will be the Pokemons you use to cross the water, but you still need to unlock them through the story.

When Do You Unlock Surf?

To unlock Surf or the ability to cross the water, you need to beat the Open Sky Titan, Bombirdier. If you follow the correct progression path for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, fighting Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan should be your 4th objective.

You should have beaten Gym Leader Katy, Klawf (the Stony Cliff Titan), and Gym Leader Brassius.

Technically, you don’t have to follow the path, but you will experience level gaps if you go too far.

Once you beat the Open Sky Titan, you will get a cutscene with Arven. You will receive a call on your Rotom phone telling you that you have unlocked the ability to cross the water.

What Should You Do After Unlocking Surf?

Since the map will open up a bit because you can now cross bodies of water, you can finally access most of the northern regions of the map.

However, you should be careful not to go past areas that are way too high-leveled.

After unlocking Surf, you can go to the nearest objective from your battle with the Open Sky Titan.

You will meet Giacomo and battle him, but you don’t need to use Surf to access this.

After Giacomo, you can go to the eastern region just to the north of Gym Leader Brassius. This should be your next stage in progressing through the story, and you will need to use Surf to access the next two objectives here easily.

Can You Unlock Surf Early?

Yes, in fact, most of the story progression isn’t linear. You can skip Klawf (the Stony Cliff Titan) and Bassius and move all the way to fight Bombirdier.

However, you might be level-gapped a bit. I would suggest going for around level 18-23 Pokemons before fighting Bombirdier.

You can catch other Pokemons and utilize changing Pokemons in the battle to make it a lot easier.

If you decide to skip Klawf and Bassius, it won’t lose you that much time since you are already around the area. The grinding for levels could compensate for the time it takes for you to travel from west to east and east to west.


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