How to Play With Friends in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet probably has the most diverse multiplayer features out of any Pokemon game in the series.

There are so many questions regarding the limitations of playing with others in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s multiplayer feature.

In this guide, we will cover all these limitations and teach you how to play with friends in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Once you learn all the limitations, interactions, and benefits, you will know when you want to play with others online as well.

How to Invite Friends

First of all, you need an Online Nintendo Membership to access the game’s online features.

There are a lot of ways to invite your friends, but it depends on what content you are doing.

Union Circle

A Union Circle is a multiplayer feature in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet where you can form a group of four and adventure together.

To form a Union Circle, you can go to the Poke Portal or a Pokemon Center and either start a group or join a group.

Firstly, you need to connect to the internet before doing anything else. Once your Switch is connected online, you still need to switch to online mode in the game if you are playing offline mode.

Just press the L button to connect to the internet while in the Poke Portal.

After doing so, you can just form a group or join a group. When you are forming a group, you will have a link code on the screen you can send to your friends.

If you are joining a group, you need to input a link code to join.

Once everyone is in, you can start the adventure together. It is worth noting that you cannot invite more friends once the group is already formed.

You need to restart the process all over again by forming another Union Circle group.

Tera Raid Battles

If you are not in a Union Circle, you can invite friends manually through a link code. Go to a Tera raid battle or den and challenge as a group.

If you challenge as a group, you can choose to make it open for everyone to join or just your friends through a link code. You will have a 6-character link code, but in local mode, you only have a 4-character link code.

Send your code to your friends so they can join the Tera raid battle. You only have 3 minutes until the session expires. However, you can still host the same Tera raid battle if it expires.

To join a Tera raid battle, go to the Poke Portal and go to the Tera raid battle. You will find randomly hosted Tera raid battles here but go for the magnifying glass to choose a specific raid battle from a friend.

Input the link code, and you should be able to enter the group.

How Does Union Circle Work?

Once you start a group and adventure with three other friends, you will all see each other in one world.

In this shared world, you will be able to do whatever you want with regard to your story progression.

For example, player A has already beaten the game, player B only just defeated the Open Sky Titan, player C just beat the 1st gym, and player D just finished choosing among the best starter Pokemon.

Each player will still follow their own progression in the world. Each individual can choose to continue their story, and the other players will not get affected.

If the host disconnects, crashes or disbands the group, everyone will disconnect and restart the instance.

Do you see different Pokemon in the overworld?

No, everyone sees the same Pokemon in the overworld. If you see a shiny Pokemon, only one player can capture it, so it is a free-for-all.

How do version exclusives work?

When you form a Union Circle, as long as there are two different versions active in the group, all exclusives from both versions will spawn in the same world.

This is perfect for capturing exclusives you don’t have as long as you play with your friend with a different version of the game in a Union Circle group.

How do Tera raids work?

When you are playing with other friends, there will be a lot of dens spawning around the map. The Tera raid dens are different for each player in the world.

However, all the players can see everyone else’s Tera raid dens. You will be able to see the other player’s dens and interact with them.

Interacting with them gives you LP, but you will not be able to see the Pokemon or host the raid. It will just say that it belongs to a different player.

Does everyone get shinies from Tera raids?

Yes. If the Tera raid spawned a shiny Pokemon, everyone would get a shiny version of it.

Can you do Titans together?

No. You cannot do this story-related content together. They will be separate instances for each player depending on their story progression.

Tips and Tricks

Tera Raid Battle Spam

When you form a Union Circle, everyone gets instantly invited to join a Tera raid battle if someone hosts it.

They can press ‘Y’ once they see the notification on the top of their screen once a raid is hosted.

This makes the process fast because this is the best way to level up fast in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

You will be farming Exp candies because they drop in large amounts on these Tera raid battles. The quality of candies is dependent on the difficulty of the raid.

Farming Outbreaks

Outbreaks are separate in each world, but if you join a group in a Union Circle, the Outbreaks follow the host’s Outbreaks in their world.

If you are looking for a specific Pokemon to farm, you can switch hosts to check different Outbreaks in different worlds.

Outbreaks are one of the best ways to farm shiny Pokemon because they spawn one particular Pokemon in huge numbers. They will continue to spawn rapidly, so you can just quick battle them to reset.


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